Satmar Testing Drive – Bring Down Covid-19 Numbers and Mislead

Healthy People Only Asked to Get Tested

The poster above was sent to us this evening. This is a request in Yiddish by Congregation Yetev Lev of Satmar and Yeshiva Torah v Yireh of Satmar for only healthy people to come and get tested.

This is a tacit acknowledgement by the Satmar leadership that they are getting sick. This is further intended to mislead the NYS Government regarding the illness within that community.

Finally, for this to work there must be medical personnel and healthcare officials complicit in this drive to mislead the public.

UPDATE: We have been told that thousands of RoboCalls are also being made to the community to come and get tested.

[Summarized Translation]

“Emergency Drive for Healthy Individuals Only. We must bring down our numbers to save our community, schools, and synagogues.

Please help the community stay open. Only 100% individuals are asked to come tonight to emergency testing drive to bring down our numbers.”

The following are the locations for testing:

Beis Hamidrish Hagadol

Beis Hamidrish Beis Menachem Tzvi

Beis Hamidrish Baruch Moshe

Beis Hamidrish of Our Community

Code Enforcement in the State of New York and Outrageous Violations [video]


Nod to FB – Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know.

Rabbi Schwarz, Chairman Rockland County Illegal Housing Task Force, Addressed A Public Hearing On January 23, 2020 In Albany On Illegal Housing In Rockland County.

He spoke about greed, corruption, yeshivas, hatred, machetes, infection of adjacent municipalities, the ‘second floor’, Attorney General James, the Yiddish term for ‘bullshit’, the judiciary, handcuffs and political hacks.

It was a tour de force!

On the same day that Supervisor Specht and Democratic Chairwoman, Mona Montal, were holding the Five Supervisors Meeting on “Confronting Hatred” in Rockland County, Rabbi Schwartz was in Albany describing how they were not confronting greed and corruption in their own Town of Ramapo.

In the last election there were signs that read “What Happens In Ramapo Will Not Stay In Ramapo”. Those were condemned as anti-Semitic and as contributing to a rise of hatred in Rockland County. However, watch now as Rabbi Schwartz spells out what is NOT staying in Ramapo and why anger and resentment, NOT hatred, are rising in Rockland County.

Some quotes:

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Irresponsible Development, Re-Segregation, CUPON, Skewed Zoning – Who is Funding Rockland’s Politicians?

From Rockland County, NY – Do We Really Want an Open Vigilante Militia?

Note: This has been posted at our discretion. It is without the permission of the author but publicly available on Facebook. Click here for link. This comes in the wake of a terrible tragedy in Monsey, New York on the 7th night of Chanukah.

We wish the victims and their families a refuah shlema (speedy recovery) and peace for the family of the man who remains in critical condition. 

We believe that this sort of “arming the community” is going to come with accidents, dangers and a necessary review by both State and Federal authorities on whether or not we really want all of our communities to start taking up arms. This, in our view, is a dark path, very dark. Combating anti-Semitic attacks, anti-anything attacks with combat weapons is a slippery slope.

That is our take. Yours may be different.

**Thoughts? **

MONSEY, NY — The pictures that circulated on social media showed three men with long guns strapped to their bodies.

They stood outside one of the many synagogues in Monsey, New York after an attack on a Hanukkah celebration left five injured.

“People need to understand there’s no other choice,” said one man named Shlomo, who held a rifle as he spoke to Yeshiva World News this past Sunday near the *shul*.

Another man holding a weapon said, “One day, it’s a stabbing, another day it’s a shooting,” adding, “I’m clearly here to say, ‘Hey, don’t bother me.’”

A Rockland County man named Anthony Mele gave a “thumbs up” as the group posed for some photos.

Mele—president of AMI Global Security– told PIX11 on New Year’s Day that some Monsey men had called him within an hour of the Saturday stabbings on Forshay Road, seeking advice.

Five Orthodox Jewish men had been injured in the assault at a rabbi’s home, including 71-year-old Josef Neumann, who suffered a devastating brain injury that’s left him partially paralyzed.

Mele said he spoke to the men about something he calls a Jewish Tactical Defense Initiative.

“It is the concept that the community should be well-prepared and well-trained to defend itself at a moment’s notice, “ Mele said, “….which is perfectly logical, in this particular situation.”

“Self-preservation and self-defense is a human right,” Mele added.

But some locals became concerned when they saw photos of the men with rifles circulating on Facebook and on sites like Rockland Report.

They contacted PIX11 about the photos.

We traveled to Monsey on New Year’s Day to see if anyone was ‘open carrying’ a rifle, which is not permitted in New York State, unless you have a hunting permit or special permission.

We didn’t see evidence of anyone carrying a long gun Wednesday, and we asked Captain Marty Reilly of the Town of Ramapo Police Department about the incident.

“We sent one of our lead firearms experts, a sergeant in our department, ” Captain Reilly told PIX11. “He went over and physically inspected the weapons and they were compliant with New York State laws.”

“It’s alarming to some residents when they see people carrying weapons openly, so they voluntarily secured the weapons,” Reilly said. “The persons carrying it were on private property. The sergeant asked them if they could secure the weapons and they voluntarily complied.”

Anthony Mele told PIX11 that he had trained one of the men in how to use an M-4 rifle.

“The only person it should be alarming to is the person planning to make an attack against them,” Mele said.

Yet the nephew of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg, who owns the home where Saturday’s stabbings took place, told PIX11 the rifles were not something their congregation endorsed.

“It was definitely not sanctioned by us,” the nephew said. “They’re not part of our community.”

Yet Mendy Hecht, who’s a Hasidic resident of Rockland County, said to PIX11, “I don’t think it is a problem. I mean, there is a Constitution and you are allowed to carry a gun.”

When PIX11 asked Hecht if that should include carrying assault-type weapons, he responded, “If you’re afraid, then yes.”

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A 2014 Succoth Celebration – A Delightful Event – a Dead Giveaway on Political Alliances

NYC’s Top Elected Officials Grace Sukkoth Celebration

What do

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

NYC Public Advocate Tish James

Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson

Assemblyman Dov Hikind

City Councilman Brad Lander

Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte

Assemblyman David Weprin
have in common?

They all gathered in the Sukkoh of Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group to wish prominent members of the Jewish community a “Chag Sameach”.

In attendance was also: Rabbi David Zwiebel, Executive VP Agudath Israel of America

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, Executive VP, NY Board of Rabbis

Rabbi Steve Burg, East Coast Director, Simon Wiesenthal Center and Rabbi Michael Miller, executive VP of the Jewish Community Relations Council who delivered greetings to the assembled.

Lakewood, NJ – the financial Pillaging of a Bucolic Little Town’s School District Using the Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva Handbook


Lakewood schools to close? Parents told to make ‘alternate plans’

Above: What can be done to improve relations between Orthodox and non-Orthodox communities?

LAKEWOOD — The township’s public schools may close Monday as a result of the financial pressures facing the district, where officials say money will run out before the end of the next school year.

Administrators said on the district website that parents should make “alternate plans” for their children. School leaders called it a “precautionary measure” due to the “unknown fiscal situation.” 

Last week, the Lakewood school board approved a 2019-20 budget that the district doesn’t have the money to fund. Its lawyer and several administrators also went to court Wednesday to plea for help, saying the district cannot afford to keep schools open beyond March.

Special education and transportation account for about 40 percent of the public schools’ expenses. The district enrolls about 6,000 students, but also is responsible for costs of transportation and certain services for Lakewood’s more than 30,000 private school children.

Administrators have sought Trenton’s help in closing the school district’s growing budget holes, using combinations of grants and loans.

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Rockland’s Ed Day, Ramapo’s Michael Speech, and Rabbi Chaim Schabes – Voices of Reason: The Measles and a Misguided Gathering in Monsey.

To the People Who Organized this Travesty of a Gathering, to the Owners of this Hall Who Allowed It, You Should be Paying the Bills for Anyone who Gets Sick!

To our readers:

If a person carrying the HIV virus knowingly has sexual relations with someone without first informing that person of the risks, it is a crime. HIV is spread through blood transfer and the interaction of certain bodily fluids. It is not airborne and is generally not contagious.

However, a family can choose to not vaccinate themselves or their children for measles and can walk into a crowded Costco or onto a cruise ship, infected with the measles and it is not a crime? The measles is highly contagious, is airborne and does not require a live host to pass from one person to another. Why are the actions of this family not viewed as criminal?

Perhaps the difference is what it takes to spread the disease? HIV requires intimate contact, generally speaking and measles only requires that you go out in public. Is that the difference?

A family that chooses not to vaccinate its children, that then infects others should be held fully and completely accountable for the damage to those who become ill. The measles is life threatening. It has financial implications. It has health implications. It is now costing the United States health insurance industry millions of dollars. It is costing public welfare like Medicare and Medicaid in the tens of millions.

In the year 2000, the Measles was virtually eradicated from the United States.

We have moved centuries backwards and Rabbis, attorneys couching their arguments in fundamental freedoms and wayward knuckleheads named Bigtree are preaching the virtues of anti-vaxing and its already debunked theory of a connection between the vaccine and autism.

What about the fundamental rights of the rest of the population to be able to travel out in public and feel safe. What about new mothers with children who are too young for the vaccine? And what about people who are finding that the vaccines from the late 60’s are not protecting them. And finally, what if the virus mutates, a very real possibility.

The priorities here are upside down and it has nothing to do with illegal immigrants!

Rabbi At Anti-Vaccination Symposium Blames ‘Illegals’ For Spreading Disease


Hundreds of Orthodox Jewish families gathered in a catering hall Monday night in the Rockland County hamlet of Monsey, where they heard anti-vaccine crusaders claim that inoculations are the real health risk, and that measles can help produce growth spurts and prevent everything from cancer to heart disease.

Dr. Larry Palevsky, who runs the Newport Wellness Center in Long Island, a practice that specializes in “holistic pediatric services,” asked onlookers to question whether there was actually a measles outbreak, or if people were actually catching measles from the vaccine itself. Or, perhaps, doctors have been misdiagnosing other illnesses as the measles.

“Is there a bad lot of vaccines?“ Palevsky asked the crowd. “Is it possible that these lots are bad? Is it something other than the unvaccinated children?”

The symposium, hosted by a group calling itself the “United Jewish Community Council,” was advertised through robocalls and fliers sent around WhatsApp groups. Getting wind of the rally, Rockland County officials sent out a desperate message urging people not to attend.

“This type of propaganda endangers the health and safety of children within our community,” County Executive Ed Day, Ramapo Supervisor Michael Speech, and Rabbi Chaim Schabes wrote in a joint statement. “It is unfortunate that these outsiders are targeting our community and attacking our right of self-determination…We urge our residents to continue to ignore these attempts to exploit our differences and ask that they stand together.”

But the message did little to dissuade hundreds of people from showing up, mostly Orthodox Jewish families from all over the region; some bussed into Monsey from as far away as Brooklyn and Lakewood, New Jersey.

Crowds trickled in at first, but by 8:30 p.m. the ballroom was packed with hundreds of spectators, with women and men separated by a cloth partition. (The podium was in front of the men’s side, while women initially had to make do with a video projection. After some protest from non-Orthodox women there, organizers pulled back the curtain a few feet so women could see the stage.)

Just one of the event’s five speakers, who were introduced as “distinguished personalities” and the “cream of humanity’s crop,” was from the Orthodox community. Rabbi Hillel Handler, who has likened vaccination to “child sacrifice” in the past, told the crowd that according to “medical research,” if you catch “measles, mumps and chickenpox, your chances of getting cancer, heart disease, and strokes goes down 60 percent.”

He also said that Hasidim were being scapegoated by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who he called “a very, very sneaky fellow” and a German.

“The Jews are our misfortune,” he said, bringing up how Jews were stigmatized in Nazi Germany. “We Hasidim have been chosen as the target in order to distract from the virulent diseases that are sweeping through the city from illegals.”

The other speakers were figures from the national secular anti-vaccination circuit, who traded in long-debunked and fraudulent claims that vaccines cause autism or other autoimmune disorders, while painting measles as a trivial childhood illness that can give children a growth spurt or protect them from cancers.

D.C. lobbyist Greg Mitchell took the stage after Rabbi Handler. Mitchell has pushed for such causes as the First Step Act, the criminal justice reform bill signed into law late last year by President Trump. Mitchell, according to a report from the Daily Beast, was booted from those efforts when organizers found out he was also lobbying for the Church of Scientology, and that the church was potentially trying to convert formerly incarcerated people through a nonprofit it runs.

“I will be your voice in Washington, I’ll make it will help you carry your message; I will stand next to you,” Mitchell said, admitting not to know much about the vaccine safety issue and deferring to the expertise of other speakers. “I’m your lobbyist, I’m here to help you.”

Palevsky then questioned the reality of a measles outbreak, while warning the crowd about the measles vaccine. “Hundreds of thousands if not millions of mothers…have witnessed children regressing after they get the MMR…the children stop talking, they don’t look at you, they start flapping their arms, they start banging their head,” he said.

According to New York City and Rockland Health Departments, the vast majority of people who’ve gotten sick with measles have been unvaccinated. In Rockland County, 92 percent of people were either completely unvaccinated or had an known vaccination status, according to the county’s health department. In New York City, 92 percent of children who got sick and 72 percent of adults were unvaccinated as of April 24, according to a city Department of Health advisory sent out to health care providers.

The final speakers were two of the biggest names on the anti-vaccination circuit. Andrew Wakefield, the author of the fraudulent 1998 paper published then retracted in the Lancet that claimed there was a link between the Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine and autism by looking at 12 autistic children, spoke to the crowd via videoconference.

“I want to reassure you, I have never been involved in scientific fraud,” he said. “What happened to me is what happens to doctors who threaten the bottom line of the pharmaceutical companies and who threaten government policy in the interest of their patients and that is what happened.”

Embedded video

Gwynne Hogan@GwynneFitz

Andrew Wakefield joined the crowd via ominous video conference:

See Gwynne Hogan’s other Tweets

After Wakefield’s study was found to contain factual inaccuracies and ethical violations, investigative journalist Brian Deer revealed that Wakefield had also been receiving payments from an attorney trying to sue the vaccine manufacturer.

Finally, Del Bigtree, TV producer-turned-anti-vaccination YouTube host, addressed the crowd.

“This could destroy our species…They wanna talk about the measles,” Bigtree shouted to the exuberant crowd. “I wanna talk about autism, I want to talk about the greatest epidemic of our lifetime and all the other chronic illnesses that are skyrocketing in this country.”

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