NYC – “Test and Trace” – Covid-19 and NYC Partnerships

2 thoughts on “NYC – “Test and Trace” – Covid-19 and NYC Partnerships

  1. Because of Hasidic Jewish religious craziness they should be denied immigration into our country because they will be bad citizens..Their covid-19 behavior along with the measles spreading behavior shows that they should not be accepted as citizen in U.S. in our country because they pose a threat to the public health and law and order in our nation … they have show their true colors …now all immigration applications by this religious group should be denied because of incompatible religious beliefs with our nation …ALSO CANADA, UK.,UKRAINE, AND OTHER COUNTRIES THAT THEY ARE APPLYING FOR LEGAL RESIDENCE THEY SHOULD BE DENIED … WHO WANTS THIS CRAZY CULT IN THEIR COUNTRY….THEY ARE LAWLESS AND RECKLESS… ANTI PUBLIC HEALTH.. SO ALL PENDING APPLICATIONS FOR U.S. RESIDENCY SHOULD BE REJECTED IF THEY ARE ULTRA ORTHODOX JEWS TO PROTECT AMERICA FROM THIS DISGUSTING ANTI LIFE BEHAVIOR.. NO MORE HASIDIC IN AMERICA …GO TO ISRAEL AND FIGHT THEIR POLICE…


    • So whether or not there is agreement, sorry your post was not initially accepted. It wound up in the SPAM/trash file. It has been posted with the additional copies removed. Hope that is ok.


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