Funeral Procession Gets Attacked in Crown Heights, NY [Video]


This Video Speaks for Itself. 

The WhatsApp text containing this video stated that this occurred in Crown Heights at the corner of Crown Street and Brooklyn Avenue. The NYPD and Shomrim were alleged to have been called to the scene. We cannot tell from the video of this was a mass funeral or simply a close family escort.

This type of tragedy should be unthinkable for everyone involved. We are all victims of a terrible illness, the mismanagement of the entire situation by political leaders and the faithless continuity of large congregations by both influential church leaders and rabbis.

But, when citizen starts attacking citizen, there is a reflection of a whole different level of outrage and hostility.

We should all be outraged. Not at one another but at the political and religious leaders who are quick to blame and slow to accept accountability.

6 thoughts on “Funeral Procession Gets Attacked in Crown Heights, NY [Video]

  1. Forgive me for the impudence, but are you serious?!

    These guys got written permission from the NYPD. They were no more then 10 men, and they were all wearing masks. What do you mean by “you”? Do yuo meant to insinuate that the whole Hassidic world is responsible for what some community in Boro Park does? Are you Aware that the ny Times just reported that “half of USA’s plasma donors are orthodox Jews”? Or perhaps you are aware, yet you choose to prteend not to, in order to further your agenda of spreading hate and divisiveness?

    • Sholom, there were people who were at that event who reported to us what they saw, not a few men. So, tell me something: the Haredi community has been ravaged by Covid – much of that is a failure to social distance. There is no consideration for how many police officers, safety workers, hospital workers who got sick (or died) as a result of the same things that caused the ravaging of the Haredi community (in Lakewood, Williamsburg, Borough Park, others). And, as a community outright, the numbers of Haredi sick is greater per person than any other community in the country. So now, we are supposed to give thanks and praise for donations of plasma? The very fact that you find it necessary to praise a community giving in such great numbers we find a bit suspect. But okay, Mazel Tov, a Mitzvah. Great. But who is going to say they are sorry to the families of dead hospital workers who would not have been exposed to Covid in the first place in such great numbers if those lawless among the Haredi community had done what they were supposed to do. It is not everyone. Much of the information we get comes from members of the community who send us emails. They don’t particularly like the “guilt by association.” But simply because the Haredi community got sick in savage numbers because of utter disregard for the laws and is now giving back a little, only makes those giving back a little kinder, more decent. They got lucky to survive. We applaud them. It is unfortunate that their stupidity and selfishness got them sick in the first place.

      • Unfortunately, your testimony does not override the dozens of videos which clearly depict no more then 10 men surrounding the vehicle.

        They were all Hasidics, and they definitely weren’t the type to report to you anything about the attack, so what you’re telling me is lies. Your article is riddled with unfair and misleading statements and remarks.

        Starting from the very title of the article “Funeral Procession Gets Attacked” as if to imply that the Hasidics were at fault for “getting” attacked. You couldn’t have written “Youth Disrupt Funeral Procession”, in order to portray the legitimate story of a bunch of youth shoving around Jewish men ( -and women, may I add- ) because they were performing a perfectly legal funeral procession.

        You write that its unclear whether it was a mass – funeral or a closed – in family one, even though that information was easily attainable on the dozens of videos on social media

        “There was no editorial decision on which video to post”

        Well, considering the amount of misleading information you portray by putting up rusty videos and the like, it looks like you SHOULD have an editorial team.

        You lambaste the entire Hasidic world because of the crimes of a couple communities. The New York Daily Mail reported that ten thousand Hasidic men have already donated plasma and tens of thousands more are expected to be coming in soon. You casually fail to mention the medical protocol developed by Hasidic doctor Zev Zelenko of williamsbur which has cured hundreds of critically – ill patients, and discharged thousands more from the hospitals. As soon as he gets his idea approved, it is likely to put an end to the entire pandemic.

        No matter. Every international problem, the Jews have been blamed. this phenomenon is is thousands of years old. The only difference is that now it’s coming from our own Jews (although I never would have guessed that you’re Jewish, if not for the expose). The sages tell us that fights and controversy delay the Redemption. How could you be promoting such anti-semitic trash (and lies) on the internet without the slightest bit of shame? Aren’t you Jewish?

        I cant tell from the article, whether you’re comdemning the attack or commending it

        On the one hand, you write “But, when citizen starts attacking citizen, there is a reflection of a whole different level of outrage and hostility.”

        However, on the other hand, you write “We should all be outraged. Not at one another but at the political and religious leaders who are quick to blame and slow to accept accountability.”

        Does this mean should all be attacking men and women for performing perfectly legal funeral processions 10-15 masked men? Please explain. Good Shabbos.

        Ps. Sorry for the harsh tone. I find it hard to suppress myself when I see such scandalous articles online.

  2. You don’t need the video in order to know that it wasn’t a crowded funeral. It is well known that at the funeral of r’ Menedel Drizin, it was just family. You also chose a weird angle video; on collive they gave a video right up close that clearly shows that there was barely anyone there. If you look on that video, you can clearly see the way it all started and the way the youths acted up. It seems as if you’ve purposely posted the less clear video, in order to give your viewership a scanty viewpoint.

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