Rabbi Twersky – Did you Know About Your Chef’s Proclivities?


Nachman Breier

Nachman Breier, former chef of New Square’s Grand Rabbi Twersky Charged In Nude Picture Scandal

TWERSKYWhen the story about a Monsey ambulance driver who was peeping into hotel rooms and photographing couples having sexual relations first circulated, we chose to leave the story go. Our mission is not necessarily to cover each and every incident wherein a Jewish man commits a crime. Were we to do that, the number of stories – so we’ve discovered – would be endless.

When today’s article about the incident, published in Lohud, identified the ambulance driver as Grand Rabbi Twersky’s former chef,  the story turned a corner. (We can set aside the fact that Twersky has a chef while members of his community live on welfare and foodstamps.)

Rabbi Twersky, worshipped as a virtual G-d in his community of New Square, is one of our favorites as far as how unpalatable he is. He drives a luxury vehicle, has two homes both equipped with their own private Mikvahs; and while his people are mostly starving he lives in the lap of luxury. A personal chef proves that point full stop.

Rabbi Twersky has even been known to threaten [order the burning of] a person within his own community who refused to worship New Square’s great synagogue. He then announced the celebration of the release of the criminal who committed the atrocious burning.  His tyranny seems to know no bounds.

rabbi readingNachman Breier was Rabbi Twersky’s personal chef. One does not just become a Peeping Tom [sexual preditor] overnight. Moreover, he still drives Rabbi Twersky around (in his luxury vehicles) occasionally.

So, Rabbi Twersky, we ask: “Have you known about your employee(s)’ sexual proclivities?”


Cops: Grand rabbi’s ex-chef snapped nude pics


A driver and former chef for New Square’s grand rabbi David Twersky faces charges for allegedly taking surreptitious cell phone photos of nude couples in a Bergen County, New Jersey, motel.

Officers in Fort Lee arrested Nachman Breier on Monday night on a charge of third-degree invasion of privacy. The arrest comes following an investigation into a prowler reportedly looking into windows at the Skyview Motel on Bergen Boulevard early on the morning of May 18, Fort Lee police said in a news release.

Breier, 54, lives in Monsey and is part of the Skverer Hasidic sect, which is based in New Square and led by Twersky.

Multiple sources, including two New Square residents and one former resident , told The Journal News that Breier served as Twersky’s cook for more than 20 years and is still among a small group of followers chosen to drive the grand rabbi to special events. Breier’s brother, Herschel, also worked for years in Twersky’s home as a house manager and aide.

Nachman Breier, who police identified as a beverage deliveryman, is suspected in similar incidents in Bergen County, New Jersey, and Rockland County according to a statement released by Deputy Chief Timothy Ford.

Calls to Breier’s home were not immediately returned.

One motel guest told officers that an unknown man opened the hotel room window and took cell phone photos of him and his wife while they were naked. Another couple told officers that a man opened the window to their room, moved the curtain to the side and reached into the room attempting to photograph them as they were engaged in sexual activity, police said.

The man ran off when spotted, police said.

A man later identified as Nachman Breier was seen driving off in a black Toyota Sienna minivan with a New York Volunteer Ambulance Service license plate, police said.

Anybody with additional information related to the case is asked to call the Fort Lee Police Department Detective Bureau at 201-592-3510.


Withholding Proper Education – A Form of Hostage Taking

How Best to Control Free Thought Within a Community? Don’t Teach, Force Poverty and Create Reliance….

“Look to the Talmud again: “What are the three traits of this nation? They have compassion, they have a conscience and they enjoy acts of kindness.” Jews pride themselves in their intellectual powers, as well. Not an unreasonable pride, given the track record.”

LostMessiah, March 27, 2016
[note to Shmayra Rosenberg, we are all aware that the new FailedMessiah is not yours, does not reflect your thinking or what you had hoped to accomplish, but is anything but. You did good over your years of working to uncover the misdeeds within a community. Your voice is lost, but not forgotten.]

The reasons that there exist a whole sector of thought based upon Rabbinic law is knowledge, teaching, understanding. The whole reason why so much of the great learning comes out of the Jewish society was a work ethic that carried from pre-War Jews (religious and secular) to post-War Jews, outside of the new wave of ultra-Orthodox communities.

Poking fun at the crimes within a society, based in large part upon money stolen from children, had E-rate funds been used to teach there indeed, would have been no fraud. Being able to express a brazen contempt not only for law but for the education of a community is anything but Talmudic. It is not conscience and acts of kindness. It is disgusting and it would seem that FailedMessiah found that behavior expressed in a Purim holiday satire appropriate:

After being rocked by hundreds of FBI agents visiting a number of Yeshivas and homes in Monsey and Munroe in NY, searching for documents and evidence of questionable activities, a group of prominent Rebbe’s , Rabbis and Administrators affiliated with the Yeshivas, allegedly caught up in the (non-existent) computer scandal, met and made the following proposals, among many other pressing communal issues:

There is no prescription in Torah Law or Talmudic/Kaballistic notions, Rabbinical teachings of history and the Mishnah and Gemorrah that demands, or even suggests that children are to be educated ONLY in Torah. That they are to be taught Torah study and thereby forced reliance on others for subsistence. In fact, as has been stated many times on these pages, the 3 tenets of Jewish law are “Avodah”- work “tezedukkah” – charity and “acts of kindness”

Pre-war ultra-Orthodox Jews (and by association all Jews) were deemed to be the threats to society, not because they looked different but because they not only were devout in their beliefs (in G-d), making them almost moral to a fault; but also were WELL EDUCATED. Pre-war Jews in Galicia, Viznitz, Lodz, Bellarus, Besserable, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc. were financiers, experts in art, diamond dealers, Jewelry makers, mathemeticians, teachers and they were.. VERY WELL EDUCATED.

Some experts in pre-War history will tell you that ultra-Orthodox Jews of the time did not suffer from, nor were they accused of deplorable behavior of many in the Jewish community of today, (think today’s child molestation, abuse, E-Rate Fraud, Hanging dolls appearing like black men in effigy and the list goes on and on) that created pre-war hatred. They had a moral conscience that the ultra-Orthodox community (represented by the words of FailedMessiah’s current satire) is clearly lacking. There is an admitted moral bankruptcy.

The deplorable behavior of many in the ultra-Orthodox community, enshrouded in secrecy for years, is finally being exposed. But the behavior, not the admission of it outside of the community, is creating post-war hatred and on scales that may ultimately exceed that of Hitler’s Nazi regime, with consequence far worse than before.

And yet, somewhere in the collective psyches of those poorly behaved within the Jewish community, an admission of computers and internet as forbidden within the community is intended to provide humor. It only proves the commission of fraud and the brazenness of the sense of entitled to commit such acts.

While the schools were accepting e-Rate funding to purchase computers and internet, funding intended to provide low income schools with a source for education (something clearly contrary to the control of the community), FailedMessiah.com in its satire admits otherwise, and seems to try to elicit humor in that admission:

  1. Any of the many forbidden cell phones, I-pads etc., should be donated to Administrators and Rebbe’s Gaboim to help keep the ruse alive, and help warn of impending FBI raids.

  2. It is imperative that Travel agents are to give priority service to those individuals with questionable activities, who wish to skip the country…In keeping with long-standing tradition, the wise men could not come to an agreement on most things, but said that they were prepared to revisit the blanket Issur of owning IPhones, computers, and the use on non-Jewish photographers on Shabbos.

Before the war, the Jewish community was self-sufficient, as well. This was a huge threat to all of the countries in which the communities flourished because self-reliance created power.

That is not true of today. Today, ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities, like the ones mentioned in FailedMessiah’s current article, are not only heavily reliant upon social services (including the commission of fraud of those services), in the US, in Israel and in many other countries; but with the exception of their leaders, like as an example Rabbi Twersky, the people are largely impoverished. That poverty has had two separate and equally significant consequences. First, reliance upon foreigners for subsistence has forced the masses to rely on the Rabbis, allowed a system of internal controls which keep a society at the mercy of its leaders and has allowed sites like the new version of LostMessiah to find humor in the misdeeds of its communities; and second has created a simply unsustainable economic hardship on every country in which the social services are exploited and there is a growing resentment by secular Jews and non-Jews who see this as unacceptable. The whole situation breeds hatred and mistrust.

Latvia has recognized this problem and is making attempts to create self-sufficiency amongst the Jewish community that is there post-war.

 From an article in The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, entitled “Latvian law would return Jewish properties”, from 2006:

Solomon Bukingolts, a Jewish economic adviser to the Latvian president, said the issue is being resolved “according to fair and mutually respectable principles.” Suharenko was optimistic about the outcome, calling the attitude of the Cabinet members involved in the drafting “well-intentioned and constructive.” Since the proposal still being drafted, neither the list of the claimed properties nor the estimated value of the restitution is being disclosed. At the moment, Latvia’s Jewish community heavily relies on financial aid from international Jewish organizations for survival — the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and Chabad are two of its biggest sponsors. But that may change. If the process is successful, the community plans to establish a trust fund overseen by a board of Jewish organizations to manage to the assets of the restitution, which may be in the tens of millions of dollars. “The Jewish community in Latvia has been on its way to self-sufficiency. If the restitution process goes as planned, the community will be able to fully support itself and also help other Jewish communities,” said Andres Spokoiny, the Paris-based JDC country director for the Baltic states.”

The success of that endeavor remains in question but at least there was a recognition, by both the Jewish community and the Latvian government that self-sufficiency is both necessary and an ultimate goal.

In today’s ultra-Orthodox communities, children are not appropriately taught the subjects that would allow them freedom from subsistence and help both their communities and other.Women are forbidden to drive, because driving would allow them a world view that they are being denied. The humor of the new FailedMessiah, the idea that women drivers (except for baby carriages) is so off the charts it is funny, is in itself contrary to Torah teachings wherein women are supposed to be the key to family and success, the free thinkers. How can a woman raise her children, think freely, be the second set of eyes without a means of feeding them? 

To all women within that society, by keeping you chained to babies beyond the capacity of your collective uteruses, and by keeping you attached to baby strollers, your work place in society, is not only in itself a “chilul Hashem” (curse on G-d) (a favorite term in within the hostage keepers  of the Hassidic Community) but is keeping you hostage:

I quote from the words of Diversified Holdings, FailedMessiah’s new ownership:

Regarding the issue of women driving moving and mechanized four wheel vehicles
(With the exception of Baby carriages), a committee will be set up to review the issue of driverless vehicles, and if there is any way to charge uses for a Hechsher on such vehicles. A proposal was put forward to give a Heter for women to drive luxury vehicles on condition their vehicle carry an additional insurance sticker against Ayin Haro, which will be provided upon the payment of a Rebbe Gelt fee, still to determined.

By not teaching, by not exposing children to the outside world, the Rabbis in communities like Twersky’s New Square and the Satmar of KJ, and the Belz of Israel, the community is held hostage to what little it knows. In our view, while not expressed in terms of violence and mass suicide bombings, there is little difference between this way of holding your wives and children hostage than that of the Imam in the fundamentalist Islamic communities.

When, FailedMessiah, Diversified Holdings, EruvRav are you going to start insisting that women be adorned in burkas, with only their eyes to be seen? Will that be your next satire?


A Perversion of Religion, Rabbi Twersky’s New Square and KJ

                             The red sign reads: Women here                                     The blue sign reads: Men here

Which Talmudic Scholar Decided That Women Cannot Drive, Must Walk on A Different Side of the Street and Cannot Travel with a Man Other Than her Husband? Ask the Grand Rebbe…

We came across a Blogpost entitled, “What, didn’t you know Jewish women aren’t allowed to drive?” We were a bit shocked because many of us did not know that women within these communities are being treated similarly to women in many fundamentalist Muslim communities. We have not yet seen ultra-Orthodox women clothed in burkas but, with the lines blurred within the New Square community, nothing would surprise us.

Without permission, we are reposting the article from a wordpress blog entitled Rebecccainspace. The above photographs are from the same wordpress blog entitled “New Square – 21st century shtetl?

What, didn’t you know Jewish women aren’t allowed to drive?


Mitzva no. 614 of the Torah (negative commandment)

  1. It is forbidden for a Jewish woman to drive a car for behold, it is stated that it is immodest for a Jewish woman to show herself in public in the driving seat of a four-wheeled motorized vehicle.
  2. If she is married, she may travel as a passenger in her husband’s car. However, she may not sit next to him in the front for this is deemed immodest. Instead, she must travel in the back seat (whether or not there are any other passengers in the car).
  3. A woman may travel in her father’s car, but only in the back seat.
  4. If a woman needs to get from Point A to Point B, she may take a taxi, where she should sit in the back seat. However our sages do not deem it problematic if the taxi driver is a male, whether Jewish or not.

Puzzled? Yes, so was I when I first heard that women in two hasidic (ultra-orthodox) communities in upstate New York are forbidden from driving cars.

At first I thought I must have misheard. What, are you trying to tell me that there are women in 21st-Century, post-feminist American society who live in such closeted, fettered communities where their ‘modesty’ is called into question in such a dramatic way that they aren’t even allowed to drive a car, I asked in a state of near panic?

Yes indeed is the answer. In both Monroe, where a large Satmar community lives, and New Square, home to the Squarer hasidim (who famously have separate sides of the street for members of each sex to walk on), women are not permitted to drive.

I found this out through a frum relative of mine (let’s call her Tania) who is secretly teaching a wayward Satmar colleague of hers how to drive. She tells me that her colleague (let’s call her Suri) has slowly been coming to the mind-blowing realization that you can be a frum, halachic Jewish woman like Tania and alsodrive a car.

Let’s make things very clear: Suri still wants to lead an orthodox Jewish life. She covers her hair (but does not shave it) as halacha requires, she keeps Shabbatand kosher, she keeps all the laws of family purity, etc etc. Yet, as an apparently intelligent young woman, she’s realized that her community has extended Torah prohibition into the realm of pure societal customs and restrictions. And it is against these customs that she is now secretly waging her own personal war.

Indeed, it is the spurious conflation of these societal prohibitions or taboos – often involving dubious ways of repressing women in the name of modesty (women not driving, women having to shave their hair when they get married) – with real halachic prohibitions (such as not keeping Shabbat or kosher) that is the problem here. The women – and men – in these communities are not even taught the difference between real Torah prohibitions and community-specific interdictions. Thus, they grow into adulthood fully believing that if a woman learns to drive a car, she’s well-nigh breaking a Torah commandment.

So when you ask me what bothers me in this whole sorry story, it’s not just the feminist in me that protests (although believe you me, she’s raging mad), it’s also the Jew/person of religion in me that cries out against this insidious and entirely disingenuous slide within the orthodox Jewish world – and invariably in other faith communities too – that is allowing community leaders to create ever-more dazzling structures of power, control and prohibition under the guise of religious leadership.

Oh and a final word on Suri which really made me sink into despair. Apparently the hairband she’s been wearing on her sheitel (wig) which is two inches wide, as opposed to the standard community practice of four inches, is really rubbing people up the wrong way. Her mother reportedly called her up and asked her, in all seriousness: “Where have I gone wrong with you?”

Shutting Down FailedMessiah – Fed Up With Hatred?… Likely Not

Speculation Abounds… Fraud, Crime, Sexual Abuse… What Truths About the Hasidic Community Did Someone Want Silenced?

by LostMessiah, March 15, 2016

LostMessiah had discovered long ago the connection between Diversified Holdings and Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz. There appears, as well, to be a connection between Diversified Holdings and EruvRav. That connection  was made clear by a listing on the EruvRav Facebook page.

It is beyond doubtful, however, that the reason for silencing Shmarya Rosenberg had anything to do with “hateful bloggers” and being fed up with the hatred toward Jews.

FailedMessiah  had nothing to do with a hatred toward Jews; but rather an unparalleled level of contempt for the behavior of bad people. It is largely irrelevant that the same bad people he criticized happen to clothe themselves in costumes of alleged piousness and cover up their unthinkable sins by hiding behind a holy Jewish scroll, except to the extent of the widespread hypocrisy.

The people Shmarya criticized were not pious or Hasid, nor are they deserving of the title “Kiddush Hashem.” They were and continue to be horrible men (and women), devoid of any sense of morality.  If  Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, whom we do not begrudge a number of charitable endeavors, was behind the shuttering of FailedMessiah then he deserves no credit, no laud and no praise. If Mr. Rechnitz were truly a “Kiddush Hashem” or a Ba’al Tzedukkah (charitable one) he would have helped to finance Shmayra’s endeavors, to bring to light the horrible crimes within a larger community, to end the rape and molestation epidemic in his community and to put an end to behavior that has created an almost insurmountable divide amongst Jews overall; and Jews and non-Jews cross culturally.  

Shmarya Rosenberg deserves a special place in our collective hearts, and hopefully in the Olam Ha’Baah (the next world) for his courageous articles, sometimes controversial points of view, and willingness to devote 11 years as a “media relations expert” for the better behaved Jews, whether ultra-Orthodox or otherwise, amongst us. Shmarya brought to light horrendous crimes and treachery. He publicized the criminal and amoral efforts to hide that abuse and shield abusers.  He unearthed corruption, money laundering, hate crimes and many others. To say that he was committing a disservice to the ultra-Orthodox community is to again victimize the victims and to legitimize the crimes. Anyone who thinks this is okay, should know nothing but shame.

As Jews, we should expect more of our community leaders, Rabbis, Torah Scholars, Political supporters and Ba’ale Tzedukka; than what anyone celebrating the silencing of Shmarya is suggesting. Those who applaud silencing FailedMessiah, are inherently procuring a pathway to poor behavior. That is unacceptable. We should expect those who most stand out, by their own traditional choosing, to play the part for which they dress, as traditional, good and decent Jews. The Torah in word and spirit demands that of us and we should be demanding it of ourselves. Only in that, will the Jewish community at large not be hated for the crimes of the few.

There is a Yiddish saying, “When you place a Shtreimel on a pig, you don’t get a rabbi.” It is unfortunate that for all of the chazirim wearing Shtreimels (and Shmarya named hundreds over the years) and for those willing to provide shelter to the chazirim and intimidation to the truthsayers, there should be no praise. There are those with political clout and the finances to back them up, like Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, who, if speculation is correct, would prefer to hide fundamental truths. There is nothing  charitable or good in that.

Until we as a collective are willing to walk into the Mikvah and drag the pedophiles out by their collective “shvantzes,” thereby cleansing ourselves of the sins of our brothers, we are no better than the worst amongst us. Shmarya was better. Until we are willing to discontinue paying off our judges to allow horrific crimes against mothers or fathers who wish to leave the ultra-Orthodox community, we are no less criminal. Until we are willing to gain a collective conscience, something the Torah demands of each and every Jew, worldwide, we are lost, wandering in a desert of immorality.

Shmarya was likely silenced because he prevented men like Rabbi Twersky his henchman in New Square, New York; and others like him from getting wealthier by impoverishing their people, both financially and educationally. Shmarya’s site was likely shuttered because he was uncompromising in his moral sense of right and wrong; and he believed that children should not be raped and molested by their teachers and rabbis. Shmarya was a voice for the abused children, battered wives and shunned ultra-Orthodox members. He was unabashed in his criticism of members of Agudath Israel and the Satmar community, their secrecy, intimidation, financial frauds and overall dark cloud they cast on the greater Jewish community. His silence could have been paid for  by the politicians and judges who stood to lose as he uncovered political fraud and corruption. Hard to tell.

The connection between Diversified Holdings and Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz should raise more questions than it answers…

Eruv Rav, Diversified Holding, the new owner of FailedMessiah.com


In a post on onlysimchas.com posted February 3, 2016 and entitled

“HEAVY Speculation that Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz Involved In Closing Of Failed Messiah Blog

Rumors are flying around the Frum community, into what prompted Failed Messiah owner Shmarya Rosenberg to write a final post and say that he is closing his infamous blog down.

Strong speculation is that the noted philanthropist and leading Baal Tzedakah in Klal Yisroel, R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz had a hand in the deal.

Failed Messiah is notorious for publishing anything that would make Frum Jews look bad. Every time an Orthodox man was arrested, even for a simple traffic infraction, it received a prominent article on the FM blog, along with 100 comments by hateful bloggers.

The rumors claim that allegedly Rechnitz was simply fed up with the amount of hatred towards his fellow Jews, and simply could not bear to watch it continue.

Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz has become a household name in Chesed, and has given hundreds of millions to charity in the past decade. His huge heart never stops helping broken souls around the globe.

Naturally, Rechnitz has used his wealth to make a Kiddush hashem on a massive scale, by not only giving to Jewish causes. A few months ago, Rechnitz was on national news after he paid $50 per meal for approximately 400 U.S. Soldiers in an airport in Shannon, Ireland. He saw them eating standard army food while all the other passengers in the terminal were eating in trendy and appetizing restaurants. Rechnitz then asked their commander if he can give them something extra.

This incredible Kiddush hashem is just a tiny glimpse into who this walking Kiddush Hashem of a man is.

Last week, Rechnitz made international headlines after delivering a speech at a dinner in Lakewood about the issue of children not being accepted into Yeshivas.

If Rechnitz had any hand in the deal to have FM pull the plug, his share in Olam Haba’ah will have just grown to an unimaginable level.”


A Convenient Deception, East Ramapo – Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan

East Ramapo – State Majority Leader John Flanagan Vows Support In East Ramapo BUT Look To Whom He Is Vowing Support!

by: FB site, Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know

East Ramapo – State Majority Leader John Flanagan Vows Support In East Ramapo BUT Look To Whom He Is Vowing Support!

Senate Majority Leader Republican John Flanagan, has warned against a monitor, saying that the state shouldn’t usurp the power of an elected school board. The East Ramapo school board has opposed a state monitor with veto power.

“Really what they want to do is overtake that school district. And we’re not doing that,” Flanagan, R-Suffolk County, told a Jewish group.

If you have friends in Suffolk County remind them at election time that their representative is beholden to those who provide little to no secular education to their own kids and who have decimated a once top performing public school system in Rockland County.

A Convenient Deception, the Moral Bankruptcy of the Criminal Justice System

Judges Who’ve Been Bought, Nothing Else Makes Sense…

scales judgte


by LostMessiah March 13, 2016

FailedMessiah spent years reporting on sex abuse, the crimes, the verdicts, the judicial system that failed its victims.

LostMessiah wants the judges to tell us:

In what currency the heads of the ultra-Orthodox community, like Rabbi Twersky and others, were you paid to acquit criminals, to afford them reduced sentences or simply to avoid justice altogether. Were you paid in zlotzys? In rubles? In forints? In shekels? In Dollars?… or were votes the currency of choice?

For five hears Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld abused a young boy who lived nearby. For five harrowing years Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld violated that child. For five years Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld got sexual pleasure forcing himself upon a little boy. That child, Laiby Stern, will live with the abuse for a lifetime. While Moshe Menahem Taubenfeld dreams about how good it felt to have himself inside the body of a little boy, Laiby Stern will spend every night of the rest of his life reliving, in gruesome detail, what happened to him. The abuse did not end for Laiby Stern when Moshe Menahem Taubenfeld was prosecuted, nor did it end when Laiby testified.

Moshe Menahem Taubenfeld walked out of the court room, despite Laiby Stern’s testimony. While no punishment for Moshe Menahem Taubenfeld would have measured up to what Laiby Stern will live with for the rest of his life, Laiby Stern will never be free. Moshe Taubenfeld, an inveterate abuser, was freed and will most likely abuse again.

How could that happen?

Perhaps Judge Rolf Thorson can answer that question. In what currency were you paid, your Honor?

On July 30, 2015, the Forward reported about the story:

“Rabbi Noson S. Leiter runs a victim’s advocacy group in Rockland County called “Help Rescue our Children.” He was visibly distraught over the ruling, laying the blame at a corrupt justice process, citing the fact that both the Rockland County District Attorney, Thomas Zugibe, and Judge Rolf Thorsen received an overwhelming majority of the New Square vote.

Judge Rolf Thorsen won 99% of the votes from all four Ramapo districts in New Square when he ran for the bench in 2014. His brother, Eric Thorsen, is a family court attorney with close ties to the Hasidic community in Rockland County.

“The children of New Square are the biggest victims of a criminal justice system that clearly doesn’t seem to work in a just manner,” Rabbi Leiter said.”

Unstated in the Forward, but alluded to by Rabbi Leiter, is that Judge Thorson’s verdict, as astonishing as it is reprehensible, has intractable consequences. Not only did Judge Thorson let a serial abuser walk, he also enforced the code of silence shackling abused children within New Square and similar other ultra-Orthodox communities. Children who’ve suffered abuse, for whom Laiby exemplified courage and the potential for justice, will undoubtedly not be saying a word anytime soon.

How much did Rabbi Twersky and his henchmen offer in exchange for the freedom of Laiby’s abuser and for the continued silence of all of the other abused children, suffering daily the sins of that community?

Mazel Tov, Judge Thorson, not only did you let a serial sex abuser walk, you singlehandedly provided other abusers solace. You provided a convenient deception for Rabbi Twersky and the mechablim (terrorists) of the New Square community by substantiating what Twersky tells the abused victims regularly, “mesira (reporting) will not get justice”. Menachem Taubenfeld and many others like him can rape assured knowing that their young victims will never seek justice. Why?

Because, Judge Thorson, you have set a shining example of how justice works for our most vulnerable. You, by acquitting Taubenfeld stole the hope from a generation of children who suffer the same torture. You have proven that the criminal justice system, when it comes to the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic community is morally bankrupt.

Oh… But don’t worry, your Honor. You are in good company, joined by Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thomson and Judge Mark Dwyer.


Both DA Thompson and Judge Dwyer can be credited with setting “Luckiest Pedophile in New York” free.

FrumFollies in a piece entitled,Thompson Blames Everyone but Himself for the Lebovits Sentence” reports:

“Baruch Lebovits waltzed out of jail (on 10/3/14) after serving only three months following sentencing on his plea bargain for eight felony counts of oral sex with a child (PL130.40). A number of us tried to get an explanation for this dismal outcome, but the official line from the Brooklyn DA was, “no comment.””

Hella Winston of the Jewish Week dug deeper and reported that Judge Mark Dwyer,

“Despite being made aware that he had misunderstood correction law in a way that resulted in a notorious chasidic child molester receiving less jail time than he apparently intended – did not revisit the sentence of Baruch Lebovits.

According to the Jewish Week, the office of Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson, despite its knowledge of the judge’s error in advance of sentencing, did nothing to prevent this drastically and erroneously reduced prison sentence aside from writing a CYA letter to the court.”

The FrumFollies piece goes further with regard to DA Thompson:

“Thompson likes talking about protecting everyone in Brooklyn. But he seems to have decided not to pursue witness intimidation and bribery that inhibits ultra orthodox sex abuse victims from pressing charges. A case can be made that Thompson discriminates against molested orthodox children by not granting them enough prosecutorial vigor.”

For DA Thompson, it would appear, protecting the interests of his Hasidic voters trumps all else. For many within the Hasidic community sex abuse, domestic abuse, witness tampering, bribery and intimidation are crimes perpetrated with brazenness. The law is simply a judicial inconvenience. Truth and justice are a modern deception.

Judge Mark Dwyer, referred to the Leibovitz case as “convoluted.” There was nothing convoluted about it. What was labyrinthine, however, was the maneuvering of the justice system to further victimize rather than prosecute.


Judge Dwyer has proven himself an invaluable tool for a Borough Park community. For the Hasidic abuse victims in his courtroom their is little if any justice served.  Meir Dascalowitz, who raped and molested children in the mikvah (ritual bath), pleaded his case and got a sweetheart deal. Menachem Deutsch, who raped two boys in a Belzer synagogue in Brooklyn should have been a no-brainer to convict. He went unpunished and then celebrated after leaving the courtroom. In those two cases where Judge Dwyer let serial offenders back on the streets, with nary a slap on the wrist, there should be nothing but condemnation by a moral society.

DA Thompson, Judge Dwyer does  your support come cheap? Does further abusing the victims who seek justice, by allowing the criminals their freedom, represent significant political capital so worthy of legal abandon?

Are your collective versions of criminal justice so morally bankrupt that right and wrong, both morally and legally have lost their meaning and now represent nothing more than a convenient deception?


Rabbi David Twersky, The Emperor Wears Official Plates

In 2011 FailedMessiah.com published an article asking why Rabbi David Twersky, New Square’s emperor, would drive in a chauffeur driven car with “Official New York” License Plates. As of Shmayra Rosenberg’s sale of the site, we don’t think that question was ever answered.

LostMessiah, March 5, 2016

Why Does The Skvere Rebbe’s Car Have NY State Official Plates, Lights And A Siren?

Skvere Rebbe’s liscense plate 6-5-11UPDATED: Rabbi David Twersky, the Skvere Rebbe who rules over the Village of New Square with an iron fist, apparently has official state license plates on his car, strobe lights and a siren. Why?

Last updated at 8:47 pm CDT.

A reader took this picture today at the Rebbe’s house and emailed it to me. If you look closely at the front grill, you can see 6 strobe lights. I’m also told the care has more strobe lights in the back as well as strobe lights built into the headlights and tail lights. And I’m told the car also has a siren.

And, I’m told, when the Rebbe goes out, he often has three or four other cars with official plates, lights and sirens accompanying him.

Why does the Rebbe’s car have official New York State license plates, strobe lights and a siren?

[Hat Tip: Bugsy, for the Rebbe riding in his car on the freeway.]


Credit to FailedMessiah, June 5, 2011 [updated by Shmarya Rosenberg in 2011]