Was Rise Up’s Private Page Removed by FB or Hacked? Rise Up’s Website

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Dear Readers:

We are not sure that Facebook unceremoniously removed the private group of Rise Up Ocean Count, but as of this afternoon it was gone. So, we would direct you to their website: 


Again, while we did not endorse many of the comments on the Facebook page, we admired much of the investigative work that was being done on behalf of the disenfranchised in Ocean County. 

We are also firm believers in free speech. We believe that it should not be chilled, neither by lawsuit nor by removal unless there is a risk of violence or a threat of life and limb. We do not like hate speech. We don’t tolerate it here, beyond some measure of allowing people to vent. 

Once you go down the silence path, it is a very, very slippery slope that ends somewhere on the cliff of Americans being denied other constitutional rights, due process, for instance. We are also all too aware that money buys almost anything and everyone seems to have a price. We don’t.

Or, Americans who are sick being carted off in boxes.  See Video of Chinese response to Caronavirus here.

We are also of the firm belief that anti-Semitism is a really easy and apparently thorough mantra to sling around when you want to be able to hide criminal endeavors. Scary stuff…. The industriousness of it all is somewhat shocking.  But its use as a mantel on which to hang one’s hat also diminishes the value of the history that gave meaning to that term. 

To the 18k + followers of Rise Up Ocean County, we are hereby advising that we will accept stories dealing with fraud and criminal endeavors after independently verifying the research. We will not publish anything based solely on articles in print. We will also try and direct our readers. 

A Concerted Effort by a Community and NYS Government to Actively Destroy Free Speech – RUOC

To see this on Facebook click here.

Rise Up Ocean County Has Been Taken Down?

Can any attack on free speech prevail?

Our bet?

Absolutely not!

Here is the typical type of attack that has been waged against Rise Up Ocean County.

This article claims that “social media and cowardly politicians” are fueling anti-Semitism.

The article states:

‘Can this truly be happening in the United States? What has changed in the past generation? The answer is social media. A tool that is the essence of millennials’ pastime and even vocational endeavors, but now also serves as a vehicle of propagating hate and inciting malice and hostility.

Never before has it been so simple to indoctrinate the masses with the push of a button. This generation is educated by vindictive sociopaths instead of erudite professors. In an interview with The Associated Press, J.J. McNab, a fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, explained that the internet has played a pivotal role in assisting the most militant elements in disseminating their ideologies.

In early March of this year, I addressed state Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer at a “Stop the Hate” event to combat anti-Semitism and discrimination. I implored them to act against the rising anti-Semitic and discriminatory inuendo that exists in our own backyard.

I quoted Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, who visited Israel for the first time after the deplorable attack on a Squirrel Hill Synagogue where 11 congregants where brutally massacred. Peduto said, “Hate speech leads to hate crime.” This was my theme; hate speech leads to hate crime.

One month later, on April 5, Grewal and the Division on Civil Rights called for Facebook to help stem the rising tide of hate in New Jersey and across the nation by examining a Facebook page known as Rise Up Ocean County (RUOC).

Read on ….


Just last week several “cowardly politicians’ sat silent as they were criticized in a meeting with New York State Attorney General James. In that same media one social media page, namely this one, was discussed and AG James was asked to do something about it.

This page was defamed when the attorney general was told that the “they” in the title of our page refers to the ultra-Orthodox community.

We have written to AG James with an offer to travel to Albany and meet with her in person and we have offered to have accompany us several leaders of various organizations struggling with zoning, fire, safety and educational issues in Rockland County. We also identified to AG James several politicians who are leaders in the issues about which we write frequently and indicated to AG James that we would welcome their participation in a face to face discussion.

We will keep you informed as to whether our offer of dialogue with the Attorney General will be accepted.

Meanwhile to our friends in Ocean County we await your return and to witness vindication of the constitution of the United States!

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Free Speech Out the Window – Has RUOC Been “Kashoggi’d?? – Return the Real RUOC Page to its Owner?!!!



Whatever you think about the Rise Up Ocean County Facebook Page and its 18,000 followers –

Free Speech in America Should be Free





Tish James and the GOP…. and then There’s Aron Wieder, Ms. James Have You Ever Spoken to Concerned Rocklanders?

AG James, the video may seem disturbing, but perhaps you have not considered what is REALLY Happening in Rockland County. Allying with Aron Wieder is Almost an Oxymoron, and Supporting his Political Allies in Rockland is Degrading the Views of Those Who Have Legitimate Concerns, Whether GOP or Otherwise…

Just an Opinion

Tish James and GOP Video

It should be noted for the reading public that as far as LM is aware, AG James has NEVER come to Rockland County, New York and sat with the secular and non-Jewish community to get their take on events in Rockland County, which is largely a democratic county many of whom are in agreement with the GOP on these points. She has, however, visited with the ultra-Orthodox, as she was campaigning.

AG James has, most likely, not taken a look at the tax registers in Rockland County to see just how many houses in Rockland County are listed as LLC owned with numerous LLC’s registered to the same addresses, some of which are for-profit and some non-for-profit (church (synagogue) based so reduced reporting requirements and reduced taxes) and how much that situation (reduced taxes paid by those homes) is costing taxpayers in Rockland County.

AG James has NEVER taken a moment to consider the battle between those like Aron Wieder who favor religious education absent secular interference but who still demand funds from the State to pay for that education. To his credit Wieder did allegedly work to get his community vaccinated; but most of that community is still comprised of anti-vaxxers costing County taxpayers thousands if not hundreds of thousands in unnecessary healthcare costs, whether related to the measles outbreak or otherwise.

AG James has oversimplified a problem. If she really wants to benefit the communities of Rockland (everyone, not just the Democrats and more particularly the ultra-Orthodox who funded her campaign), which is a melting pot of many religious (including Jews who are not Hasidic), she should focus on the crime and corruption within Rockland.

The crime, corruption, political scandals and fraud are costing Rocklanders hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars. The payoffs of housing code reviewers, the use of Medicaid cards to buy food at Costco, the under-the-table payments to women who work in families in cash while also collecting Medicaid and foodstamps is an open secret in Rockland. Costco checkout people laugh about it amongst themselves.

Weighing in on this subject does nothing but give credence to those who are wholly ambivalent to the concerns of the greater Rockland County Community. That video may seem inappropriate and was both poorly contemplated, lacking in decorum and wholly fear-mongering; but it stems for somewhere. It should not be written-off as a deplorable political tactic. It should be understood for a deeper concern amongst Rocklanders. It comes from a very real concern, albeit largely unspoken. To write-it-off without considering the factual truths is to forsake those not depicted in that video and not responsible for its writing and dissemination, the voice of the “others” who have legitimate concerns, whether they funded AG James’ campaign or not. 

Defamation Complaint Against LM is Currently Sealed, Judge Just Ruled Against Sealing Sakler/Purdue Company Documents – Please assist our Defense..


Opioid maker Purdue Pharma fights to prevent documents involving Sackler family from going public

Opioids Addiction

The Sacklers and members of their company Purdue Pharma have been named in a lawsuit that accuses them of profiting from the opioid crisis by aggressively marketing OxyContin, claims denied by attorneys for the family and Purdue.

(CNN) — Purdue Pharma filed a motion Wednesday to stay a Massachusetts judge’s order that could expose details about one of America’s richest families and their connection to the nation’s opioid crisis.

The Sacklers and some employees of their company, Purdue Pharma, have been named in a lawsuit that accuses them of profiting from the opioid epidemic by aggressively marketing the painkiller OxyContin, claims denied by attorneys for the family and Purdue.

The motion was filed following a Monday decision by Suffolk County Superior Judge Janet Sanders, who ruled that an unredacted amended complaint must be publicly released by February 1.

In the new motion, attorneys for Purdue Pharma say the unredacted copy would disclose company trade secrets and other confidential information.

The Massachusetts attorney general responded in a statement: “This is simply another attempt by Purdue to prevent the release of the results of our investigation. It’s information the public deserves to know.”

In her order, Sanders called the defense’s protests “hardly compelling” enough to keep the information secret, adding that it is not intensely personal or private.

The redacted pages “appear to be discussions of tactics that could be used to promote the sales of OxyContin (particularly in higher doses), to encourage doctors to prescribe the drug over longer periods of time, and to circumvent safeguards put in place to stop illegal prescriptions,” Sanders says in the court filing.

“For many years, Purdue, its executives, and members of the Sackler family have tried to shift the blame and hide their role in creating the opioid epidemic. We are grateful to the court for lifting the impoundment on our complaint so that the public and families so deeply impacted by this crisis can see the allegations of the misconduct that has harmed so many,” Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said in a statement to CNN on Monday.

In a previous statement to CNN, Purdue Pharma said, “To distract from these omissions of fact and the other numerous deficiencies of its claims, the attorney general has cherry-picked from among tens of millions of emails and other business documents produced by Purdue.”

The Sackler family’s connection

The Sackler family, which Forbes says is worth approximately $13 billion, is well known for its philanthropy around the world. The family name is on museums and galleries including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Sackler Museum in Beijing and the Royal Academy in London. Their company Purdue Pharma sells OxyContin and has been criticized for its aggressive marketing of the opioid painkiller.

There have been previous lawsuits against the company, including one multistate federal suit in 2007 settled for $600 million as part of a plea deal. The federal accusation was “misleading and defrauding physicians and consumers,” referring to how addictive OxyContin is. The Sackler family was not specifically attached to those suits.

Healey filed the complaint, which names eight members of the Sackler family, alleging that they knew OxyContin was causing overdoses and deaths but continued to promote the drug. Nine other people currently or formerly associated with the company are also named in the suit. CNN has reached out to the attorneys for all the defendants for comment but did not immediately hear back.

“They directed deceptive sales and marketing practices deep within Purdue, sending hundreds of orders to executives and line employees. From the money that Purdue collected selling opioids, they paid themselves and their family billions of dollars,” Healey said.

The original suit had been heavily redacted, obscuring specific details related to the Sackler family members and others named in the suit.

A lower court removed some of the redactions this month, but Healey argued that the 189 paragraphs that remained redacted should be unveiled. “Revealing the truth about Purdue’s misconduct is important to achieve justice and make sure deception like Purdue’s never happens again,” she said in the court complaint.

The complaint said the material concealed shows documents that contradict testimony of Sackler family members.

Suit says doctors were deceived about OxyContin

“From the beginning, the Sacklers viewed limits on opioids as an obstacle to greater profits. To make more money, the Sacklers considered whether they could sell OxyContin in some countries as an uncontrolled drug,” the prosecution argues in the sections of the original complaint that were not redacted.

The Sacklers were behind Purdue’s decision to deceive doctors and patients, says the suit. “In 1997, Richard Sackler, Kathe Sackler, and other Purdue executives determined — and recorded in secret internal correspondence — that doctors had the crucial misconception that OxyContin was weaker than morphine, which led them to prescribe OxyContin much more often, even as a substitute for Tylenol.”

Former Purdue Chairman and President Richard Sackler is described as a micromanager who was constantly trying to push profits even as the opioid crisis was well underway, according to the complaint.

Sackler went to doctors’ offices with sales reps at times to push sales, the lawsuit alleges. He also allegedly wanted advertising that was aggressive and positive, even as executives at Purdue were concerned about how he was promoting the drug.

The complaint says that internal documents from 2011 show that Sackler was not satisfied with the number of OxyContin prescriptions. When one week of sales doubled the company’s forecast, he told the sales staff, “‘I had hoped for better results.'”

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Violence Against Journalists – 2018 Worst Year- Attacks on Free Speech Statistics Do Not Include Lawsuits and other Actions


2018 was the worst year on record for violence against journalists

“The hatred of journalists that is voiced, and sometimes very openly proclaimed, by unscrupulous politicians, religious leaders and businessmen has tragic consequences.”

Attacks against the media by “unscrupulous” politicians helped make 2018 the worst ever year for violence and abuse against journalists, according to a report released Tuesday.

At least 80 journalists were killed, 348 are in jail and another 60 are being held hostage, according to the annual report from Reporters Without Borders, a Paris-based media watchdog.

“Violence against journalists has reached unprecedented levels this year, and the situation is now critical,” the group’s secretary-general Christophe Deloire said.

“The hatred of journalists that is voiced, and sometimes very openly proclaimed, by unscrupulous politicians, religious leaders and businessmen has tragic consequences on the ground and has been reflected in this disturbing increase in violations against journalists.”

While the report did not single out specific political figures, attacks on the media have become a hallmark of populist leaders, from Donald Trump to the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

Social media also bore a “heavy responsibility” for amplifying and legitimizing this hateful rhetoric towards the press, Deloire said.

Forty-nine of the journalists killed were deliberately targeted. Yet only a handful of these killings have garnered international media coverage — such as the killing of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi’s inside his country’s consulate in Istanbul, or the shooting of Slovak data journalist Jan Kuciak in his home. Those killings showed “how far some people will go to silence ‘troublesome’ journalists,” the report said,

The remaining 31 killed were caught up in violence, the report states. Afghanistan was the deadliest country for journalists in 2018, with 15 killed, followed by Syria, Mexico, and Yemen, while the United States featured for the first time as one of the most dangerous following the murder of five people in a shooting at the Capital Gazette, in Annapolis, Maryland.

The analysis also found the number of journalists detained worldwide had risen to 348, up from 326 last year. More than half were jailed by just five countries: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey.

READ: The Saudis tried to rip out a security camera after Khashoggi murder

The report follows the release of the Committee to Protect Journalists’ annual prison census last week, that found the number of journalists jailed on charges of fake news had risen to a record high of 28.

Last week TIME magazine named a group of journalists — including Khashoggi, the slain journalists at the Capital Gazette, the head of Philippine news website Rappler and two imprisoned journalists in Myanmar — as its “person of the year.”