FBI Probe – E-Rate, Stating the Obvious


How Could Wrongdoing Not Be Found, DA Zugibe?

LM Contributor

Anyone familiar with the ultra-Orthodox community would know that the children are not permitted to use the internet. They are barely permitted to use a library, except per-say one that has a wealth of religious information, texts, commentaries, and perhaps (perhaps) articles of recent scholars. But, only those limited to religion.

There is no math research. There is no science research. There is no learning about the moon and the stars and NASA on the sites available for such study. There is no internet access to Google and Yahoo and all of the many sites that non-ultra-Orthodox children use when they want to ask a question or find out information or G-d forbid sneak some peak at illicit pictures.


Ultra-Orthodox children do not use websites. They do not read “online” newspapers. Anyone who makes claims to the contrary is simply telling a broad untruth. The percentage of e-rate dollars scattered throughout the ultra-Orthodox community is simply not supported by the number of children within that community permitted to use those dollars for education…. roughly… ZERO!!! Continue reading


Moshe Peretz Klein – Panama Papers – Political Contributions – Hashomer Alarms




Role From To Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
FUEGA INC. Shareholder 29-OCT-2002 British Virgin Islands Changed agent Panama Papers


Data From
LostMessiah, August 8, 2016


In March, the FBI raided a number of locations in Airmont/Monsey/Suffern, New York. The focus of one particular article was 386 Airmont Avenue in Suffern.

On March 16, 2016 LostMessiah published an article taken from the Facebook Page, Clarkstown What They Don’t Want you to Know. The article was an in depth play-by-play explanation of FBI raids which were being simultaneously conducted in Airmont/Suffern, Kiryas Joel and Crown Heights, and may have also been conducted in Lakewood, New Jersey.

According to local news articles and blog sites covering the raids, one of the businesses focused was Hashomer Alarm Systems, the connection being its involvement with E-Rate funding. For obvious reasons, we found that odd from the get-go but assumed we would know more immediately following the raids.

Hashomer Alarm Systems is owned and operated by Peretz Klein, a somewhat shady character whose place has been woven throughout almost unnoticed questionable business practices for years. He has been questioned and even to date has had some pretty creative responses to those questions. He has also been a consummate political donor, seeming placing money where it could benefit him and his interests the most. Andrew Cuomo’s gubernatorial seat being no exception. 

While we could likely have a field day with each of the donations listed on the NYS Board of Elections Financial Disclosure report (attached at the bottom of the page) for Andrew Cuomo and likely find numerous anomalies, we found the donations of Peretz Klein to be the most intriguing, particularly in light of his involvement with the raids in March very shortly after the donation to Cuomo.  

It can be of little surprise that  we believe Klein has been stealing through the E-Rate program in the many millions of dolalrs from the government and the taxpayers of New York State. We believe that a fair amount of the fortune Klein has amassed can be found in bank accounts in Israel related to enteties he owns or operates there.

Klein’s well-timed donation to Cuomo, immediately preceding the raids, seems more than simple coincidence.

Klein Contributor


In 2015, the Funding Status for Klein’s entities is staggering: http://ny.e-ratecentral.com/news/news2016/weekly-news-2016-0328-ny.asp

Funding Status

Wave 43 for FY 2015 will be released on Thursday, March 31st. Funding for FY 2015 is available for both Category 1 and Category 2 services at all discount levels. Cumulative funding for FY 2015 is $3.16 billion.


Klein worst

Peretz Klein’s place in the Panama Papers reports (shown above) and his place of notoriety amongst former Public Advocate de Blasio’s archive of “Worst Landlords” leaves open numerous questions, not the least of which is why the FBI in conjunction with the US Attorney’s office has not been more aggressive in pursuing Klein and his co-conspirators in what we believe to be a systematic theft of government and taxpayer money.

Below please read the various articles link to Mr. Klein.

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Aron Wieder – 98th Assembly District, the anti-non-ultra-Orthodox Jew



ARON WIEDER – A Nightmare for New York State, a Highly Beholden Political Figure, Anti Child Victim’s Act, Anti – Secular Education, Anti – Inspections



If ever there were someone suitably unsuited to run for an assembly seat, and there are many, it is Aron Wieder. His Legislature seat in Rockland County, according to one commenter, has been the worst thing to happen to the children of Rockland, particularly East Ramapo Central School District, marking the school district’s demise. 

Legislator Wieder has unabashedly spoken out against a monitor with veto power. He has systematically criticized the Rockland County Executive Ed Day for his position on inspections of Yeshivas and other properties, as well as his decision to enforce County tax laws. He has spoken of racism in Rockland County incessantly, but not about how unwelcome non-Jews are in ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods and how the non-Yeshiva contingent of children in East Ramapo are being deprived an appropriate education. Aron Wieder has systematically denied the poor behavior of many of his minions, crying racism in every criticism. 

Legislator Wieder avidly supports Christopher St. Lawrence whose actions have nearly bankrupted Ramapo.

The New York State Assembly needs Aron Wieder like a “hole in the head.”

Cl6I8hoWAAAzFdP.jpg large

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An Analysis of 386 Route 59 in Airmont and the Art of Full-Scale Manipulation of Healthcare, Part II

386 Route 59 Airmont…. Growing Ever More Intriguing…

by LostMessiah, March 19, 2016
From an article on FB site: Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know

On March 16, 2016, Federal Investigators raided 386 Route 59 in Airmont. We reported on some of the various businesses operating there from publicly available sources.


Focus Capital/Focus Ventures (Numbers 2 and 3 in our earlier article) also lists SpectraCare. After doing some research into SpectraCare and a look at their separate website, there are a few points that we thought worth mentioning as follows:

SpectraCare allegedly provides service for mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance abuse. According to one source, “not a single individual out of 21 Directors on their Board of Directors shows a single degree – not an accountant, a social worker, a physician, a counselor – nothing.”

The Executive Director, on her page (http://spcare.com/welcome-from-executive-directo/), mentions that there are 23 members on the Board; but if that is the case, two are missing from the Board page. She also does not appear to have any relevant degree or experience. The only person who seems to have a relevant degree is “Dr. Fernando Lopez, who is 85 years old.”

According to the website, “Funding is provided through United Way, local government appropriations, contributions, federal, state and local contracts, insurance, and fees charged.” Further, “Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and other third-party payments are accepted as payment. Individuals wishing to not utilize any available insurance or third party payment sources will be responsible for payment of all of the fees charged.”

The Leadership Team is comprised of the Executive Director, Dr. Lopez (medical director) and a number of other people. The only person who appears to have done anything beyond being listed on the site is the “Clinical Director of Substance Abuse” who has been quoted a few times on the dangers of substance abuse and a suicide problem in Alabama.

“The leadership of the organization is composed of a Board of Directors appointed by the various local governmental units. The Board has responsibility and authority for overall conduct of the operations of SpectraCare. The Board of Directors appoints an Executive Director, who has full authority to operate and direct the daily operations of the company.”

The Executive director explains the composition of the organization as defined by Alabama Code 310. According to our research on the meaning of these comments, the citation she uses appears to be incorrect. The citation should actually be Chapter 580-1-12 Administrative Standards for 310 Boards. According to the relevant section of the Alabama Administrative Code


310 Boards require a Comprehensive 310 Board and a Specialty 310 Board. We cannot find on their site any certainty in regards to compliance; or to Articles of Incorporation which would indicate that SpectraCare is 310 Board compliant. From a review of the laws and the Alabama code, it would appear at first glance that this reference is a fiction. But perhaps there is simply website issues. We have our doubts.


With regard to the entity named Hiko Holdings, which for our purposes, we are going to view as a “shadow entity,” there appears to be a link between that company and Hiko Energy LLC. Hiko Holdings, DOS ID # 3927216, which is listed on one set of documents at the 386 Airmont address, is listed on the NYS Department of State website as being located at 12 College Road in Monsey, New York.


A look into that address also leads to a company named Hiko Energy LLC, (number 13 in our earlier article) a company incorporated on January 14, 2010 DOS ID 3900184, which on the NYS Department of State website as having a registered agent at the 386 Route 59 address in Suite 105. It also goes by the name Premier Energy Services LLC, which is registered at 386 Route 59.


The registered Agent for both companies is someone by the name of Boruch Gottesman. On the NYS government website. However, his LinkedIn profile (Baruch Gottesman) lists him as CEO of Gottesman Financial LLC and General Counsel of Star Venture Capital LLC. It is spelled with an “a” rather than an “o.” While it is possible that there is a Boruch Gottesman and a Baruch Gottesman, as two different people, there are other listings indicating that they are one in the same and there is simply a mistake in the spelling. The LinkedIn profile also lists him as a former teacher at Aish HaTorah, a religious school associated with Agudath Israel and Agudath Israel America. This information is also available on naymz.com.


On the naymz.com website Baruch Gottesman is listed currently as an Aish teacher. A look into Star Venture Capital LLC leads to a website (www.baruchgottesman.com) which lists Star Finance Group and a note stating “Please Excuse Us. Our Site is Under Construction. All Links are Disabled.” The site has a copyright date of 2014 and a telephone number (718) 263-STAR, a Brooklyn number, as well as a Toll Free number. According to the website “Star Finance Group is an integrated group of experienced companies providing excellence in the Investment Banking, Project Finance, venture Capital and Private Wealth Management space.” Another site search got us similar information. Little information is available on Star and it does not appear from SEC documents or FINRA registration that Gottesman is a registered investment advisor or certified wealth manager.

Baruch Gottesman’s LinkedIn profile also lists him as a graduate of Cordozo School of Law, Yeshiva University from which he graduated with honors, as part of the Law Review and Order of the Coif. Further research into Gottesman took us to an article on a site called legallyblind.us. In a series of decisions which raised significant controversy and made national headlines in 2010, 2011 and 2012 called the Buddha Bar Case, which involved a very lucrative restaurant in the meatpacking district, and several countries, including Gibraltar and Lichtenstein, Gottesman was listed as a witness. He was asked to testify regarding his activities as counsel Imedinvest, the company which founded Buddha Bar. Judge Fried who oversaw that case, questioned Gottesman’s credibility as a witness due to family connections, stating, “I do not find Gottesman’s testimony worthy of belief.” (http://legallyblind.us/news.JusticeFriedControversialDecision080511.html). The person, however, whom Gottesman testified against, boasted her ability to influence cases and the justice system, claiming that there is nothing money will not do. The case decision was described as follows:

After nearly 16 months of hearings, Fried had finally issued a 45-page decision, essentially awarding control of Buddha to the individuals he had referred to the Manhattan DA’s Office.

Buddha’s management appealed Fried’s decision. Experts believe however that its chances are not high because Fried’s decision is largely based on his own perception of witness credibility, something on which appellate courts usually defer to trial judges. “The judge cleverly crafted his decision to make it virtually appeal-proof”, one lawyer said, “it is all based on his personal impressions that every witness who testified against Gudavadze ‘not credible'” .

Judge Fried’s mysterious retirement a few weeks later, which prompted an article in Reuters, also lead to significant questions regarding the case, the witnesses in that case and the possibility that the decision was bought and paid for. Whether or not Gottesman was simply an innocent pawn hired to unwittingly engage in illegal conduct or whether he was somehow involved remains unclear, the former more likely.

Imedinvest Partners et al (1:13-cv-22700) filed in Florida for bankruptcy protection on July 26, 2013 and terminated in September of 2013. Included within that same filing were two related companies Fallon AP Imedinvest and Fisher Island Investments, Inc. (docket://gov.uscourts.flsb.11-17047)

Gottesman’s involvement in the activities of Hiko Holdings and Hiko Energy LLC and the activity of Star Venture Capital LLC remain a mystery.


Joseph Zupnik, Canni Care CEO, 386 Airmont

Joseph Zupnik Has His Hands in the Many Pockets of Healthcare, Medical Marijuana is Apparently No Exception…..

by LostMessiah, March 18, 2016 (spelling corrected for Touro College)

The high and…mighty king of the healthcare and rehabilitation business, Joseph Zupnik, one of many who had entities with offices raided at 386 Route 59 in Airmont, apparently likes the idea of adding medical marijuana to his portfolio of healthcare related businesses. Perhaps instead of sedating the elderly on antipsychotics, he has plans to get them high on Marijuana. Perhaps the endeavor is just plain stimulating…. Likely…. not. The cannabis business in NY is, in our opinion, most certainly going to be very, very profitable in a state that is entertaining the idea of significant limitations on medical marijuana distribution and use applications.

We are not sure whether or not Mr. Zupnik realizes that the “munchies” can be very expensive for those for whom cannabis is helpful. Whether or not CanniCare plans also to be a distributor of Cheese Doodles and Pringles, Jelly Bellies and mini hot dogs, remains to be seen.

And Touro College?…. Well, we can’t make heads or tails of that….

On July 29, 2015, in an article on PR Newswire, entitled: “Touro College Announces Support for CanniCare’s Medical Cannabis License Application” we learn that:

“If CanniCare is selected, Touro would provide the company with research into medical cannabis.

“Our college is supportive of medicinal development and research,” said Alan H. Kadish, president of the Touro College System. “There is still a great deal of research to be conducted on the medical application of cannabis and we are excited by the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. We will also offer CanniCare advice on the clinical use of the medicine along the way.”

Some of the research – to be funded from CanniCare profits – will be designed to ensure that the benefits of using medical marijuana are fully understood and that the risks are carefully considered.

“The State of New York is already working on a policy for when and how to prescribe medical cannabis, but there are always post-market refinements based on outcomes and protocols, and that’s an element of the research we would conduct,” Dr. Kadish said.

Mr. Zupnik, if you haven’t thought of it yet, it might be worthwhile to purchase a little food mart next to your distribution… or whatever… locations. Another thing to add to your financial empire…


From FailedMessiah, July 29, 2015

Haredi University Backs Haredi Company’s Bid For Medical Marijuana License

“Our college is supportive of medicinal development and research,” said Alan H. Kadish, president of the Touro College System. “There is still a great deal of research to be conducted on the medical application of cannabis and we are excited by the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. We will also offer CanniCare advice on the clinical use of the medicine along the way.”   

Touro College is essentially a lower quality haredi or haredi-lite version of Yeshiva University. It is to medical and scientific research what your local junior college is to Harvard, Yale or even SUNY Buffalo.

The potential medical marijuana company, CanniCare, is, FailedMessiah.com was told, haredi-owned.

The fact that Touro does not have much background in doing serious medical or scientific research and what it does have is primarily from its Osteopathic school of medicine should be a red flags for the State of New York – but likely won’t be, because the process of awarding these five licenses is by almost every report corrupt, and the one thing that can be said about New York’s governance in general is that corruption plays an outsized role in it.

Here is the CanniCare press release touting its relationship with Touro:

For the remainder of the FailedMessiah article, click here.

An Analysis of 386 Route 59 in Airmont and the Art of Full-Scale Manipulation of Healthcare, Part I

The Profitability of the Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Business and the Herculean  Potential for Fraud….

by Lost Messiah, March 18, 2016

In an article posted on a FB site, dedicated to the untold truths of the County of Rockland, comes the following information on the Federal investigation into 386 Route 59 in Airmont and to some extent 21 Robert Pitt Drive in Monsey. Relying on the article, we have done our own research, as well.

Many of the offices of 386 Airmont tell the story of the monumentally profitable Nursing Home and Rehabilitation business; and entities with access to millions of dollars in government funding through Medicare and Medicaid. It sets the stage for an analysis into the open door to expansion and the unbridled financial success of family empires who have narrowed down financial manipulation of the Healthcare and Rehabilitation industry to an art-form.

We note that while common ownership of some of these entities is not obvious and in some cases well hidden, a review of public comments on many of the websites cited in links within the below article indicate that there have been questions raised for years about many of the companies. For example, Regional EMS and Care1EMS (7 and 8 below, both in Suite 300) may be one in the same, renamed to continue operations despite sanctions government sanctions and lawsuits,  a rose by another name. M.D.D.C Council and Business Licenses, LLC may have common ownership interests; but the owners of the former company are, so far, elusive. Both companies are located in both of the above buildings raided by the FBI.

We note that at least one business, number 12 below, may no longer be located in that building, and may be completely unrelated, except for investments in, amongst other things, the healthcare industry. We have, however, found nothing to substantiate any relations into that entity or even a hint of wrongdoing.

One can draw their own conclusions about the web of businesses within that building and their connections to one another. Healthcare investors and ambulance/medical transport companies who transport to those businesses; business licensing advisors and business licensing providers; payment systems and bonding companies, and the list goes on. In our opinion, the business are like a museum of related and very creative artists, the subject of which is Healthcare and Medicare/Medicaid manipulation and the craft being financial profitability.

The spider creating that web may be a wolf spider or a redback, one more dangerous than another. Either way, the whole conglomerate, in our view, is both profitable and highly toxic.  From our perspective, the entire empire is a tightly woven weave of manipulation of the sick and infirmed and frankly their families, many of whom don’t know enough to even look beyond the here and now of healthcare, nursing care and rehabilitation.

Our own research and the conclusions we raise in our review leave us with a single moral to the story, watch your accounting. If you are placing your family member in any facility owned or operated by any of the entities listed below, be diligent, do research, review bills and keep your wallets closed until you are certain that the accounting is correct. If you are a medicare/Medicaid reviewer, do your due diligence before issuing payments. If you are a member of a community in which a current facility or piece of land is a  a target for one of the below investors, be mindful.

We leave you to your own conclusions and of course, await the results of FBI investigations. Ultimately, the results of the FBI investigation will be very telling, but may take time…

Finally and important to note, the article below is incomplete. There are more businesses within that building, not yet analyzed; and there are companies the  ownership of which is outside of our current grasp. We invite assistance, research and additional information.

We will follow the story as it progresses….

386 Airmont_n

An Analysis Of One Address Raided By The FBI

Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know, March 18, 2016

On March 16, 2016, Federal Investigators raided 386 Route 59 in Airmont. Amongst those companies located at that address we report the following information from publicly available sources.

Shalom “Shully” Braunstein, a 35% interested party in Sympaticare, who is the face of a current lawsuit against the County of Rockland to receive, amongst other things, a return of his downpayment for the incomplete closing of the purchase of the Summit Park Nursing Home and Hospital Facilities. Braunstein often faces off with a number of other bidders, at least one of them located in the 386 building.

1) Focus Ventures, in Suite 304 is comprised of a conglomerate of different but related companies including the following: Focus Home Care Services, offering “premium quality home care to patients in eastern Pennsylvania”. EMStar Ambulance which provides medical transportation in the tri-state area as well as in Pennsylvania. American Home Medical Equipment Services, which provides medical supplies and deliveries daily, also servicing the tri-State area and Pennsylvania. Focus Rehabilitation and Nursing at Utica, which is a rehabiliation and nursing facility in Utica, New York and then there is one at Otswego, which is a rehabilitation and nursing facility located in Cooperstown. Focus Assisted Living provides assistance to people who need it (unclear the nature of which from the focusventures website.


2) Focus Capital is the financing arm of Focus Ventures. The website of Focus Ventures also lists SpectraCare, which has drug and mental health facilities throughout the country. It’s a full-service consorted effort to obtain financial rights to all aspects of nursing care from all possible angles, all under one umbrella entity.

3) Focus Ventures LLC is a marriage of Madison Gabe Group and Focus LLC

(http://www.businesswire.com/…/FOCUS-Southeast-Office-Expand… )

The managing direct/principal of the Focus Family of Companies is Joseph Zupnik


who also works for Sterling Management Group LLC, which amongst others, also invests in troubled Nursing Facilities, including the Valley View Center for Nursing care and Rehabilitation the subject of several contentious articles.


4) Sterling Management Group LLC is also located in the 386 building.

Zupnik is currently starting a foray into healthcare related investments including 7 nursing/rehabilitation facilities in the Albany/Schenectedy/Capital region. Zupnik, like the investors in the troubled Summit Park facility, has faced charges by the CSEA in several of his locations related to alleged underpayment of employees.

Joseph Zupnik (http://www.bizjournals.com/search?q=joseph+zupnik), who already has an ownerhsip stake in EMStar Ambulance is also the CEO of Empire State Ambulance Corporation, also listed in the same building, though according to his HIPAA registration number, the official business address is 84 Route 59, Suite 102.


On the HIPAA forms, Empire State Ambulance Corp also goes by EmStar, though that is not listed on the EmStar website. It is interesting that several years ago the Federal authorities looked into Medicare and Medicaid fraud as it related to ambulances and over-billing patients.

5) Fhcs LLC, (http://www.loopnet.com/…/386-Route-59-Air…/XdT7P9s3w/Tenant/ ), is part of the Focus Ventures Family of companies, according to its website. (http://www.focushomecare.org) The alternate name for the company is Focus Home Care Services. Elisa Zupnik is listed as the Principal and Joshua Herman is administration. Fhcs LLC, as Focus Home Care Services provides home healthcare to areas in and around Northampton, Monroe, Carbon, Lehigh and Bucks Counties in Pennsylvania (http://listings.findthecompany.com/l/…/Fhcs-LLC-in-Airmont-…)

6) Hudson Valley Paramedics (https://www.dandb.com/…/hudsonvalleyparamedics-airmont-ny-6…) is a privately owned ambulance service founded in 2008. The website www.hvmedics.com. According to buzzfile


“Hudson Valley Paramedics is located in Airmont, New York. This organization primarily operates in the Ambulance Service business / industry within the Local & Suburban Transit & Interurban Highway Transportation sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 8 years. Hudson Valley Paramedics is estimated to generate $1.7 million in annual revenues, and employs approximately 26 people at this single location.” The principal and contact person is Koby Tigersthrom.

7) Regional EMS, Suite 300,


is “a small fairly new ambulance & rescue service company in Airmont, New York. It opened in 2010.” The principal is Michael Witkowski, who also appears listed as manager.

8) Care 1Ems is also listed in Suite 300. However, the headquarters on its website, is 38 Route 9, Fishkill, NY (http://www.care1ems.com/). Care1EMS has been cited by the Civilian Board of Contracts for default on contracts


According to a discussion forum in 2013, Care1EMS was suspended either by the DOH or HVREMSCO and was renamed a few times

(http://forums.radioreference.com/new…/264420-care-1-ems.html) .

9) Ellington Capital Group, Suite 403 is also an investor in commercial real estate and senior housing/healthcare properties, as stated on the website. Stephen Gelbtuch, one of the two principals of Ellington is also president of Stonegate Realt LLC

(http://www.realestatenj.com/default.asp.pg-Testimonials )

which is also a private investment group


and also invests in healthcare and other related industries, not the least of which are entities which service healthcare facilities.

10) Stonehedge Acquisition Chittenango LLC also does business as Stonehedge Health & Rehabilitation Center.


There are multiple Stonehedge entities, each one apparently incorporated as a special purpose vehicle for the facility it owns. Stonehedge’s managing partner is also Joseph Zupnik. Amongst other things, Stonehedge has been involved in numerous lawsuits including labor suits.


11) Deposit Group LLC, of Suite 200, according to its website

(https://network.axial.net/a/company/deposit-group-llc/ )

“manages the Securent Bond for residential tenants and ClearDeposit for landlords throughout the United States as alternatives to cash security bonds. The founding principals include veterans of the financial services industry with a collective experience of more than 40 years in surety insurance and credit risk management.” The Facebook Page for Deposit Group LLC lists it as an “Apartment and Condo Building Insurance Broker.”


The Headquarters according to the website


are located in New York City with the Mailing Address being the Airmont address, listed differently above. The two addresses for the company 386 Route 59, Suite 200 and 19 East 65th Street, Suite 9A New York, NY are listed differently on different registrations. The New York City building is owned by Stonehenge Management LLC, which is part of Stonehenge Acquisitions. Stephen Keller, one of the founding principals of Stonehedge is also listed under Steve Keller as part of Stonedge Funding LLC

(http://www.spoke.com/…/steve-keller-3e1429c09e597c1006247555) (see above).

It is possible that this is an error on Spoke.com.

12) Lee Nolan & Korogolian LLC (http://www.leenolan.com/ ) is listed on some sites with a location at 386 Airmont. However, it appears to be located in Saddle Brook and not in Airmont, At the time of writing this article, we were unable to confirm this.

13) Hiko Holdings LLC, listed in Suite 202, was incorporated in 2010. Very little information is available on this company. Hiko Holdings LLC is listed as a “privately held company in Airmont, NY”


14) Classic Replacements Inc., appears to be an online company which buys and sells china, crystal, flatware and other collectibles.


15) Mark1Realty is also located in the Airmont building. Mark1Realty, appears to have agents in Brooklyn and in Lakewood. The first telephone call to their number, listed on signs on Route 45, will arrive at an answering machine. The call back comes from a number in Lakewood or in Brooklyn.


16) Northern Capital Funding, which as of this review has been corrected from our earlier post, is a domestic limited liability company filed with the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). The DOS ID is 3985193. The initial DOS filing date is 08/16/2010. The business entity is incorporated in the county of ROCKLAND. The jurisdiction is in New York. The address is 386 Rt. 50 Suite 300, Monsey, New York 10962. The ownership of Northern Capital Funding LLC is unclear. There was neither principals nor persons to receive process for this entity.

17) M.D.D.C Council, (http://www.mddccouncil.org/) with one location at the Airmont address and another at a different location investigated by the Feds today, is a business services and consulting company that provides anything and everything to a business. According to the website “owning a business is not enough – you must ensure your business is constantly growing.”

M.D.D.C. appears to be a matchmaker of business services and will provide anything from information regarding business plans to registrations to corporate structure, to financing to investment capital to credit counseling to advertising to listings. According to their website: M.D.D.C “may receive revenue through marketing referrals and advertising” however “they do not officially recommend any particular vendor displayed [therein].” They are a one-stop-shop of the anything-you-need corporate entity but have a series of listed indemnities claiming no liability either for the information or for provided services. M.D.D.C advises that they monitor IP Addresses.

18) Business Licenses, LLC is another of the companies in that building, with a second location at another of the buildings investigated by the Feds is called. According to its website (https://www.businesslicenses.com/) it “offers business license content, software, services and outsourcing that automate and streamline business license compliance for thousands of customers large and small, daily.” The founders of the company are David Polatseck, President and Abe, Brach, Vice President. They “have extensive and illustrious backgrounds in creating software to automate state and local government compliance.” Further according to the website, “In their last venture David and Abe have created the distinguished line in sales tax software known as ZIPsales, Zimcomm, ZIPutil.” Browsing through the website, Business Licenses links to LegalZoom as an online legal resource. They also list a one-stop location for everything from agricultural, building, environmental, health and other. So, the site runs the gamut from food stamps/SNAP program licenses to funeral establishment/mortuary licenses to WIC Registration, Weapons – Guns – Ammo Licenses, to Pharmacy Licenses to Gaming/Gambling Licenses. It would appear that there are very few licenses that Business Licenses, LLC can’t obtain for a new business. Pricing is determined on the telephone and not listed. With regard to Full Service and How it Works is as follows Full Service Includes


– Research to determine your licensing requirements
– Preparation of forms and completion of all paperwork, including attachments, necessary to prepare the applications
– Cutting the checks for the governmental licensing fees
– Submitting the applications to the licensing authorities on your behalf
– Procurement of license certificates
– Electronic imaging of filings, license certificates, checks, and proofs-of-mailings

19) Paymatic Inc (http://paymaticinc.com/about_paymatic.html ) according to their website, “Based in Rockland County, NY, and Upper NJ, PayMatic Payroll Service offers payroll service in all 50 states. PayMatic combines a unique selection of payroll service products with an extraordinary commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. The key to your satisfaction and peace of mind is our providing you with a quality product delivered in a timely manner. We will maintain the highest levels of courtesy, dedication, and quality in servicing you, our customer. Our products and services will meet all your payroll needs. Our philosophy is simple: valued clients are the motivation for what we do everyday. We focus on your payroll needs rather than profit margins or fees.” Paymatic also offers tax and compliance advise and help, workers compensation, accountants information, all under the heading of payroll solutions. The principal of Paymatic is Yidel Lichter


We will continue to update as more information becomes available.



386 Route 59 in Airmont, New York, Federal Raids


Is this The Beginning Of The End or The End of the Beginning?

posted by Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know, March 16, 2016

UPDATED: 3:35 p.m.
The Journal New reports that one of the addresses raided was at 386 Route 59. The following businesses appear to listed at that address:

Ellington Capital group – www.ellingtoncapital.com – Advisory firm specializing in providing proven debt and equity solutions

Hiko Holdings LLC – Categorized under Non-Bank Holding Company

Stonehedge Acquisition Chittenango LLC – Categorized under investors.

Northern Capital – Investment advisors

Classic Replacements Inc. – buying & selling discontinues and new china, crystal, flatware, and collectibles. Replacement specialists.

Lee Nolan & Korogolian LLC – Categorized under Financial Advisory Services

Stonegate Realty – Categorized under Financial Advisory Services

Focus Ventures LLC – http://www.focusventuresllc.com/ – healthcare

Deposit Group LLC (lists this address as their mailing address – risk resolutions for landlords and tenants seeking alternatives to cash security deposits when leasing or renting a residence.

Empire states Ambulance Corporation

UPDATED: 2:10 p.m. Word from The Yeshiva World News is that parallel raids may be occurring in Kiryas Joel in Orange County. Check this link for numerous photographs of the ongoing raids:


UPDATED: 2:00 p.m. At the present time things are quiet at Fire Training Center. The agents are out conducting their assigned raids. The question that we await is will anyone be returning in handcuffs?

UPDATED: 1:30 p.m.
The Journal News is now reporting:

“FBI agents and Rockland district attorney’s office investigators fanned out across Ramapo Wednesday with search warrants demanding that vendors provide records and account for equipment allegedly bought by religious schools with millions in federal education technology dollars.

Agents descended around 1:30 p.m. on vendors at 21 and 29 Robert Pitt Drive, Monsey; 161 Route 59, Monsey; and 386 Route 59, Airmont to seize records. The FBI-led raids are part of an investigation into whether Rockland yeshivas properly spent money obtained through the federal government’s E-Rate program, which came into existence in 1998 and today allocates more than $4 billion annually for computer and Internet access across the nation.

Questions about the ultra-Orthodox community’s use of E-Rate funding were first raised in 2013 articles in the Jewish press.

The Manhattan-based Jewish Week and The Jewish Daily Forward published reports questioning the high percentage of E-Rate dollars in New York state going to Hasidic and other Orthodox schools and libraries, noting many of the schools prohibited student access to the Internet.

The Jewish Week’s first article outlined how the religious schools in Rockland and New York City obtained the federal money, while focusing on the vendors and then the investigation that led one to return $900,000.

In an 2013 interview with The Journal News, Peretz Klein, owner of Hashomer Alarm Systems in Spring Valley, credited the E-Rate program with making it possible for many needy yeshivas and other Orthodox Jewish schools to install computers and modern technology for their students. The E-Rate program reimbursed up to 90 percent of the cost of infrastructure wiring, maintenance and other services.

“The government created this program to get technology in the schools,” he said. “It’s a very big help for many schools. We service the schools, do all we can to help them.”

Klein’s 33-year-old company brought in millions in E-Rate grants to install infrastructure — servers, extensive wiring and more — at private schools in Rockland County and Brooklyn. His company is one of many across the country that focus their business on the long-controversial E-Rate program, created under the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 to help schools and libraries in low-income communities keep up in the digital age.


12:30 p.m.
This morning associates of CWTDWYTK observed that the Fire Training Center at Pomona was being blocked off and shortly thereafter the lot began to fill with automobiles some of which were Rockland County Sherriff vehicles and Ramapo Police cars. FBI agents were reportedly present.

An ABC News7 television van was parked in the Provident Bank Park and set up their equipment outside the Fire Training Center. Ramapo Police officers secured the entrance to the facility.

Early reports are that a slew of search warrants are being executed throughout Ramapo on the date that the News 12 reporter, Blaise Gomez, indicated would result in a high volume of public corruption arrests.

This is a highly fluid and developing story. However, it appears something major is happening this morning in Rockland County and that the News media has been tipped off to be at the Fire Training Center to report on it.

Stay tuned and check back for updates. We expect the television news broadcasts will be covering this story later this afternoon.