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We are going to begin the weekend with this final blog for Friday, a reprint of the latest New Yorker article” Jamal Khashoggi’s Final Words – For Other Journalists Like Him.” 

This article is particularly relevant because he spoke for the voice of oppressed Middle Easterners. We can only aspire to the eloquence that he possessed. While we are trying to speak for the accountability of the Jewish world for our own, those who write to us daily ARE THE OPPRESSED. The abused children, the defrauded, the insular and uneducated are, in Khashoggi’s words: the “uninformed or the misinformed.” As the headline of his last published words asserted, “What the Arab world needs most is free expression.”  The ultra-Orthodox Jewish world is really no different.

FUNDAMENTALISM whether Jewish, Arab, or anything else is in no uncertain terms still FUNDAMENTALISM. Denial of someone’s free speech, in whatever form instituted, is still suppression.

Khashoggi’s death, from what we have been told, was accomplished by dismemberment while he was still alive. He was then carried out of the embassy in pieces. This was more than simply murdering someone. This was making a very public statement to others: “Look what will happen to you.”

LostMessiah’s online blogger believed that anonymity was necessary because she feared that she would meet an untimely death for speaking out. In the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world of setting examples, however,  instead of using a bone-saw to dismember a voice of scrutiny, the Plaintiff’s weapon of choice in this case is the King’s County Courthouse. Instead of 20 different people carrying the pieces of a body out of an embassy to set an example, the Plaintiffs are using a law firm with nearly unrivaled and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the King’s County Judiciary -family in high places to delay, to suppress, to confuse and to accuse. 

Similar to censorship commonplace in the countries within the Middle East, the Soviet Union, China and other countries, the Court in the Kestenbaum and Fortis v. Globus case has sealed the documents of the case pending a hearing, thereby effectively judicially censoring the documents. Any analysis of their details, the activity of the Court, the allegations is all censured pending a now extended deadline.

To the family of Jamal Khashoggi, we cannot begin to express how deeply saddened we are by the loss of your family member and how deeply disturbed we are by the forces of evil that must have been involved to so precisely carry out an unthinkable act of violence. We can’t begin to offer you words that would provide any peace. We can say that we believe wholeheartedly in what he was doing. His death means something. It will hopefully be the voice of change in areas that he so desperately wanted to influence.


Jamal Khashoggi’s Final Words—for Other Journalists Like Him

On October 3rd, the day after Jamal Khashoggi disappeared, the Washington Post received a final column left behind with his assistant when he went off to Turkey to get married. It was, in seven hundred words, poignant and personal and epically appropriate, considering his fate. “The Arab world was ripe with hope during the spring of 2011. Journalists, academics and the general population were brimming with expectations of a bright and free Arab society within their respective countries,” he opined. “They expected to be emancipated from the hegemony of their governments and the consistent interventions and censorship of information.” Instead, rulers grew ever more repressive after the short-lived Arab Spring.

Today, hundreds of millions of people across the Middle East “are unable to adequately address, much less publicly discuss, matters that affect the region and their day-to-day lives,” Khashoggi wrote. They are either “uninformed or misinformed” by draconian censorship and fake state narratives. As the headline of his last published words asserted, “What the Arab world needs most is free expression.”

In his death, Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist and former government supporter who became a vocal and fearless critic of the current Saudi crown prince, has galvanized global attention far more than he was able to do during his life. The horrific details of his murder and dismemberment have had an effect he would never have imagined—putting into serious question the fate of a Saudi leader, the state of U.S.-Saudi relations, American foreign-policy goals in the world’s most volatile region, and even policies that have kept dictators in power. The repercussions are only beginning.

But Khashoggi was hardly a lone voice decrying political repression in the Middle East, as he acknowledged in his final Post column. Saudi Arabia may be the most cruel and ruthless government in the region, but it uses tactics embraced by dictators, sheikhs, and Presidents across twenty-two countries.

In 2014, Egypt’s military-dominated government seized all print copies of the newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, whose name means “The Egyptian Today.” Al-Masry Al-Youm is that rare private newspaper in the Arab world where young reporters once dared to question government policies in hard-hitting editorials and groundbreaking journalism. “The Egyptian government’s seizure of the entire print run of a newspaper, al-Masry al Youm, did not enrage or provoke a reaction from colleagues. These actions no longer carry the consequence of a backlash from the international community,” Khashoggi wrote. “Instead, these actions may trigger condemnation quickly followed by silence.”

The world, particularly the West, is partly culpable for looking the other way, he wrote. It is a tragic irony that the world is paying attention to Khashoggi’s death, yet still not making an issue of a sweeping problem that could determine the future of a region of twenty-two countries and four hundred million people. On Thursday, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, announced that he would not attend the Saudi investment conference known as “Davos in the Desert,” which is pivotal to the crown prince’s plans to modernize the kingdom’s oil-reliant economy. The British trade minister, the French and Dutch finance ministers, and the president of the International Monetary Fund also backed out after Khashoggi’s disappearance. But no foreign government is addressing the broader political practices in any other country, or any other case, in the region.

In his column, Khashoggi drew attention to imprisoned colleagues who receive no coverage. “My dear friend, the prominent Saudi writer Saleh al-Shehi, wrote one of the most famous columns ever published in the Saudi press,” Khashoggi noted. “He unfortunately is now serving an unwarranted five-year prison sentence for supposed comments contrary to the Saudi establishment.” Shehi, who had more than a million followers on Twitter, was charged with “insulting the royal court” for his statements about widespread government corruption in his columns for the newspaper Al Watan and on a local television program.

Michael Abramowitz, the president of Freedom House and a former national editor at the Washington Post, told me that Khashoggi rightly identified the broader stakes. “Khashoggi’s final column accurately pinpointed the appalling lack of political rights and civil liberties in much of the Arab world, especially the right to freely express oneself,” he said. Khashoggi began his last piece by citing Freedom House’s 2018 report—and the fact that only one Arab country, Tunisia, is ranked as “free.” Abramowitz told me, “What is especially sad is that, while we are properly focussed on the outrageous actions by the Saudi government to silence one critic, we must also remember that countless other bloggers, journalists, and writers have been jailed, censored, physically threatened, and even murdered—with little notice from the rest of the world. And, in some cases, notably Egypt, conditions have deteriorated.”

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The presiding Judge, in 2014, campaigned with and now sits on the Court with the sister of the attorney handling the case on behalf of the Plaintiff. 

Please be clear on the ramifications.

To Have Free Speech in the United States or to be Denied Free Speech in the Unites States? – Kestenbaum and Fortis v. Globus Update



Records were submitted provisionally under seal and as of today, absent an adjudication of any case between Plaintiffs and Defendant, are remaining under seal.

In fact, the Court decided to push any discussion on the merits of the matter until December 5, 2018.



At 10:00am today, August 17, 2018, there was a hearing which was, ostensibly to argue, amongst other things, Plaintiff’s motion to seal the record. Please keep in mind, the documents were submitted provisionally under seal and the Court must decide of a permanent seal is consistent with the First Amendment. 

At 9:45 Defendant arrived at the court and was told that the Plaintiffs had requested an adjournment to the case, which procedurally in the Kings County Court, they are entitled to request and to receive.

The documents are under currently sealed even though there has never been an adjudication as between Plaintiff and Defendant, in direct violation of Defendant’s rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press.


Silence By: Harassment, Frivolous Litigation, Payoff, Setup and Conspiracy to Discredit


Dear Reader:

We are learning, little-by-precious-little, that the ultra-Orthodox community will stop at, well, perhaps next to nothing, to silence those most vocal about the dirty laundry within that community. FailedMessiah floated away in a sea of speculation after 10 years of investigative journalism. Whether it’s author agreed to accept money for silence is a matter of speculation. We would be remiss if we faulted him for so doing. The research is emotionally draining, if not devastating and the threats of a tactical assault coming from that community is, well.. tiring.  

LostMessiah is the subject of litigation intended to silence our voice, intended to instill fear in those who might want to help this collaborative effort and potentially scare away anyone willing to speak up. Sam Kellner, however, was an example of how a person could be set-up, framed, wrongly accused of a crime.

We are posting the below article from “Frum Follies” with the permission of its author, Yerachmiel Lopin, who should be fully credited. We mention that no support of LostMessiah should be deemed from the consent to repost or from the comments we are making in regard to Sam Kellner. The article’s author may feel differently, we did not ask. 

Our opinion, borne of information we have gathered over the last few months, is that Sam Kellner’s story is utterly and completely tragic insofar as he was a crusader. He wanted justice for children who had been victimized, including his own child. He spoke out against his community and has suffered terrible and irreparable losses since that time. He gave everything he had to justice and there are few who can understand the magnitude of corruption involved, in not only the failings of the system to fully punish the abuser; but also in the set-up of Kellner that followed. A book could likely be written on the subject.

To this date, we do not believe that charges have been filed against any of the people involved in what we are referring to as: a conspiracy to discredit someone who speaks out against the community. Despite efforts of nary a journalist and a lawyer to see that justice is appropriately served, to date it has not been. To our understanding, the current DA has not pursued this line at all and we are not certain whether he could given the relevant statutes of limitations in New York.

LostMessiah and the current defamation suit against a blogger is a testament to the lengths to which someone will go to silence detractors, reporters, speakers, journalists and in the Keller case, crusaders. He was a warrior for justice, in our opinion, and based upon the information we have he should have been rewarded, not vilified.

Sources close to the investigation of the original case and then the Kellner case that followed have told us that the conviction of Baruch Lebovitz should have been a fait accompli.

But then, we have been told, there was an exchange, old school, of a bag of cash in the Plaza Hotel. It was a payoff intended to benefit Lebovitz and start the wheels turning against Kellner. We do not know from where the cash originated or how many hands it exchanged, before it landed in the pockets of at two of five people who were instrumental in the investigation into Lebovitz.


DA Knew Kellner Charges Were False When They Indicted Him

Hynes press conf of Kellner Arrest Arrest

The Office of the Kings County District Attorney knew that the charges against Kellner were false when they indicted him. Yet they colluded in a plot to undermine their own prosecution of a notorious pedophile, Baruch Lebovits and abandoned some of his victims who willingly came forward to cooperate with the prosecution.

According to the Jewish Week’s Hella Winston:

Two sworn statements submitted to the court… indicate that both the Sex Crimes prosecutor and the detective on the Lebovits case not only believed that MT was a genuine victim of Lebovits (and, by implication, not paid by Kellner to fabricate his allegations), but also had persuasive information that MT had been pressured and intimidated into backing out of Lebovits’ trial…

In her statement, the Lebovits prosecutor, Miss Gregory, details how she was contacted in November 2009, a few weeks before MT was set to testify against Lebovits at trial, by a lawyer named John Lonuzzi, claiming to represent MT. According to Gregory, Lonuzzi told her that MT was withdrawing from the case because “the pressure” was causing him “severe stress.” Lonuzzi also informed Gregory that, if called to testify, MT would plead the fifth because parts of his grand jury testimony “‘might’ have been embellished.”

Gregory notes that she “arranged multiple appointments” to speak with Lonuzzi and MT in person, but all were cancelled. She also served MT with four subpoenas, but he did not comply with any of them. Indeed, Gregory said she “was never able to speak with MT to confirm what Mr. Lonuzzi had told me about MT’s reasons for becoming uncooperative after twenty-one months of full cooperation” with the DA’s office……

These statements also show that Lebovits’ attorneys not only possessed what they alleged was evidence of Kellner’s extortion plot — including a secretly recorded tape of a conversation between Kellner and Lebovits’ son, Meyer — a year before Lebovits went to trial, but alerted Gregory and the judge to it at that time and received “a lengthy adjournment” to further investigate the matter. While the defense apparently considered bringing the Kellner allegations to law enforcement, according to Gregory, they ultimately declined to do so — a seemingly inexplicable decision, unless they believed the allegations would not hold up to scrutiny……

In an e-mail last week, Kellner attorney Niall MacGiollabhui… excoriated the office for failing to interview MT alone after he withdrew from the Lebovits prosecution and to determine on whose behalf Mr. Lonuzzi was really acting. “The scale and shamelessness … of the collusion by Rackets with a convicted pedophile is beyond shocking,” MacGiollabhui added. “It is a vile, disgusting abomination.”

Read the full article in the Jewish Week for more shocking revelations.


Additional Research:

Kellner v. The City of New York et al

New York Eastern District Court
Judge: Margo K Brodie
Referred: Sanket J Bulsara
Case #: 1:17-cv-01268
Nature of Suit 440 Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights
Cause 42:1983 Civil Rights Act


Former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes targeted dad of sex abuse victim instead of perv rabbi, lawsuit says

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Suppression of Free Speech and Press – By Murder or Lawsuit?

Free Speech Should Not Be Allowed to Die, Neither by Murder nor by Lawsuit, A Segue into the Death of Seven Journalists

A funny thing happened in August. After months of not blogging, we got back in the saddle and started posting articles again. Why? Because journalistic integrity came into question. We were threatened and that has to mean something. 
Despite being asked to remove an article and doing so, one of two that had been published in 2016, LostMessiah’s name, along with that of an online blogger, was unceremoniously dragged into a lawsuit. The subject of the lawsuit? Hard to tell. It appears to be the remaining article.
The blogger had facilitated the takedown in good faith at the request of the attorneys representing the subjects of that blog. Why? Because, well… there seemed to be more important fish to fry and a single article’s removal at the behest of an allegedly prominent family did not seem like it was worth a fight. If we took it down, however disheartening that would be, the situation would be resolved. Who really has the time? Or the money?  
It didn’t go away. It might have been worth the fight on that day in August.
To resurrect what would otherwise be a problem with the Statute of Limitations, (one year from date of publication in New York) the Complaint in the lawsuit appears to allege that the subject article was taken down by WordPress and that the alleged blogger republished. It was neither taken down by WordPress, nor was it then republished by LostMessiah. The complaint also alleges, both unequivocally and incorrectly we must add, that the blogger is LostMessiah AND another website, WebActivism.
Anonymity in this space, blogging about oligarchs and diamond dealers, Congo miners and allegedly corrupt police officers can be a dangerous thing. We valued and continue to value our anonymity for that reason. Our absence worried our readers. To our readers, it was borne of time constraints not of safety, fear or reprisals nor payment. We will be asking for financial assistance from our readers. For that we apologize in advance.

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