Haysha Deitch Finally Pays The Elderly


Jewish Seniors Get Payments From ‘Greedy’ Brooklyn Developer — at Last


Brooklyn Luxury Developer Makes Multi-Million Dollar Payment To Residents


Seniors in a Brooklyn assisted living facility are finally receiving their settlement money from a prominent developer, DNAinfo reported. Hayma Deitsch, a real estate developer who is turning Prospect Park Residence, on Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, into luxury apartments, completed the payment of $3.35 million to five elderly women who refused to leave their apartments.

“After months of Deitsch’s typical greedy efforts to make even more money without regard for the cost to our seniors, we are relieved that he has finally complied,” City Councilman Brad Lander told DNAinfo.

The Legal Aid Society compelled Deitsch to make the payment after he failed to do so in July.

“The landlord finally complied with the settlement making it possible for the brave elderly residents of Prospect Park Residence to relocate to appropriate locations,” Judith Goldiner, head attorney for the case and attorney-in-charge of the of The Legal Aid Society’s Civil Law Reform Unit, told DNAinfo.





The fate of the residents at Prospect Park Residence has been in the air since 2014. Deitsch had originally given the residents of the building just 90 days to relocate, when he announced in March of that year that the assisted care facility in the building would close. Residents sued in May 2014, and in November Sugar Hill Capital Partners, a firm that had agreed to buy the building from Deitsch, sued Deitsch for not evicting the residents by that point.

At the time the building was home to many Jewish residents, including one Holocaust survivor.

In July Deitsch missed a deadline for making an installment on the full payment awarded to the residents of Prospect Park Residence. By July 15, when he declined to make a further payment, he had already made two prior payments totaling $250,000. But because he missed the final payment of $3.1 million, he forfeited the money from the first two installments.


“He’s personally liable, as is [his business partner] Sam Zalmanov, as is the building, and we intend to go after his assets,” Judith Goldiner told DNAinfo at the time.

Deitsch was planning to sell the property for over $75 million, according to DNAinfo. The building, located across the street from Prospect Park on Prospect Park West, is in an ideal location in Park Slope, where apartments can sell for over a million dollars.


Courageous Prospect Park Seniors v. Haysha Deitsch

“The courageous seniors of the Prospect Park Residence stood up for two-and-a-half years in the face of Haysha Deitsch’s appalling avarice and cowardice,” said City Councilman Brad Lander. “After months of Deitsch’s typical greedy efforts to make even more money without regard for the cost to our seniors, we are relieved that he has finally complied.”


Assisted Living Facility Owner Finally Pays $3.35M to Seniors He Kicked Out – Park Slope – DNAinfo New York

PARK SLOPE — The assisted living facility owner who’s been trying to kick elderly residents out of his building so it can be turned into luxury condos has finally forked over $3.35 million he was ordered to pay five women who refused to leave, lawyers for the seniors announced Thursday.

After failing to meet a deadline to pay part of the $3.35 million court settlement in July, owner Haysha Deitsch handed over the money on Aug. 26, lawyers for the women said.

“The Legal Aid Society is pleased that through our legal intervention, the landlord finally complied with the settlement making it possible for the brave elderly residents of Prospect Park Residence to relocate to appropriate locations,” said Judith Goldiner, attorney-in-charge of the Civil Law Reform Unit of The Legal Aid Society and the lead attorney on the case.

The payment marks a victory for the remaining residents of Prospect Park Residence, who’ve been battling Deitsch in court since 2014, when he announced that the facility would close and told seniors they had 90 days to leave.

Many of the 140 residents moved out, but several, including a Holocaust survivor and a Tuskegee Airman, refused to leave. Some have since passed away, but five women still remain at the facility, which is on valuable real estate overlooking Grand Army Plaza.

The women agreed to leave by Aug. 31 after Deitsch agreed to the $3.35 million settlement in June. But Deitsch missed a July deadline to pay part of the settlement. In response, the women’s lawyers threatened to go after Deitsch’s assets, which include property on Fourth Avenue where he plans to build luxury condos.

“The courageous seniors of the Prospect Park Residence stood up for two-and-a-half years in the face of Haysha Deitsch’s appalling avarice and cowardice,” said City Councilman Brad Lander. “After months of Deitsch’s typical greedy efforts to make even more money without regard for the cost to our seniors, we are relieved that he has finally complied.”

Representatives for Deitsch did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Though the legal battle between the remaining residents and Deitsch is over, lawyers for the elderly residents said they’ll continue their lawsuit against the state Department of Health, which oversees the facility and approved Deitsch’s plan to close it.


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Protecting the Elderly: What Are NYS Assembly Members Doing? NOTHING!!!



To: Walter Mosley <waltertmosley@gmail.com>; Joseph Yanis <yanisj@assembly.state.ny.us>; “cymbros@assembly.state.ny.us” <cymbros@assembly.state.ny.us>; Monica Miller <millerm@assembly.state.ny.us>; Kristin Williams <williamsk@assembly.state.ny.us>; Cathy Peake <peakec@assembly.state.ny.us>; Adrienne Knoll <knolla@assembly.state.ny.us>; JoAnn VanSlyke <vanslykej@assembly.state.ny.us>; JoAnne Simon <simonj@assembly.state.ny.us>; “felder@nysenate.gov” <felder@nysenate.gov>; “ott@nysenate.gov” <ott@nysenate.gov>; “bender@nysenate.gov” <bender@nysenate.gov>; Susan Serino <serino@nysenate.gov>; “farley@nysenate.gov” <farley@nysenate.gov>; “golden@nysenate.gov” <golden@nysenate.gov>; “hassellt@senate.state.ny.us” <hassellt@senate.state.ny.us>; Brad Hoylman <hoylman@nysenate.gov>; “eli@bradhoylman.com” <eli@bradhoylman.com>; “larkin@senate.state.ny.us” <larkin@senate.state.ny.us>; “little@nysenate.gov” <little@nysenate.gov>; “martins@nysenate.gov” <martins@nysenate.gov>; “montgome@nysenate.gov” <montgome@nysenate.gov>; Terrence P. Murphy <murphy@nysenate.gov>; “panepinto@nysenate.gov” <panepinto@nysenate.gov>; “grivera@nysenate.gov” <grivera@nysenate.gov>; “seward@nysenate.gov” <seward@nysenate.gov>; Catharine Young <cyoung@nysenate.gov>; Office of Assembly Member Dick Gottfried W. Paster <pasterw@assembly.state.ny.us>; Alyssa Jacobs <jacobsa@nyassembly.gov>; “braunsteine@assembly.state.ny.us” <braunsteine@assembly.state.ny.us>; “cahillk@assembly.state.ny.us” <cahillk@assembly.state.ny.us>; “clarkb@assembly.state.ny.us” <clarkb@assembly.state.ny.us>; “dinowij@assembly.state.ny.us” <dinowij@assembly.state.ny.us>; “galefs@assembly.state.ny.us” <galefs@assembly.state.ny.us>; “garbarinoa@assembly.state.ny.us” <garbarinoa@assembly.state.ny.us>; “goodella@assembly.state.ny.us” <goodella@assembly.state.ny.us>; “gunthea@assembly.state.ny.us” <gunthea@assembly.state.ny.us>; “hevesia@assembly.state.ny.us” <hevesia@assembly.state.ny.us>; “jaffeee@assembly.state.ny.us” <jaffeee@assembly.state.ny.us>; “lavinec@assembly.state.ny.us” <lavinec@assembly.state.ny.us>; “mayers@assembly.state.ny.us” <mayers@assembly.state.ny.us>; “mcdonoughd@assembly.state.ny.us” <mcdonoughd@assembly.state.ny.us>; “paulina@assembly.state.ny.us” <paulina@assembly.state.ny.us>; “parker@senate.state.ny.us” <parker@senate.state.ny.us>; “chauvin@nysenate.gov” <chauvin@nysenate.gov>; “rae@assembly.state.ny.us” <rae@assembly.state.ny.us>; “raiaa@assembly.state.ny.us” <raiaa@assembly.state.ny.us>; Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal <rosenthall@assembly.state.ny.us>; “schimmr@assembly.state.ny.us” <schimmr@assembly.state.ny.us>; “steckp@assembly.state.ny.us” <steckp@assembly.state.ny.us>; Michael Stinson <stinsonm@assembly.state.ny.us>; “titonem@assembly.state.ny.us” <titonem@assembly.state.ny.us>; “walterr@assembly.state.ny.us” <walterr@assembly.state.ny.us>; “diaz@nysenate.gov” <diaz@nysenate.gov>; “lavalle@nysenate.gov” <lavalle@nysenate.gov>; “valesky@nysenate.gov” <valesky@nysenate.gov>; Kathleen Marchione <marchione@nysenate.gov>
Cc: Ibrahim Khan <ikhan@pubadvocate.nyc.gov>; Kenya Handy <khandy@comptroller.nyc.gov>; Hakeem Jeffries <hakeemjeffries@yahoo.com>; Dell Smitherman <dell.smitherman@1199.org>; Martin Nicholas (Schumer) <nicholas_martin@schumer.senate.gov>; Susan Lerner <slerner@commoncause.org>; Laast Ousman (Gillibrand)

It would be very easy and disingenuous to allow the problems of flipped NYC nursing homes and long term care facilities to be solely the Mayor’s problem in the Rivington House and CABs scandal. Ownership must be taken by NYS Governor Cuomo who appoints a failed Public Health and Health Planning Council. The PHHPC continues to ignore past infractions and certifies bad actors pretending to be long term care manager/owners in total complicity with criminal harm to the disabled and vulnerable elderly.

With all due respect you must equally be held to account. The state Assembly and Senate have  sidestepped constructing a Bill to force would-be long term care owners (privatizing non-profits in huge numbers) to REQUIRE a minimum of ONE YEAR notification to resident/patients for appropriate transition time and concurrently discourage flippers of real estate-too often one and the same owners of nursing home titles.

The question must be asked-why?

The question must be posed…why do Leading Age…Hinman Straub…HANYS…NYSHFA…NYSCAL…HCA…FQC…AHCA…NCAL… Owner/Operator lobbying groups and their PACs continue to influence your legislation when victims who are ALSO your constituents-have no voice and are slaughtered with no sanctions unless they engage malpractice attorneys or Legal Aid comes to save them???

Please listen to the Brian Lehrer radio show interview/investigation link below-revolving around the Rivington House scam…but understand this is the tip of the iceberg-the answer that the Dept of Health is “investigating the inappropriate discharge” is tantamount to having the FOX investigate the problems in the  hen house!

You need to take ownership…this is a matter of flouting the Americans With Disability Act protections guaranteed to the sick-disabled-and a human rights violation. This is also who you are as a human being with  conscience-these could be your own elderly loved ones.

Thank you.


NYC Nursing Homes Evacuate Patients Without Plans



Aug 31, 2016
When a New York nursing home is going to close, operators are supposed to give the State Department of Health 90 days’ notice and submit a detailed plan on how patients will be transferred. The agency has to approve the plan before anyone gets moved out. But, according to a three-month investigation by WNYC, that didn’t happen at two New York City nursing homes –The Rivington House on the Lower East Side and CABS Nursing Home in Bedford Stuyvesant. Both nursing homes were bought by the same company and then sold to real estate companies for profit without giving patients, staff, or public officials proper foresight or factual information about the closures.

Cindy Rodriguez, WNYC urban policy reporter, discussed her reporting, and news that the state will investigate improper transfers of those residents that come forward.


Deitsch – Boymelgreen – All in the Family… “And you knew where you were then”… and Leviev…



Schneiderman Left, Boymelgreen Middle and 20 Pine Street Right – Photo: THE REAL DEAL

Is it Just us, or do others agree that simply because they are banned does not mean that they will not be selling condos in New York? The settlement is little more than a piece of paper, another obstacle to be circumvented…


Boymelgreen banned from selling condos in NY for two years


Shaya Boymelgreen has been banned from selling condominium units for two years following a settlement with the state Attorney General’s office over claims he refused to finish work and fix construction defects at half a dozen buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Under the terms of the agreement reached earlier this month, the New York Times reported, Boymelgreen agreed to fix building violations and faulty construction at six buildings he developed.

They include the 409-unit 20 Pine Street in Lower Manhattan, the 79-unit Beacon Tower at 85 Adams Street in Dumbo and Newswalk, the former New York Daily News printing plant in Prospect Heights that was converted into 137 condominiums.
Boymelgreen is banned from being involved in any way in the sale or offer of securities in New York for two years, including condos. Should he violate the settlement, he will be permanently barred from selling apartments in New York.

His partners Itzhak Katan and Domenick Tonacchio are also bound by the terms of the settlement.
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the agreement would finally close the book on “Mr. Boymelgreen’s perpetual fraud and abuse in New York City real estate securities.
Boymelgreen’s lawyers did not return calls for comment.

The developer has all but disappeared from the spotlight since rising to prominence as one of the city’s most high-profile developers before the recession left a trail of failed condo projects in its wake.

The 65-year-old real estate player was born in Israel and immigrated to the United States in 1969. He worked in asbestos abatement before partnering with Israeli businessman Lev Leviev in the early 2000s.

That partnership ended with bad blood in 2007.

See THE REAL DEAL for more details.

Hayshe Deitsch – Hopefully There is a Special Place in Hell… Prospect Park??


Old folks stuck in Prospect Park Residence while owner, buyer evade settlement

They’re not buying it.

The outgoing residents of a tony Park Slope old folks’ home say they’re skeptical of a real-estate investment firm’s promise to pay them the $3.35 million they agreed to take in exchange for vacating the ritzy property, which their landlord failed to cough up when it was due last month.

Sugar Hill Capital Partners claims it is willing to front the cash Prospect Park Residence owner Haysha Deitsch agreed to pay his frail tenants so they can afford to move to a new nursing home, yet just last week the firm got a court order to stop Deitsch from using its money for that very purpose. Now the tenants and their loved ones say they don’t believe either party is good for the greenbacks.

“I don’t know whether they really mean it,” said Nancy Richardson, whose 93-year-old friend AnneMarie Mogil lives in the Prospect Park West home.

Deitsch claims he intended to pay off the residents — who fought a high-profile court battle to stay in the building for two years before finally agreeing in June to leave for the handsome sum — using a security deposit Sugar Hill put down in 2014 to nab the ritzy 134-unit building and turn it into condos.

But Sugar Hill just obtained a court order preventing him from dipping into the down payment, accusing him of crying poverty to secretly spend their cash behind their backs.

“Rather than respond to good-faith efforts to reach resolution, the seller is refusing to negotiate, threatening bankruptcy, and seeking to wrongfully retain Sugar Hill’s down payment for its own benefit,” the firm said in a statement.

Sugar Hill claims it is still prepared to fund the settlement itself so it can finally take control of the building and turn it into condos, but refused to say how, when, or why it won’t just allow Deitsch to use the deposit, declining to comment further.

In the meantime, the frail residents say they’re stuck in the middle — they’ve already put down deposits on new nursing homes, but can’t afford to leave until someone coughs up the cash.

“We’re screwed at the moment,” said Richardson. “[Mogil] could move in there tomorrow, but not unless that money comes through.”

The residents’ loved ones are also worried Deitsch is still shopping around for another buyer willing to pay more than the $76.5 million he agreed to sell it to Sugar Hill for two years ago. They claim they’ve seen him leading parties of well-dressed professionals through the building.

“We’ve seen him bringing through groups of people, 15 people at a time, and walking through the building starting with the roof,” said Richardson. “Why is he doing this? And he’s been doing it for months.”

But Deitsch’s attorney said that if his client is trying to pull the rug out from Sugar Hill, nobody told him about it.

“I am not aware of him showing the building to other buyers,” said lawyer Joel Drucker. “The parties right now are Sugar Hill and Deitsch, and are close to a settlement.”

The residents’ lawyer is now trying to place a $3.35-million lien on some other properties Deitsch owns on Fourth Avenue.

Prospect Park Residence itself already has $10 million in liens tied to wrongful death suits he is in the midst of fighting, so the attorney hopes an attachment order on his other investments will light a fire under Deitsch’s butt.

“At this point, putting a lien on 1 Prospect Park West doesn’t really put any pressure on him,” said attorney Fred Millet. “We wanted to come up with something outside the box.

Please see the original article: http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/39/33/dtg-park-residence-sugar-hill-2016-08-12-bk.html

Haysha Deitsch – His Unsavory Tactics May Yet Bite Him in the Proverbial…



EXCLUSIVE: Judge stops Brooklyn facility owner from paying off elderly residents so they could leave

A Brooklyn judge has barred the owner of a troubled assisted-living facility from dipping into a developer’s deposit to pay off elderly residents to move out, the Daily News has learned.

Supreme Court Justice Wayne Saitta stopped Haysha Deitsch, the owner of 1 Prospect Park West, from using the $7 million down payment made by Sugar Hill Capital Partners to pay his five remaining elderly residents to vacate so the building can be converted to condos.

Deitsch agreed in May to pay the women, all older than 91, $3.35 million to move out by Aug. 31, but he defaulted on their final payment. He wanted to dip into the real estate developer’s deposit that’s been sitting in escrow since 2014 to settle the matter.

“Sugar Hill is prepared to fund the seller’s payment obligations to the tenants and to buy the building,” said a spokeswoman for Sugar Hill.

Brooklyn assisting living facility to pay residents $3M to leave

“Unfortunately, rather than respond to good-faith efforts to reach resolution, the seller is refusing to negotiate, threatening bankruptcy and seeking to wrongfully retain Sugar Hill’s down payment for its own benefit,” said the spokeswoman.

Sugar Hill entered into a contract with Deitsch to buy the old folks home for more than $80 million to turn it into condos once the residents were properly relocated, according to court documents.

The residents sued to stop the eviction and heard Deitsch cry broke in court throughout the two-year legal battle.

Nonetheless, he was able to buy two other properties on Fourth Ave. in Park Slope in September 2015 and afford a revolving door of attorneys to represent him.

Attorneys for the new owners of the prewar building filed a motion to ban Deitsch from using their down payment other than to pay them after he defaulted on the final $3.1 million payment to the tenants.

Saitta signed the temporary restraining order request Thursday.

“We are disappointed that the seller has failed to honor his obligations to the tenants and we continue to do everything in our power to resolve this situation,” the Sugar Hill spokeswoman said.

Deitsch’s lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.

1 Prospect Park West faces $15M in liens; sale in jeopardy


Haysha Deitsch – Among the Despicable


Whether or Not Haysha Deitsch Will be Held Accountable – Remains to be Seen….

Our View: We hope there is a special place in Hell waiting for him….


Park Slope assisted living facility keeps plummeting into debt causing them to kick out elderly residents



A debt continues to grow in Brooklyn.

The owner of a troubled Park Slope assisted living facility’s debt is only getting bigger, the Daily News has learned.

After two years of battling in Brooklyn Supreme Court to prevent several elderly residents from getting kicked out of Haysha Deitsch’s Prospect Park Residence at 1 Prospect Park West, the five remaining tenants agreed to leave by August 31 — but only once $3.35 million was paid out.

Deistch made the first two payments of $125,000 under the settlement agreement, but defaulted on the last installment, according to court documents.

L.A. wants to fine ex-cop $10G for leaked Daniele Watts audio

Lawyer Frederick Millet filed a motion Tuesday requesting that a judge order a lien against two other Park Slope properties Dietsch purchased on Fourth Avenue in September 2015 for $10 million.

“Defendant failed to make the final $3.1 million payment to plaintiffs … because (Deitsch) did not make the primary payment within the 45 days of the signed agreement the second penalty provision has been triggered, which means that defendants now owe an additional $3.35 million to the plaintiffs under the agreement,” according to the motion to order the attachment.

Meanwhile, because of Deitsch’s broken promise, three of the women — all over the age of 91 — are in jeopardy of losing their non-refundable down payments for their new homes, their relatives said.

Deitsch also has seven pending wrongful death claims with $10 million in liens and a third $5 million lien is pending approval.

Former L.I. non-profit exec charged with embezzling public funds


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