Satmar Testing Drive – Bring Down Covid-19 Numbers and Mislead

Healthy People Only Asked to Get Tested

The poster above was sent to us this evening. This is a request in Yiddish by Congregation Yetev Lev of Satmar and Yeshiva Torah v Yireh of Satmar for only healthy people to come and get tested.

This is a tacit acknowledgement by the Satmar leadership that they are getting sick. This is further intended to mislead the NYS Government regarding the illness within that community.

Finally, for this to work there must be medical personnel and healthcare officials complicit in this drive to mislead the public.

UPDATE: We have been told that thousands of RoboCalls are also being made to the community to come and get tested.

[Summarized Translation]

“Emergency Drive for Healthy Individuals Only. We must bring down our numbers to save our community, schools, and synagogues.

Please help the community stay open. Only 100% individuals are asked to come tonight to emergency testing drive to bring down our numbers.”

The following are the locations for testing:

Beis Hamidrish Hagadol

Beis Hamidrish Beis Menachem Tzvi

Beis Hamidrish Baruch Moshe

Beis Hamidrish of Our Community

5 thoughts on “Satmar Testing Drive – Bring Down Covid-19 Numbers and Mislead

  1. There was a study recently in which it was learned that the % of milennials who know little or nothing about the history of the holocaust and who blame us Jews for bringing it on ourselves was higher in NYS (19%) than in any other part of the country. Makes one wonder whether some of them developed that attitude after having had one too many encounters with arrogant insular science-denying Hasidim. Eventually the black hats will engender a fierce backlash from elements of the general population, which they would richly deserve.


  2. This morning, I tried to contact the Center for Disease Control to report this very serious public health issue and after several recorded messages and transfers, I ended up speaking to a clerk working from home who would only refer me to my local health department. She refused to look at this web site and would not let me talk to anyone at CDC who might be qualified to follow up on this issue. Now I realize why Bernie Madoff was able to scam the public for so long and not get caught.


    • Well, thanks for giving that a shot. This has been sent to press, both local and in DC and elsewhere. Hopefully someone will cover it. The NYS department of Health and Human Services is complicit. Full stop. They are with the nursing homes and they are with Covid-19 lawlessness. And NYS will be in a financial hole the likes of which will be inescapable while the leaders of Satmar roll in the money they receive in donations and other endeavors. It is really quite amazing. Bernie Madoff got away with it for years, as you rightfully note , because he was credible initially. This is a bit different. Madoff had convinced people he was credible. In this case, the whole situation is lacking in integrity.


  3. Ah, the arrogance we are used to, blatantly breaking the law and common morality without any qualms, certain they will get away with it.


    • No doubt. In order to accomplish this, there had, in our view, to have been complicity with officials in government, likely in Cuomo’s administration. This is a vote he cannot afford to lose. So, under the guys of “testing everyone” they decide to only test healthy people. In Yiddish they acknowledge that this is specifically intended to lower the percentages of sick to healthy. In English they say they are supporting the government. At the end of the day, the ordinary people get sick and the secular Jews get harangued.


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