A Gimmel Tammuz Campaign… Do You Really Want to Know – Be Careful Where You Donate Your Money

“And when they say to you, “Inquire of the necromancers and those who divine by Jidoa bone, who chirp and who mutter.” “Does not this people inquire of its God? For the living, shall we inquire of the dead?” 

Isaiah, 8:19′

Gimmel Tammuz Awareness Campaign Sweeps Jewish Media

A campaign bringing awareness to the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the upcoming auspicious day of Gimmel Tammuz has been sweeping the Jewish world this week.

The grassroots effort was spearheaded by a bochur Menachem Benchemon, and the Rebbe’s message was seen by tens of thousands around the world.

“Chazal teach us that the day of a tzadik’s yahrtzeit is a most auspicious day, a יום סגולה ועת רצון, to connect with the tzadik, granting us the potential to elicit berochos and yeshuos min hashomayim in the zechus of the tzadik,” the article reads.

The article also gives suggested ways to mark the Yartzeit of a tzadik, including learning a teaching of the Rebbe, reaching out to a fellow Jew in Chesed and Ahavas Yisroel, and davening at the Rebbe’s Ohel in close proximity to the day of his Yartzeit.

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Ill Repute Puts All Jewish Charities at Risk – Chabad UK a Potential Fraud, Another Scheming Charity

Orthodox man convicted over £10 million charity scam

Edward Cohen, 67, illegally sold medication – including viagra – through Jewish charities


An Orthodox man has been convicted of laundering proceeds from the illegal sale of medication totalling more than £10 million through Jewish charities. 

Edward Cohen, 67, funnelled “huge sums of money” – from sales and charitable donations – through an international network of firms, bank accounts and currency exchanges.

Southwark Crown Court heard that the medication sold included Viagra, slimming pills and prescription medication.

Edward Cohen fled the country ahead of the start of the trial and was convicted in his absence. 

Edward Cohen’s son David, a 38-year-old teacher, was cleared of money laundering charges and supplying false information to the Charity Commission.

But he was convicted of providing false information for the purposes of obtaining benefits. 

David Cohen, of Ashbourne Avenue, in Temple Fortune, North London, was granted bail.

Both men will be sentenced on July 4. 

The trial partly concerns the financial activity of charity Chabad UK – which is entirely separate from Chabad Lubavitch UK, and not part of the official Chabad movement.

Data obtained by police investigators show that in one financial year – 2012/13 – Chabad UK’s income jumped from £1.26 million to just under £8 million, almost £7 million of which came from merchant accounts linked to sales.

The following year, Chabad received £2.85 million from merchant accounts, out of a total income of £3.4 million.

It contrasted with the period from 2008 until 2012, when merchant account proceeds accounted for 2.5 per cent of an income of £6.05 million.

The jury heard that Chabad UK’s premises, on Oldhill Street in Stamford Hill, North London, were raided by police officers on September 1, 2014.

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Edward Cohen, Money Launderer, Charity Manipulation and the Attempted Purchase of a Knighthood, Classy…

Money launderer, 67, who tried to buy a knighthood is convicted in his absence of £10million Jewish charities scam after going on the run


A fugitive who once tried to buy a knighthood has been convicted of laundering more than £10million, made from the illegal sale of sex pills, through a Jewish charities scam.

Edward Cohen, 67, set up a ‘bewildering’ network of companies, some of them promoting Orthodox Judaism and ‘helping the Jewish poor’.

He diverted vast sums of cash, alongside legitimate charitable donations, via foreign exchange firms before sending it overseas, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Cohen, who fled the country before his trial began, also used some of the proceeds to try and purchase a gong from the Queen, supposedly in recognition of his work with the sham charities.

Cohen’s teacher son David, 38, was also involved in the charities but was cleared of money laundering charges and supplying false information to the Charity Commission.

But he was convicted of failing to notify a change in circumstances when obtaining benefits and bailed ahead of sentence on July 4.

David told jurors his signature had been forged on charity documents and insisted he had no idea what his crooked father was up to.

He said: ‘If I had known that my father was involved in any sort of dirty money I would have run a mile. I would not have not asked for his help, no way Jose.

‘I am sure I am not the only child who does not know how their father makes money.’

Cohen denied but was convicted in his absence of a series of offences including supplying false information to the Charity Commission and money laundering offences after a two month trial.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest and he will be sentenced in his absence on July 4.

Edward Cohen, 67, set up a ‘bewildering’ network of companies that he used to launder money through. He diverted vast sums of cash, alongside legitimate charitable donations, via foreign exchange firms before sending it overseas, Southwark Crown Court heard


Edward Cohen, 67, set up a ‘bewildering’ network of companies that he used to launder money through. He diverted vast sums of cash, alongside legitimate charitable donations, via foreign exchange firms before sending it overseas, Southwark Crown Court heard


Earlier James Dawes, QC, prosecuting, said Cohen set up a ‘bewildering variety of companies and they either put themselves or their family members as directors’.

‘The companies were simply vehicles. Either the Revenue was told these companies were dormant or they made no returns.’

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The Shmeckel Grows With the Bank Account – Father and Son Cohen, Viagra and Phony Charities – PAY ATTENTION BEFORE YOU DONATE!!!!

Dear Readers:

We have said it before and we will say it again: Watch the charities to which you donate your hard earned money. The mitzvah you think you are performing may not be a mitzvah at all but a way to make the private bank accounts of some very unsavory Haredim grow.

DO NOT DONATE TO CHABAD UK! It is an organization allegedly unaffiliated with the Chabad Organization, if the associated article is to be believed. It is apparently a scam, a sham, an organization funded by illegal drug sales and unaccountable for its finances and its money. In addition, it is allegedly not affiliated with Chabad so if it is your plan to donate to Chabad, make sure you have the correct affiliated entity.

Southwark Crown Court

Charedi father and son accused of laundering millions through illegal sale of Viagra


A Charedi father and son pair laundered millions of pounds from the illegal sale of Viagra and other prescription medications through Jewish charities, a court has heard.

Edward Cohen, 67, and his 38-year-old son, David Cohen, are accused of funnelling “huge sums of money” through an international network of firms, bank accounts and currency exchanges.

Investigators claim £10.2 million of a total income of £18.7 million between 2012 and 2014 can be identified as laundered money, Southwark Crown Court heard.

The pair’s trial, expected to last 12 weeks, began last Monday.

David Cohen, of Ashbourne Avenue, in Temple Fortune, denies supplying false or misleading information to the Charity Commission, becoming concerned in criminal property, acquiring criminal property and theft.

Edward Cohen, of Paget Road, Stamford Hill, denies supplying false or misleading information to the Charity Commission, two counts of becoming concerned in criminal property, acquiring criminal property and theft.

Police officers raided the community of Chabad UK – which is an entirely separate charity from Chabad Lubavitch UK, and not part of the official Chabad movement – on Oldhill Street, in Stamford Hill, in September 2014.

As well as seizing electronics owned by the defendants, prosecutor James Dawes QC said they found “thousands of pages” of documents allegedly linking the charity to the sale of medication to customers in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

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The Arev Fund – Women Rabbis? Money for Women to Have a Voice? Ummmm…

Caution to Readers:
This Organization, the Arev Fund, claims to provide money for women to be accepted within the Rabbinic community and to sit for Rabbinic exams. That is an absurd notion, particularly in light of efforts against Women of the Wall. We can find no evidence that funds are being used for this purpose and that the beneficiaries are as alleged.
Sources close in to us in Israel have stated, in no uncertain terms, that these funds are not going to the causes for which they are allegedly allocated. We have been told that there is no such effort on behalf of the Rabbinate of Israel or otherwise to bring female Rabbis to the orthodox movement.

We simply ask that you use the utmost caution before donating to any of these organizations, unless and until the actual use of the proceeds can be verified. We recommend instead that you look to organizations for which there is historical, verifiable and substantiated information.


Arev Fund Announces Third Annual Round of Grants

The Arev Fund has announced its grantees for the 2019 cycle. This year, the grants support projects in the areas of spiritual leadership, communal life, social justice and education.

The Arev Fund launched on January 15, 2016 as a giving circle of observant Jewish women with the mission of promoting impactful female Jewish philanthropy to spur change in the areas of spiritual leadership, communal life, social justice, and education in the United States and Israel, with a particular focus on the advancement of women. With this third round of grants, Arev continues to move its unique mission forward.

Having funded projects in past cycles that educate women towards spiritual leadership, we will expand on that work this year by funding a project of Itim that will work to have the Chief Rabbinate of Israel permit women to sit for rabbinic exams. Sitting for these exams and demonstrating mastery in a series of subjects will work to create more official recognition for women that have studied and obtained the highest levels of halachic knowledge. Indeed, many of the institutions we have funded in the past have provided these educations.

We funded Deracheha, which is an online platform for providing female halakhic and philosophical analysis of current issues. The website offers users varying levels of examination of a particular topic from a more basic overview to a detailed Jewish legal dissection to a philosophical perspective. It serves to provide the entire community access to deeply knowledgeable and thoughtful female voices, as well as building a bridge to move women’s spiritual leadership from a siloed female space into a more public space. This will also expand the availability of Modern Orthodox halachic voices online, which are currently limited.

Further, we funded the Emunah Kashrut Supervisors Training Program, which builds on both the leadership and communal life prongs of our funding areas. By creating a cadre of women who will take up official positions as kosher supervisors, Emunah is expanding women’s leadership into roles that have lower barrier to entry than some of other spiritual leadership models and seek to expand women’s positions in the official religious biosphere in Israel.

In the area of social justice, we are choosing to fund Bat Melech, an organization that works with battered women from the observant community, and their children. The project we are funding, Skills for a New Life, is designed to provide skills training and education for battered women to better empower them to leave shelters, support themselves and their families, and prevent future cycles of abuse and need for themselves and their children.

The final project in in the educational arena. Lakita is an innovative and broad-based model for enhancing and enriching students’ experience across the broad spectrum of Israeli society, as well as empowering teachers. It leverages the larger community through a crowd-funding platform and brings them the community into the work of the schools.

The Arev Fund is committed to partnering with these organizations. As we move forward and announce our next round of grant applications, we are invigorated by the depth and breadth of innovative entrepreneurial activity taking place in our community, and are committed to supporting and highlighting that work.

For further information about the Arev Fund and its grantees, please visit Arev’s website at www.arevfund.org.

Ultra-Orthodox Charities (in Israel) Currently No Monitoring of Money Laundering, IRS? SEC? “Café Shachor Muchan”


Israel Stalls on Monitoring ultra-Orthodox Charities, Exposing Them to U.S. Sanctions

Ultra-Orthodox charities are considered high-risk for money laundering, as all their operations are in cash and they lack all monitoring


After years of foot-dragging the Knesset is being asked yet again to debate the sensitive issue surrounding money laundering and tax evasion risks involved in the work of religious charities.

The debate is being run by the most senior Haredi figure in the Knesset, Finance Committee chairman Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism), so it is doubtful whether we’ll see any substantial progress soon on the issue.

It’s been two years since a bill was introduced to monitor the charities that provide loans without interest to the needy. Gafni has taken some steps with regard to the legislation but hasn’t really advanced it.

Tuesday’s debate will focus on the question of which organization would monitor these charities. It’s a strange question considering the fact that the bill says it should be the body that monitors non-banking credit institutions in Israel, the treasury’s Capital Markets Authority.

But Gafni is unhappy with this organization, especially since the authority has insisted on full control and Gafni would prefer to see an easier approach.


At first he tried to advance a strange proposal to establish a new financial monitoring body in the welfare ministry. When the state objected, Gafni checked out other possibilities. Several weeks ago he checked out the prospect of the bank monitors though they are no less strict than the capital markets unit. The Bank of Israel did indeed rejected that idea. But Gafni’s idea gave the impression that the main reason for his coming up with the alternative was so as not to look like he was dragging his feet on the legislation.

Gafni has invited a fourth government agency to the meeting, the Justice Ministry’s Corporations Authority, to see whether they would be willing to oversee the charities, via a more lenient approach than other authorities.

This appeal will also prove futile, as the Corporations Authority will not be able to undertake this job so long as the state sticks to its position that it’s a task that belongs to the Capital Markets Authority.


Time is running out for the charities and the country. The fact that they are not being monitored, hence their operations run a significant risk of money laundering crimes, exposes them to the risk that American banks will stop working with them. This is a threat that can be carried out at any time. The charities got a two-year extension from the Americans to be monitored. The deadline expired in August, and that means at any moment a Haredi charity may find itself rejected by the American financial system.