NYS Steps to Review Private Education

New York state takes next step in reviewing private school education, including at yeshivas

The state has set a series of virtual meetings as it again looks to update century-old education requirements for private schools, an issue raised by activists critical of academic instruction in some ultra-Orthodox yeshivas.

Former state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia started a review in 2016 of the state’s enforcement of a long-ignored law requiring that secular instruction in private schools be “substantially equivalent” to what public schools teach. By the time the state proposed new regulations for enforcing the law in 2019, though, the issue had become perhaps the most contentious in New York education.

The Orthodox Jewish community, along with groups representing Catholic and other private schools, assailed the state’s efforts as government overreach. More than 140,000 comments were submitted to the state before the state Board of Regents decided to reopen discussions with private schools about state oversight.

The scheduled virtual meetings are intended to drive that process. Five of the meetings will be regional, with one aimed at the Hudson Valley: Dec. 7 from 10 a.m to 1 p.m.

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3 thoughts on “NYS Steps to Review Private Education

  1. Looks as if Akismet filters out comments critical of Haredim; once again one of mine has failed to appear, though one I left elsewhere on this site did manage to post, as it didn’t reference Haredim. Perhaps you can explain this behavior; I can’t see it as anything other than content filtering. Let’s see if this makes it.


    • I got this one. I will look at the other. It must be in a sidelined “for approval” box. I can’t say why Askimet would filter. Comments that are repeated tend to get filtered and we have set up words that cannot pass through but you are a favorite so no reason to have you filtered.


  2. “We are confident that at the end of the process the Board of Regents will recognize the unique role our yeshivas play in educating our students both in Limudei Kodesh (religious studies) as well as providing the tools needed to be productive members of society,”

    Yeah, right. No math, no science, no American or world history, almost no English, kids born in NYC in the 21st century yet speaking with yiddishe heccents like the refugees of a century ago, like my grandparents. You don’t open discussions with transgressors – you read them the riot act and enforce the law. Haredi kids in NYS are American citizens and should be educated about the world outside their shtetls and be given the tools to be productive contributors to the greater society of which they, like it or not, are a part. Haredim are not special and don’t get to make their own rules, their recent assertions in BP notwithstanding.


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