A Jewel of a Statement, Rechnitz and Comments – Missing Jewelry and Hookers – Why is he Deemed Credible?

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Corrupt donor to Mayor de Blasio completes list of his misdeeds in court: ‘you’re missing jewelry and hookers’


After eight days on the stand, corrupt Mayor de Blasio donor Jona Rechnitz ran out of patience and helped a defense attorney complete a list of his many misdeeds.


“You’re missing jewelry and hookers,” Rechnitz said in Manhattan Federal Court Wednesday, drawing guffaws from the audience filled with people who loathe him.

The comment came as Susan Necheles, an lawyer for police buff Jeremy Reichberg, wrote a list titled “alleged bribes” that was shown to a jury.


Rechnitz’s bribes were broken down into three categories: gifts, meals, entertainment and trips.

“You should put ‘hookers’ everywhere,” Rechnitz said, later correcting himself to say he did not use prostitutes as bribes while on trips to Los Angeles and Israel.

Rechnitz is testifying against Reichberg, his former friend, and ex-NYPD Deputy Inspector James (Jimmy) Grant. Rechnitz has said he donated over $100,000 to de Blasio’s pet causes early in the mayor’s tenure in exchange for access to City Hall. Rechnitz also says he and Reichberg showered cops, including Grant, with gits in exchange for police favors that made them look like big shots.


The gifts, according to Rechnitz, included a prostitute on a 2013 private flight to Las Vegas, as well as call girls on trips to the Dominican Republic and Miami for an SEC bowl game.

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Rechnitz – Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures, And this is the Trustworthy Informant?


De Blasio donor admits to privately bashing mayor at NYPD corruption trial

Even as he was getting cozy with the mayor publicly, he was criticizing him privately.

Mayor de Blasio donor Jona Rechnitz admitted at trial on Tuesday that he once sent his friends a photo of himself and Hizzoner with the caption “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Rechnitz admitted to the snarky comment at the trial of Jeremy Reichberg, who is accused of teaming up with Rechnitz to bribe high-ranking NYPD cops.

Reichberg’s lawyer raised the insult in an effort to raise doubts about Rechnitz’s claims that he had grown close to Hizzoner after he and Reichberg raised big money for de Blasio’s 2013 election.

Rechnitz insisted, however, that his donations and other fundraising bought him and Reichberg special privileges that other New Yorkers couldn’t get, including the mayor’s ear on issues.

“I got access. I got a very quick ­response. If you look at some of the ­e-mails, you see he responds within minutes,” Rechnitz said.

Reichberg is on trial for corrupting cops, including his co-defendant, ex-NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant. Reichberg has not been charged with bribing or attempting to bribe public officials, but Rechnitz testified to it anyway.

A Jewel of a Trial, The Ring of NYPD Payoffs -for-favors… and Leviev -seeing RED

Floral Park Police Chief Stephen McAllister, formerly an


Star federal witness tells of NYPD payoffs-for-favors at corruption trial

Star federal witness Jona Rechnitz on Wednesday finished two days of direct testimony in the NYPD payoffs-for-favors corruption trial in Manhattan federal court that detailed ties to an array of top cops including Stephen McAllister, now the Floral Park police chief.

Rechnitz, appearing at the trial of ex-business-partner Jeremy Reichberg and former NYPD deputy inspector James Grant, said McAllister — formerly an NYPD inspector — was among the circle of cop pals he and Reichberg plied with gifts to get their official help.

“I had bought him a Chopard watch, had given him a free diamond for his daughter who was getting engaged,” Rechnitz testified. “And there were other jewelry and types of things that we did for him as well in addition to meals that we paid for.”

In return, Rechnitz said, McAllister helped get rid of protesters outside a jewelry store owned by Rechnitz’s controversial multimillionaire Israeli boss Lev Leviev, and was probably “involved” in providing VIP treatment when Leviev visited New York with a police escort and closure of a lane in the Lincoln Tunnel.

“Lev had told me this was the treatment he gets in Russia,” Rechnitz recalled. “He was quite impressed.”

Prosecutors say Rechnitz and Reichberg, both real estate investors, generated a wave of police and political corruption with pay-to-play contributions to Mayor Bill de Blasio as well as payoffs to cops including Grant — ranging from free meals and hotel stays to plane trips, home repairs and prostitutes — to try to enhance their clout in circles of power.

Rechnitz pleaded guilty to multiple charges and agreed to cooperate in hopes of leniency. Former deputy chief Michael Harrington has pleaded guilty in the case. Other uncharged cops like McAllister have been discussed at trial in prosecutors’ effort to prove Reichberg’s intent.

McAllister joined Floral Park’s police force in 2010, and his $245,000 a year contract as chief was extended for two years in April, after a village investigation. McAllister’s lawyer Joel Weiss, responding to a description of Rechnitz’s testimony, issued a statement calling it “replete with falsehoods.”

Apparently, Mr. Rechnitz has never met a lie he didn’t like,” Weiss said. “It’s noteworthy that, in the face of all his allegations, the Government has charged Mr. McAllister with nothing, nothing at all.”

The trial began Nov. 5. Along with claiming McAllister helped impress Rechnitz’s one-time boss while at the NYPD, Rechnitz repeated previous testimony that as Floral Park chief McAllister arranged bogus appointments as police chaplains and clergy liaison with parking placards for he and Reichberg.

In addition to jewelry, he testified, McAllister was treated to free meals at Manhattan eateries such as Abigail’s and The Prime Grill, got a free plane trip back from a football championship game in Miami, and had Rechnitz and Reichberg donate to the NYPD football team and a Nassau County golf tournament.

In addition to pictures of McAllister dining with Rechnitz, Reichberg and fellow cops, prosecutors introduced a 2013 email chain in which McAllister — “PC FPPD” — told Rechnitz he needed more time to arrange a dinner meeting with another chief, and then added, “Ask Jeremy status of ring?”

Rechnitz provided few details of the aid McAllister gave to impress Leviev, the head of Africa-Israel Investments whose role in the diamond trade  has been controversial.

He testified that McAllister requested a $25,000 donation to the NYPD football team when he was asked for help with protests outside Leviev’s Madison Avenue store. It was provided, and after that there was “more of a police presence” and the protesters “got quiet right away,” Rechnitz said.

When Leviev visited New York, Rechnitz said, he got police escorts in New Jersey and in New York City, as well as the cleared lane in the Lincoln Tunnel. Rechnitz said Reichberg set it up, and testified he thought McAllister was involved, citing his NYPD football contacts with officials at the Port Authority and in New Jersey.

Rechnitz is scheduled to be cross-examined when the trial resumes on Thursday.

LLD’s Story versus the Investigation Story – the Death of Mazal Hadadi


The Many Inconsistencies Between the LLD Story and the Investigation Team Regarding the Death of Mazal Hadadi

The chart is from the below article in Hebrew sets forth the many inconsistencies between the versions given to the press by Lev Leviev’s company LLD and the police on the night of and immediately following the death of Mazal Hadadi, an LLD bookkeeper. 
In the Red is the LLD version and in the blue is the Police version. The top row: “Reasons for death” LLD version – intolerable pressure on the employee as a result of the investigation was the reason for her death. The police version – they have reviewed the LLD claim and there is no connection between the handling of her interrogation and her death. Second column: “Information provided on the night of her death” LLD’s version “We are taking every step to provide all of the possible information and are reviewing all of the sides and believe that a picture is being painted that is causing damage to the information sources” [rough translation] The police version “The details provided by the company are inconsistent with the findings.”

At a later date, we will provide a better translation and hopefully this will get picked up by some of the English language papers which, despite the details often left out, are far better at translating than we are.

 Suffice it to say, there are inconsistencies between the two stories and we remain firm in our belief that LLD wanted to write a narrative that would be accepted by the public, namely that police pressure caused the death [by suicide] of Mazal Hadadi. 


Mazal Hadadi’s husband and children have stated that under no circumstances would she have killed herself. In other words, there is no amount of police pressure that would have caused her to toss herself out a 10th floor window. WE 

She returned from the train station after work to a floor on which she generally does not work. There are then about 40 minutes missing from her whereabouts as she entered the building to the time she died. We can’t say that anyone at the company actually pushed her out the window – we are not the investigation team. We can say that we believe she was pushed and the location of the death was to provide a shining example of what will happen to anyone who speaks to the investigators.

Mazal Hadadi was no fool. If the books were being cooked, even if she did not know it, LLD would have done everything in patterns, same time, same day, same week, same year, etc. There will not be any definable movement of money or diamonds that would look obvious. But if one of those times, or days, or movements was off, so were the rest. Hadadi likely could have found the pattern and provided details and we would guess she likely kept a record for herself, even if she had no reason to question the movements of money, inventory or whatever aspect was within her purview. 

מרביתם למדו זאת מציוץ של העיתונאי-הכתב לענייני משפט, גיא פלג, של חברת החדשות, אולם עדיין לא ידעו במי מדובר ובאיזו פרשה נחקרת. שמות משוערים רבים עלו בתקשורת, אך נראה כי במערכות השונות לא שיערו כי מדובר במנהלת חשבונות זוטרה בחברת LLD שבבעלות לב לבייב, אם לשלושה, בשנות ה-40 לחייה. מדובר בעובדת שנחקרה באזהרה מספר ימים קודם לכן במסגרת פרשת “יהלום שחור”, שבמסגרתה נחקר החשד להברחת יהלומים ולהלבנת הון על-ידי חברת LLD בשווי של כ-300 מיליון שקל.

עד מהרה ההשערות הפכו למציאות. פחות משעתיים בלבד לאחר המקרה הטרגי, נחתה הודעת חברת LLD אצל הכתבים, שממנה למדו כמעט כולם על זהות המנוחה. בהודעת LLD נכתב, בין היתר: “אנו ננקוט את כל הצעדים העומדים לרשותנו על-מנת לסייע לחקר מותה, ועל-מנת לשים קץ לתופעות קשות של רמיסת זכויות נחקרים וגרימת נזקים בלתי הפיכים, מתוך רצון לייצר כותרות תקשורתיות”.

וכך, במשפט אחד, מסגרה חברת LLD את השיח שאפיין את העיסוק התקשורתי הנרחב בפרשה בימים שלאחר מכן. עוד באותו ערב, שיגרה החברה הודעות עם פרטים הנוגעים, לטענתה, למקרה, תדרכה עיתונאים והעבירה חומרים התומכים בתזה, שלפיה מי שאחראים למותה של המנוחה, הם חוקרי המשטרה, שהפעילו עליה לחץ בלתי מידתי בחקירתה. כך, נחשפו הכול למכונת יחסי ציבור משומנת היטב, המבקשת מאיתנו להסיק מסקנות על התנהלות המשטרה בפרשה.

כל זאת, יוזכר, בזמן שחברת LLD מנהלת משא-ומתן מול רשויות אכיפת החוק בישראל, בנוגע להגעת בעליה, לב לבייב, לארץ לשם חקירתו בפרשה; ויום לפני הדיון בבקשת החברה לשחרור נכסיה שחולטו כחלק מהחקירה בפרשה.

עוד בנושא דין וחשבון

בלית ברירה, נאלצה משטרת ישראל למסור תגובה מטעמה עוד באותו ערב, שבה התייחסה להודעה שהוציאה החברה. בהודעת המשטרה נאמר כי “הפרטים שהובאו בהודעה לוקים באי-דיוקים מהותיים”.

המהירות שאפיינה את מערך יחסי הציבור המשומן היטב של LLD, כמו גם את קביעת המשטרה כי הפרטים שהובאו בהודעת החברה לוקים באי-דיוקים מהותיים, וזאת עוד בטרם החלה חקירת המשטרה בעניין – היו אולי ראויים פחות לאיזכור, אלמלא הפערים העצומים שהתגלו בין גרסת המשטרה לגרסת LLD, ובייחוד לאור מספר אי-דיוקים שכבר כעת ניתן להצביע עליהם בגרסה שהציגה החברה ביום האירוע וביום שלמחרת.

אגב, מאז מסרבים בחברה למסור פרטים נוספים ולהשיב על שאלות, ומותירים את הזירה התקשורתית למשפחה ולרסיסי המידע שמגיעים מהמשטרה באופן לא רשמי.

שיחה עם עורך דין – שתי גרסאות

ההודעה המהירה של החברה של לבייב שהטילה על המשטרה את האשמה למות העובדת, לא מפחיתה כהוא זה מהחשיבות הרבה שיש לייחס לשאלות המטרידות שעולות ביחס להתנהלות המשטרה במסגרת החקירה של פרשת “יהלום שחור”. בפרשה זו נמתחה ביקורת, לעתים חסרת תקדים בחריפותה, על התנהלות המשטרה מצד שופט בית משפט השלום בראשון-לציון, גיא אבנון, עוד מהדיון הראשון להארכות המעצר של החשודים בפרשה.

נושאים נוספים בהם תוכל/י להתעדכן

בנוסף, סנגורי החשודים העלו כבר מתחילת הפרשה טענות קשות על התנהלות המשטרה בעניינם של החשודים בפרשה, טענות שהלכו והחריפו עם התקדמות החקירה, והגיעו לשיא לפני כשבועיים. זאת, כאשר מנעה המשטרה מפגש של חשוד עם עורכת דינו. מדובר בטענות מהותיות וחשובות, שראוי שיישמעו ויקבלו מקום מרכזי, כפי שביקשה חברת LLD כי ייעשה.

כמו כן, כפי שפורסם ביום ראשון ב”גלובס”, גם לבכירים לשעבר במערכת אכיפת החוק, סנגורים בכירים ודמויות בולטות מהאקדמיה, יש ביקורת נוקבת על התנהלות המשטרה בחדרי החקירות. גם הם מבקשים לרתום את העיסוק התקשורתי באירוע, על-מנת לשטוח את טענותיהם בדבר רמיסת זכויות חשודים.

ועם כל אלה, היום כבר ניתן לומר, במידה גבוהה של ודאות, כי חלק מהפרטים שמסרה חברת LLD באותו ערב נורא, התבררו כשגויים. כך, למשל, באותו ערב שבו אירע האירוע הטרגי מסרו גורמים בסביבת החברה כי למנוחה לא התאפשר להיוועץ עם עורך דין. לעומת זאת, מסביבת המשטרה נודע כי למנוחה הוצע להיוועץ עם עורך דין מספר פעמים.

לאור דבריו של בעלה של המנוחה בכלי התקשורת השונים, כיום כבר ברור כי ללא כל קשר לשאלה – כיצד נהגו בעובדת  המנוחה חוקרי המשטרה, הרי שלפחות בנוגע לזכות ההיוועצות נראה שהם קיימו את חובתם. בעלה של המנוחה העיד כי החוקר שהתקשר אליו באמצע חקירתה הפציר בהם לשכור את שירותיו של עורך דין. אמנם הבעל מתאר זאת כאמצעי לחץ שהופעל על רעייתו הנחקרת, אך לאור דבריו נראים דברי החברה כלא מדויקים, בלשון המעטה.


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Police Not Negotiating Terms with Leviev for Interrogation

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Police refuse to negotiate terms with Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev

Diamond magnate suspected of smuggling goods worth £62.7 million into the country

Israeli police are refusing to negotiate terms over how to question the diamond magnate Lev Leviev, who faces allegations of money laundering and smuggling.

Dozens of employees in Mr Leviev’s LLD conglomerate have been questioned in the investigation — codenamed “Black Diamond” — under which several close associates and family members, including his son Zvulun, have been arrested and since released to house arrest.

Police suspect that, alongside the legal import of diamonds from Mr Leviev’s factory in Russia, LLD employees smuggled undocumented diamonds worth around 300 million shekels (£62.7 million) into Israel over the past decade.

Diamonds, bank accounts and private property belonging to Mr Leviev and LLD have been confiscated as part of the investigation.

Mr Leviev has said he is willing to be questioned in Russia, where he is presently based, or to travel to Israel on condition he is then permitted once again to leave.

A police spokesman said: “we do not negotiate with suspects before questioning.

“[He] will be questioned when he arrives in Israel. We do not agree to any preliminary conditions.”

But the investigation took a tragic turn last week when Mazal Hadadi, a 42 year-old book-keeper at LLD, fell to her death from the tenth floor of the Diamond Exchange building in Ramat Gan.

Police are treating her death as a suicide, although some of relatives claimed she may have been murdered.

Sources in LLD have accused the police of aggressively questioning and pressuring Ms Hadadi.

Three suspects arrested in connection with the alleged diamond smuggling scheme arrive for a Rishon Letzion court hearing earlier this month (Photo: Flash 90)

Mr Leviev, who has homes in Israel and Russia, emigrated to Israel as a teenager in 1971 and established one of the largest privately-owned diamond trading companies in the world.

He also built up an international real estate empire, Africa’s Israel Investments, which nearly went bankrupt in 2008 global financial crisis.

He had lived for much of the past decade in a mansion in Highgate, north London, on the gated Compton Avenue close to Hempstead Heath.

But last year he relocated to Moscow and has rarely been seen in public since.

It is unclear whether his departure from London was due to police investigations or to the change in Britain’s visa requirements of Russian business-people — which also meant that Mr Leviev’s friend and ally Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club, received Israeli citizenship in May and has not returned to Britain since.

Both men are known to be members of the circle of oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mr Leviev has for years been one of the main patrons of Chabad and has financed its Or Avner education network in the former Soviet Union.


Mazal Hadadi – Investigation Should be Into Her Murder, not a Suicide

The Windower of the “Diamongate” Investigation Believes that this Should be Investigated as Murder

In a brief summary, Kobi Hadadi, the husband of Mazal Hadadi who fell to her death last week believes that his wife would never have committed suicide. While he does not believe that the investigators behaved with the appropriate level of sensitivity, he also does not believe that there is any way she would have jumped.


Moreover, the timeline for her death appears to be missing about 40 minutes. On the day of her death, she left her office for the train station, where she normally takes a train home. She met a friend of Kobi Hadadi’s who said that they spoke for a few minutes and she appeared to be fine. She went to the train station and her husband was waiting on the other end of the trip for her return.

An interaction with someone compelled her (apparently) to return to the office; but instead of going to the 9th floor where her office was located, she was seen going to the bathroom on the 10th floor, the floor from which she fell to her death.  

At some point in the timeline, there is  woman who was seen speaking to Mazal Hadadi and there is time missing from any footage regarding her going back into the building and her death. 

Kobi Hadadi believes that if she were going to be late, she would have called him to tell him she was going to be late. Moreover, she had Shabbat plans with friends and a series of appointments planned during the upcoming days, something one would NOT have done were she to have committed suicide.

He believes that this should be investigated as a Murder and not as a suicide. The focus should be on why she returned to the building, what the unidentified people said to her and why she was on the 10th floor and not the 9th.

Finally, Mazal Hadadi’s telephone was found with her body smashed to pieces. Her bag, the one she carried with her, was apparently not found.

As an editorial note – LM – Mazal Hadadi had been with LLD Diamonds, as a bookkeeper for 11 years. She was no fool and would have known information about the finances of the company. We would guess that she had a disk or some other information that she held for safekeeping. Her husband describes her as timid and not a strong personality. We are not so sure.

Her fall from that building was no accident. It was also a message to all LLD employees the possibilities that can befall them if they speak out. We believe that all LLD operations should be closed until the investigation into her death is conducted with appropriate arm’s length and due diligence.

From our perspective and looking back at the pattern and practice of Leviev and his companies, we believe that he has no interest in providing the police with any assistance and there is no amount of money that he can put aside that would be enough to guarantee any cooperation at all because he makes more money in an hour than most third world countries generate in a year. Anything short of complete attention to this matter and to Leviev’s operations in our view, would call into question the integrity of those conducting the investigation.



האלמן של הנחקרת מפרשת היהלומים: “לחקור את זה כרצח”

בעלה של מנהלת החשבונות שנחקרה במשטרה ונפלה אל מותה מבניין הבורסה ליהלומים, מסרב להאמין שהיא התאבדה. בראיון לאולפן ynet טען: “אני לא יודע מי יכול לרצוח אותה, אבל ברגע שאני יודע שהיא לא עשתה את זה, צריך להיות פה משהו אחר”

גם חמישה ימים אחרי שמזל הדדי ז”ל, מנהלת חשבונות בחברת היהלומים של לב לבייב שנחקרה במשטרה, נפלה אל מותה ברמת גן, בעלה קובי מסרב להאמין שמדובר בהתאבדות. בראיון היום (א’) לאולפן ynet הוא אמר: “זה נהיה יותר ויותר הזוי, משהו קורה פה. המשטרה צריכה לחקור את זה כתיק רצח”. ערוץ 10 פרסם הערב תיעוד שבו נראתה מזל הולכת לתחנת סבידור מרכז של הרכבת באותו היום, ושבה כעבור 40 דקות לבניין שממנו לא שבה.



מזל הדדי וקובי בעלה ()

קובי הדדי ורעייתו ז”ל. “היה לה קשה בחקירה, אבל זה לא העניין. יש פה משהו מעבר”

“אין פה בכלל ספק, המשטרה צריכה להתעורר ולקחת את זה כתיק רצח, לא כמשהו אחר”, אמר קובי. “היא לא יכלה לעשות את זה לבד, אין סיכוי, זה לא הבן אדם. אין לה שום סיבה – יש לה עולם שלם בבית. היה לה קשה בחקירה, אבל זה לא העניין פה, יש פה משהו מעבר. אני לא יודע מי יכול לרצוח אותה, אני לא רוצה לומר סתם דברים על אנשים, אבל ברגע שאני יודע שהיא לא עשתה את זה, צריך להיות משהו אחר פה. אין תשובות”.
הדדי סיפר כי רעייתו לא הרגישה בנוח אחרי שהחלה החקירה בחברת היהלומים. “היא עובדת שם הרבה מאוד שנים והיה לה טוב מאוד. בשבועים האחרונים מאז החקירה כל המקום הזה נהיה לחוץ, הכל עצבים. זה נחקר, זה עצור. אבל היה לה טוב במקום הזה. אם לא היה טוב היא הייתה קמה ועוזבת. מצאנו בתיק שלה קורות חיים, היא חיפשה עבודה חדשה. היא אמרה לי שכבר לא טוב ושקשה לה בעבודה. אמרתי לה שתחכה ושתעשה את זה מסודר. מי חשב על דבר כזה?”.

הלוויה של מנהלת חשבונות בחברה של לב לבייב פרשת יהלומים (צילום: עמית הובר )

ההלוויה של מזי הדדי ז”ל בשבוע שעבר(צילום: עמית הובר )

קבר הלוויה מזל הדדי בית עלמין חולון לב לבייב פרשת יהלומים יהלום השחור ()

“חיכיתי לה בכניסה של להב 433 והיא יצאה משם ואמרה לי ‘קובי, מה עשו לי’. היא הייתה לבנה כולה. אני יודע שהיא קצת חלשה, זאת מזי. חיבקתי אותה ואמרתי לה שהכל בסדר. ואז החוקר אמר לה ‘תקשיבי, את לא מדברת עם אף אחד על מה שהיה’. הוא אמר לה את הדברים בטון קשוח”, תיאר הדדי.
“יכול להיות שמה שהפעילו עליה זה סטנדרטי בשביל בן אדם אחר, אבל היא לא יודעת מה זה החיים האלה. היא לא יודעת מה זה משטרה בכלל. היא ביקשה מחברה להיכנס איתה, שתשב לידה כי קשה לה לבד. תבינו את הנאיביות”.

זמן קצר לפני מותה הייתה אמורה מזל להיפגש עם קובי, שחיכה לה בתחנת הרכבת. “ה-15:23 היא ירדה למטה. חבר שלי היה אצלה, היא העבירה לו מעטפה, הוא נתן לה מעטפה של העבודה שלי והיא יצאה לכיוון הרכבת. שאלתי אותו ‘ראית משהו?’, והוא אמר ‘קובי, אין סיכוי בעולם’. אני יודע שברכבת היא דיברה עם מישהי והן צחקו והכל היה בסדר
“עד שהיא קיבלה עוד טלפון, עוד וואטסאפ או לא יודע מה – משהו שהחזיר אותה לכיוון המשרד בזמן שאני מחכה לה בתחנת הרכבת בראשון לציון. אם היה משהו והיו מבקשים ממנה לחזור, היא הייתה מתקשרת ואומרת לי ‘קובי אל תחכה לי, אני באה ברכבת הבאה'”.

If Mazal Hadadi was Incapable of Committing Suicide… She did Not Jump, at Least Not Voluntarily

Mazal Hadadi did not Commit Suicide, if all Accounts of her Life are True, she was Murdered

LM – Editorial, to be Updated

According to news reports in English and in Hebrew, “The husband of a woman being investigated in a massive diamond smuggling probe who died after falling from a building this week is denying that his wife jumped to her death and alleging abuse by police.” “Her husband Kobi Hadadi told the Kan public broadcaster Thursday that he did not believe his wife was capable of committing suicide, and alleged that there may have been foul play in her death.” “According to Hadadi, his wife left work Tuesday afternoon, and ran into a friend, who said she seemed “normal and was heading home.” After that, she returned to work and fell from the building.” (Times of Israel -11.23.18 Husband of woman who died after questioning in diamond probe denies suicide)

If as Kobi Hadadi believes, that his wife was not “capable of committing suicide” the police could have theoretically tortured her and it still would not have led to suicide. The point here being, she may have been shaken up but would not have jumped from a building. Bringing the behavior of the police into the narrative is all smoke and mirrors.

In a letter prepared by her employer, Lev Leviev’s LLC Diamonds, only hours after she died, “The company, LLD Diamonds, owned by Russian-Israeli diamond billionaire and philanthropist Lev Leviev, claimed it had information suggesting that investigators had subjected Hadadi to severe pressure and threats that caused her serious mental distress, Hadashot News reported.” (Times of Israel – 11.22.18 Leviev diamond company urges AG to probe police role in employee’s suicideThat seems odd. If she was working for the company and being questioned in connection with the activities of the company, wouldn’t the company also have already offered her legal assistance? Wouldn’t there be some statement from LLD Diamonds stating that they had a valued employee who would have had top representation for any investigation having to do with her employment?

The articles in Hebrew on the same subjects state that Kobi Hadadi and his children believe in no uncertain terms that they do not believe that she WAS CAPABLE OF committing suicide, quoting directly: “The husband of Mazal refuses to believe the police There is no circumstance under which his wife committed suicide, she to not jump from there.”  (Globes 22.11.18 בעלה של מזל מסרב להאמין לשוטרים: “אין מצב שאשתי התאבדה, היא לא עלתה לשם”) Her friends, her children and others who knew her have all stated the same thing, that she would not have killed herself. In fact, she had plans for the following Shabbat and she was talking of vacations. If we take all of this as true, by Kobi Hadadi’s account it would not have mattered if the police handled the investigation properly or not. His wife, however shaken, would not have ended her own life.

This was not a suicide, full stop. LLD Diamonds has altered the narrative from a woman’s death to police brutality. And in so doing, they have changed the face of the investigation.  And by not pursuing a murder investigation, the police in Israel are doing Mazal Hadadi another disservice. Their investigation should be focusing on: 1) on the original investigation into Lev Leviev and LLD Diamonds and 2) who killed Mazal Hadadi or who threatened her, thereby making jumping the lesser of two alternatives.

We are not committing to a position on who specifically committed the murder, though we have our suspicions. We believe, based upon the facts presented, as well as sources close to the investigation who stated to our sources that Mazal Hadadi was not under suspicion. She had been questioned under caution in connection to the investigation. She may have been uneasy about how the dust would settle but not to the point of suicide. Regardless of the situation presented before her, her family maintains she would not have committed suicide and left three children, her entire world. A person does not wake up one morning and jump from a building. Why go to work to do it, if not to be presented to a wider audience as a warning?

There are dozens and dozens of people with access to the Ramat Gan building on a daily basis. One of those people either pushed her out a window; or, in our view, she was given two choices and that jump was the better alternative. Even that, though, we find hard to believe given her behavior on that day.  Law enforcement should be ignoring the trumped up allegations that they had something to do with the death. They should be focusing on murder or threats. And, more to the point, what information did she have that would have made her a  liability to LLD Diamonds, where she had worked for a number of years.


Husband of woman who died after questioning in diamond probe denies suicide

Leviev diamond company urges AG to probe police role in employee’s suicide

42-year-old woman jumped out of her office window in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange After “aggressive” Police Questioning

Mazal Hadadi ע”ה

Israel billionaire Lev Leviev’s diamond company LLD has asked Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to probe the circumstances of the suicide of Mrs. Mazal Hadadi who was questioned under caution this week in connection with a massive diamond smuggling scandal.

The 42-year-old woman jumped out of her office window in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange District on Tuesday night.

“The circumstances of her death raise the suspicion that she took her life due to severe emotional distress due to the aggressive and disproportionate investigation she was subjected to in recent days,” the letter stated.

YNet –

קובי הדדי מסרב לקבל את הטענות שאשתו מזל בחרה ליטול את חייה בקפיצה מאחד המגדלים בבורסה ברמת גן. “מאז שהחקירה התחילה היא לא רצתה לחזור לעבודה. מי שרוצה להתאבד לא מזמין חברים לשבת”, הוא מתעקש. “לקחו לי חלק מהגוף, נותרנו בלי האור של הבית”