Lawsuit Claims Anti-Semitism and Does not Acknowledge Over-development and Irresponsible Zoning

‘Significant anti-Semitic hostility’ blamed for Jackson housing project denial, lawsuit says


JACKSON – The developer who proposed building 459 units of housing on South Hope Chapel Road has sued the township and its Planning Board, claiming the plan was rejected because of a “rising tide of anti-Semitism in the township.”

“The board denied the application, bowing to severe anti-Semitic pressure from local residents and fears that Orthodox Jews may purchase homes and reside in the development,” the lawsuit states, “and due to the inclusion in the development of a house of worship that may be used as a synagogue by Orthodox Jews.”

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Gregory P. McGuckin, who served as Planning Board attorney when the Jackson Trails application was discussed, said Tuesday he had not yet seen the lawsuit.

“I haven’t seen it yet, so it would be inappropriate for me to comment,” McGuckin said.

Jackson officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

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The 97-page federal lawsuit was filed Monday on behalf of Jackson Trails LLC, the company that proposed the housing development. The developer’s application was initially rejected in October, when the Planning Board deadlocked, 4 to 4, on a vote to approve it.

The tie meant that the application was denied.

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2 thoughts on “Lawsuit Claims Anti-Semitism and Does not Acknowledge Over-development and Irresponsible Zoning

  1. They’ll push and push until one day they’ll try blockbusting the wrong neighborhood, will leave a dead chicken on the wrong doorstep, turn cars in the wrong driveway a few times too often and then BAM! It may be that that will be the only way they learn that their tactics are repugnant and that they can’t keep doing what they do and expect to get away with it forever.

  2. Dr Roberts intimidation tactics is only going to build more resentment and tension in Ocean County and more ill will against the UOJs in general. I am not justifying Jacksons behavior but the UOJ are not angels either! All they do is threaten towns with lawsuits when there demands are not met. Entitled self centered community. Cant blame the disdain people have for them!

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