Was Rise Up’s Private Page Removed by FB or Hacked? Rise Up’s Website

rise up ocean county

Dear Readers:

We are not sure that Facebook unceremoniously removed the private group of Rise Up Ocean Count, but as of this afternoon it was gone. So, we would direct you to their website: 


Again, while we did not endorse many of the comments on the Facebook page, we admired much of the investigative work that was being done on behalf of the disenfranchised in Ocean County. 

We are also firm believers in free speech. We believe that it should not be chilled, neither by lawsuit nor by removal unless there is a risk of violence or a threat of life and limb. We do not like hate speech. We don’t tolerate it here, beyond some measure of allowing people to vent. 

Once you go down the silence path, it is a very, very slippery slope that ends somewhere on the cliff of Americans being denied other constitutional rights, due process, for instance. We are also all too aware that money buys almost anything and everyone seems to have a price. We don’t.

Or, Americans who are sick being carted off in boxes.  See Video of Chinese response to Caronavirus here.

We are also of the firm belief that anti-Semitism is a really easy and apparently thorough mantra to sling around when you want to be able to hide criminal endeavors. Scary stuff…. The industriousness of it all is somewhat shocking.  But its use as a mantel on which to hang one’s hat also diminishes the value of the history that gave meaning to that term. 

To the 18k + followers of Rise Up Ocean County, we are hereby advising that we will accept stories dealing with fraud and criminal endeavors after independently verifying the research. We will not publish anything based solely on articles in print. We will also try and direct our readers. 

22 thoughts on “Was Rise Up’s Private Page Removed by FB or Hacked? Rise Up’s Website

    • This should be done before the Orthodox take over. Township politicians and community groups meeting with representatives from the Orthodox community and building civil and open dialogue over issues such as
      land use, tax base, future developments, school board etc. Towns should hire RLUIPA experts and others to prevent expensive lawsuits. Happy for the people of Toms River and the Orthodox for being open and seeking to be harmonious with non-Jews.

      • Please remember as you consider your words carefully. This is not about an “Orthodox Takeover” but rather about a change in development and a change in the landscape of the community. That it happens to be the Orthodox coming in in greater number than anyone else is really a sidestep to the problem of development. You will stand corrected every time lest it be clear to those litigating, those reviewing, those with mouthpieces in the Jewish community and in the ultra-orthodox community, this is about a change in landscape from rural to urban due to over development.

  1. The Use of the term “antisemitism” has been weaponized. It appears to be used whenever there is no legal excuse for behavior that is contrary to accepted behavior.

    • The powers that be do not want information spread as a means to keep the people “stupid.” RUOC provided good investigative information and brought to light corruption that has begun to run unchecked, while politicians swept most of it under the carpet. The gross inequity in law enforcement is on the rise, while residents in Jackson are being demonized by power players with a bankroll of money so developers can cash in on developing the town, then sell to specific groups. Even the Asbury Park Press won’t talk to lifelong residents to find out what is really going on. So, essentially the entire population of Ocean/Monmouth County are being censored and kept in the dark as to what is really going on. WE HAVE NO VOICE!

      • I am not sure how much the Ultra Orthodox will take over Monmouth County. It is filled with wealthy people who commute to NYC and/or big corporations. They pay heavy taxes for good schools for their kids. Howell township I heard they are working on as per rumours for years. They now pretty much have 100 square miles of Jackson. Their next conquest is Howell – 64 beautiful square miles of farms and parks. The people of Howell will fight for the good public schools.

        • Fighting for good public schools is useless if the board of education gets stacked with friendly developers. Use past history as an example of future behavior. Keep the board of education in the hands of old-timers willing to take on the challenges of running a school board – an altogether thankless job. NJ has legal precedent (Englewood) for segregation challenges. This has to be played with an old-school playbook. The new rules of public internet forum don’t apply. Get on Signal and other email groups, gather information. Go old school. And, send information here.

          • LM – I cannot agree in regards to Howell. It is linked to 5 other affluent towns (Freehold, Marlboro, Manalapan, Colts Neck and Howell) and is known as Freehold Regional School District. One of the top in the state. In this case, the communities of all 6 towns are not going to tolerate any future Orthodox take over of the Howell school board. Howell residents have all ready started a group called HOPE (The Howell for Open Land and Preservation of the Environment) :

            Howell for Open Land and Preservation of the Environment is an organization of Howell community residents who are dedicated to preserving our beautiful community by working with our community leaders and local organizations to bring awareness to projects that endanger our environment and open space. We believe when we are working together we can be successful in the preservation of our local environment to ensure a happy, healthy quality of life for all current and future Howell residents.

            This is what they were able to do :
            Howell Planners Unanimously Reject Monmouth Commerce Center
            The proposal for a nine-warehouse, 1.2 million-square-foot project on Randolph Road was under consideration for nearly a year.

            This town will be better prepared…I assure you.

            This town has known for years that the Orthodox are scheming to take over. They are all ready buying up businesses and I see many young Orthodox couples in the southern part of Howell. The politicians in Jackson were big idiots not planning years ahead of time. .

      • You do have a voice. Send along what you have and we are happy to help get it out there. There are other platforms besides Facebook. It would be wise to begin sending out flyers if need be. Go back to working old-school. When tech fails, there is nothing better than print media. And, print media gets attention.

    • Agreed. The tragedy is that by weaponizing the term, it has been given quantifiable value for action with impunity and diminished value for those who suffered, creating a conondrum.

  2. Ocean County and Monmouth county residents will stand strong against overdevelopment, ruin of our environment, our public school system, against corruption and for equal treatment for all and special for none.
    Site up or down we’re still standing strong.

    • Mindy, are you a resident of Monmouth County? Do you think Monmouth County is next Mandy? I heard the Hasidim have been planning to “take over” Howell for years or at least part of it. But I heard the rest of Monmouth County is too expensive. Plus most of the towns like Manalapan, Marlboro, Freehold, Colts Neck
      and Holmdel are very expensive and filled with affluent individuals of different cultures and religions. I do not know how a Hasidic Jewish realtor can offer them an extra 50-100 grand in cash for their homes if this amount is peanuts to most of them! Plus they will FIGHT for their schools. I heard the Hasidim target towns with blue collar,low income families towns which is the main demographic of Ocean County,

      Your thoughts?

      • I am a 25 year resident of Monmouth County (Freehold and now Howell). I grew up in Brick and went to high school in Toms River.

      • Please keep in mind that this is not an issue of the “Hasidim.” The issue is corruption and entitlement from wherever that comes. So, the words you use here are important. To the extent that there is a movement of fundamentalist and exclusionary groups, the strength of the underlying communities are what is important there. The point that I am trying to make is taking care in how this entire narrative is articulated.

        • Thanks for the clarification. That is why I stay away from this type of intercultural dialogue and work. You need enormous social and emotional intelligence to address these issues!

          • Ha… and patience. The problem with “emotional intelligence” is that it gets lost when reason gets thrown to the side by people who are supposed to know better. You are doing fine, though.

    • This is really good to hear (see). What RUOC was doing was and continues to be very important. There are only a handful of bloggers still doing this – fighting an established playbook. We hope RUOC will figure out a way to get the site started again so that it can take comments and keep followers. For now, we welcome stories that are of import.

    • Well, thank you. There is a donations page which would be very helpful, particularly as I am still fighting a defamation case. I would be more than welcoming of any assistance you might want to offer.

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