Chey Tenenboim To Miss His Son’s Bar Mitzvah After Jail Sentence


Gold dealer Chey Tenenboim to miss son’s bar mitzvah after jailed over shonky trading

A Jewish gold dealer, jailed after giving cash to crooks for stolen jewelleryhas been delivered the ultimate punishment — missing his son’s bar mitzvah — by a judge keen to denounced his “extremely shameful behaviour”.

A Jewish gold dealer outed as a fraudster who gave cash to crooks for stolen jewellery has been delivered the ultimate punishment of missing his son’s bar mitzvah.

County Court Judge Scott Johns said Chey Tenenboim must be denounced for his greedy actions, jailing him for 12 months.

The Caulfield North father of four had earlier begged the judge to impose a sentence that would see him free for the coming of age ritual for his son’s 13th birthday in November.

But with only 32 days of time already served, Tenenboim will spend the important milestone behind bars.

Judge Johns said Tenenboim had “no moral compass” when he paid $144,638 to armed robbers and junkies for stolen jewellery — much of which would have been “priceless” or have sentimental value to its owners.

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Vic gold dealer jailed over stolen jewels

A Melbourne gold dealer jailed for melting down gold and jewellery says he feels great shame at his crimes being exposed.

Chey Tenenboim should have felt that shame when he was destroying the precious stolen items, the Victorian judge who jailed him on Wednesday says.

Melbourne, Australia, Stolen Gold Trading Scheme – Selling Bullion

Man jailed over scheme to sell stolen jewellery as gold bullion


A Melbourne man has been jailed for his involvement in a stolen-gold trading scheme run by two jet-setting Colombian playboys.

Chey Tenenboim, 39, appeared in the County Court via video-link from prison on Wednesday and was sentenced to a year in jail after he bought stolen jewellery that was to be melted and resold as bullion.

In a deal with prosecutors, Tenenboim pleaded guilty in June to a single charge of receiving stolen goods that included 42 instances of buying looted valuables. Under the plea deal, he admitted paying $144,638 for the stolen gold.

County Court judge Scott Johns said Tenenboim was motivated by greed and a belief that his offending would not be exposed.

“You thought you could do it without getting caught so you did,” Judge Johns said.

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Jail awaits gold-buying playboy who paid hard cash for hot jewellery

A Colombian-born jetsetting gold buyer has been told to prepare for jail after he paid cash for jewellery and valuables that he knew were stolen.

Alejandro Mendieta Blanco, his older brother and another man ran a sophisticated gold-buying scheme where they paid cash for jewellery, watches and other items they knew were stolen and kept the transactions off the books of their legitimate business, Gold Buyers Melbourne.

The three men were initially charged with hundreds of offences but the cases were whittled down in a plea deal with prosecutors to a single charge each of receiving stolen goods.

Under the deal, Mendieta Blanco admitted in the County Court to buying $29,000 worth of jewellery in 2017, his brother Julio has pleaded guilty to buying $45,000 worth of jewellery and their employee, Chey Tenenboim, admitted paying out $144,638 for stolen goods.


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