RUOC, 101 West Maple Avenue, A Bankruptcy Filing, Corruption? Conspiracy? Fraud?

synagogue photos.
Written and published on December 23, 2019 (will be updated as information comes in) [edited 11:37am][Updated 4:52pm]
Disclaimer – Should you have information to add to this post or to correct something that we have written, please send along with a note to the editor – We would like this opinion to be based upon the latest information and are happy to take corrections as we do not want any inaccuracies. We have redacted the last names of the debtors for privacy concerns, but they can be found in the filing documents. 


Dear Readers:

The above photographs are of Congregation Zville of Monsey, New York. It is a congregation built in a private home and constructed absent the appropriate permits. Efforts at speaking to the building department in Ramapo, New York, failed miserably. And, apparently that is nothing new. Whether permits were filed after the fact (and of course, approved) is a question that remains unanswered at this time. The synagogue is the baby of Sam Ehrenthal, who recently declared bankruptcy for the purposes of wiping out millions of dollars in debt. This debt includes government IRS taxes (see below).

We take no pleasure in someone’s misfortune. The filing of a bankruptcy can, indeed, be unfortunate. We do wonder about the authenticity of the bankruptcy filing and the integrity of the filed claims when the person involved, Samuel Ehrenthal of Monsey, New York, has been the subject of investigations for nearly 10 years without anyone taking a moment to start connecting dots and asking serious questions. In 2012 a suspicious house fire led to an investigation, one which yielded precious little. (We are assuming this is the same Samuel Ehrenthal?).

(See FailedMessiah article from May 18, 2012 involving Negligent Landlord Let off easy by town of Ramapo here.

Mr. Ehrenthal has a list of debtors who are personal individuals and have allegedly loaned him extraordinary sums of money. We believe at least some of those individuals may be helping him hide money (but we could be wrong). For the purposes of this article we did not include the last names of those listed as we do not want to violate the privacy of anyone who might be a legitimate creditor.

If we are wrong there, we wonder how an individual loans someone in the many millions of dollars and how all of these alleged loans are going to be reported to the IRS, if they were ever on any financial statements, and why the Lenders would agree to the discharge in bankruptcy if they did not envisions themselves getting the money back at some later date. There is at least one creditor who has a judgement against Mr. Ehrenthal and is trying to recover assets.

Note: The IRS debt here is $3,000,000.00. Mere mortals cannot seem to negotiate their way out of thousands of dollars in IRS debt hand Mr. Ehrenthal is looking for a $3,000,000.00 discharge?

We believe that some of Mr. Ehrenthal’s money has been filtered through attorney trust accounts, which we question. Oddly, questions on bankruptcy forms and on IRS dispute forms do not ask for money that might be held in escrow in an attorney trust account. Some of that money was paid to a variety of sources with Samuel Ehrenthal’s name in the “Memo” line. Clearly it is money that was intended for him. We have to hand it to a clever manipulation of laundering money if that is really what is going on. An attorney trust account would be an ideal way to hide money either with the complicity or by simply duping an attorney.

We wonder how someone with a $10,000,000.00 filing for bankruptcy can claim only $400.00 in money in his bank account. What about the business accounts? The Talmudic and other book collection he must own is worth in the many thousands and his shtreimel can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Yes…. but a bankruptcy Trustee would not know that.

Moreover, the list of companies owned, operated or affiliated with the Debtor, Samuel Ehrenthal, is long and extensive. Signing over his rights to those companies would not have been a difficult play. We hope the Trustee will do his due diligence.

There are certain basic assumptions we are making, relying upon research and unintended as malicious, irresponsible or to “ruin a life for sport.” We are basing our opinions on this research. We believe that the subject of this post is manipulating the bankruptcy procedure to file, wipe out debts and start the process again. We believe that no one should be above the law and this man, in our opinion, has been slapped on the wrist enough times, law enforcement should step in Now!

Second basic assumption we are making in setting forth an opinion is that the documents we have obtained related to numerous lawsuits are authentic and that they have not been doctored. We would like law enforcement’s involvement in this case, either in New Jersey or in New York, by the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, or the attorney general. There is something very wrong here and it does not take a rocket scientist or a conspiracy theorist to see that the legal system has gone awry, and Facebook’s decision to take down the post may have been prompted by connections that one of the parties has to someone working for Facebook. For whatever reason, that last point just does not sit well.

Third assumption is that the integrity of the research conducted by Rise Up Ocean County, the Facebook site that posted the original post (removed by Facebook), along with numerous other who have researched this subject, is not flawed.

Independent study of that research indicates that a team of governmental authorities from both the Bankruptcy Courts and the Internal Revenue Service should be looking into this matter.

Fourth assumption is that a public bankruptcy filing is opened to the public. We have decided not to to share the documents themselves or the bank account records and other information we have on hand to back up much of this information. 

We suggest that all parties involved in researching this matter get in touch with one another as a concerted effort so the right hand knows the work the left hand has already done. We received underlying documents from multiple sources in 4 different cities, 2 different states, a number of different groups, dozens of people. 

We note that the Rockland County, NY Clerk’s office has not kept records up to date. We note that attempts to elicit information regarding some of the properties owned by the alleged debtor, Sam Ehrenthal, have yielded no response despite multiple telephone and other requests,  a complete failure within Rockland County.

The synagogue on 101 Maple Avenue in Monsey, New York, was built in a private home and entirely without permits. The construction was completed with people in the Ramapo building enforcement’s tacit approval (just by looking the other way), a point we believe is wholly evidenced by their brazen refusal to return phone calls or to provide documents, which are supposed to be public. We believe wholeheartedly that people are getting “shtupped” under the table, paid money, to either cover up the records, lose them, hide them or keep them out of view and we ask that someone with a higher law enforcement capacity kindly get involved.

Mr. Ehrenthal’s actions have victims. These are not victimless crimes or manipulations of the legal system absent unintended consequences. A  lot of people are being harmed by Mr. Ehrenthal’s actions, and those of his co-conspirators. Mr. Ehrenthal’s religious observance should not exempt him from following the same laws the rest of us are required to follow. In fact, he should be held to a higher standard. He is, after all, someone allegedly pious.

Finally, we note and reiterate we are posting this because the subject is important and somehow someone with clout had it taken down from Facebook. We do not endorse the comments on the site of Rise Up Ocean County, many of which border on rabid and vicious anti-Semitism. We do not envy their position in deciding between free speech and political-correctness. But any Jewish organization willing to simply write-off the site as anti-Semitic is doing a disservice to all Jews by ignoring the research.

We do believe that the Hasidic and very visible community draws attention to itself and should be held to a higher standard of behavior simply because of its own spotlight. As such, if it is going to fail to police its own, and as a result they are committing crimes, we do not wonder why the rate of resentment is rising in the communities in which they live. And that is tragic for those within that community who indeed, are pious. And there are many. Rise up Ocean County‘s posts are not, as we see it, anti-Semitic. Jews should be held no less accountable than any other group and if the people committing some of these crimes were by members of the African American or Hispanic communities, it is our opinion they would be locked up and the keys would be tossed in the bottom of the Hudson River.

And, if groups like OJPAC, OJC, JNF, Simon Wiesenthal, Jewish Federation and others want to fight anti-Semitism, they should begin by holding our own accountable. 



Being Samuel Ehrenthal of Monsey, NY must not be easy and that’s probably why he is now seeking Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection from his creditors.  Chapter 7 is not a reorganization of debt that allows a Ehrenthal to repay his debts through a court supervised plan, no sirrrreeee, he is going for total liquidation of assets and expungement of his debts to the tune of $10,000,000.

As a defendant in civil litigation that it appears is not going to end well, Samuel has filed his bankruptcy petition claiming just $400 in cash and over $10,000,000 in unsecured debt, most to individuals.  His cash to debt ratio is .00004%.  OOOOFFFAAAHHHH!

The gift that just keeps on giving, 101 West Maple Ave in Monsey, has borne more fruit.  You may recall that address to be a single family home turned synagogue with mikvah, without the benefit of construction permits.  Although they did recently secure permits, each says for …single family home for “interior renovations”.  Riiiiiight.

Ehrenthal and the previous subject of one of our posts, Michael Goldman of CNM Services, have a close relationship, close enough that Michael MIGHT be helping to hide some of Samuel’s assets, including cash and we urge the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to do their due diligence.

The Internal Revenue Service may also want to dive in here and have a look at the folks that are being stuck for bad debt in Ehrenthal’s bankruptcy.  These strike us as unusually high amounts for personal, unsecured loans.

Aron K. of Brooklyn   $1,000,000

Chaim S. of Monsey   $500,000

Elimelech L. of Boisbriand Quebec   $2,000,000

Judah G. of Brooklyn   $1,000,000

Judy G. of Nanuet   $2,300,000

Leah W. of Brooklyn   $2,400,000

Internal Revenue Service   $3,000,000

The web of intrigue continues to expand exponentially and we look forward to seeing where all of this leads.


101 W Maple Ave
Monsey, NY 10952

7 beds5 baths3,780 sqft

Zestimate®: $879,858
Rent Zestimate®: $5,062 /mo
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Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Department, New York.

HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as trustee for MHL 2007–2, respondent, v. Samuel Ehrenthal, et al., appellants, et al., defendants.

2016–02243 (Index No. 9308/09)

Decided: February 14, 2018

MARK C. DILLON, J.P. JOHN M. LEVENTHAL SYLVIA O. HINDS–RADIX HECTOR D. LASALLE, JJ. Menashe & Associates, LLP, Montebello, N.Y. (Michael Dachs of counsel), for appellants. Hogan Lovells U.S. LLP, New York, N.Y. (David Dunn, Chava Brandriss, and Chenxi Jiao of counsel), for respondent.Argued—October 23, 2017


Appeal from an order of the Supreme Court, Rockland County (Gerald E. Loehr, J.), entered January 26, 2016.  The order, insofar as appealed from, granted those branches of the plaintiff’s motion which were for summary judgment on the complaint insofar as asserted against the defendants Samuel Ehrenthal and Frimet Ehrenthal, to dismiss the affirmative defenses of those defendants, in effect, for leave to amend the caption to name HSBC Bank USA National Association, as trustee for MortgageIT Securities Corp. Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2007–2, Mortgage Pass–Through Certificates, as the plaintiff, and for an order of reference, and denied the cross motion of the defendants Samuel Ehrenthal and Frimet Ehrenthal for summary judgment dismissing the complaint insofar as asserted against them.

ORDERED that the order is modified, on the law, by deleting the provisions thereof granting those branches of the plaintiff’s motion which were for summary judgment on the complaint insofar as asserted against the defendants Samuel Ehrenthal and Frimet Ehrenthal, to dismiss the affirmative defenses of those defendants, in effect, for leave to amend the caption to name HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as trustee for MortgageIT Securities Corp. Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2007–2, Mortgage Pass–Through Certificates, as the plaintiff, and for an order of reference, and substituting therefor a provision denying those branches of the plaintiff’s motion;  as so modified, the order is affirmed insofar as appealed from, without costs or disbursements.

In June 2007, the defendant Samuel Ehrenthal borrowed $800,000 from 25 MortgageIT, Inc. (hereinafter MortgageIt).  The note and mortgage on the subject property were delivered to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as nominee for MortgageIT.  The mortgage was subsequently securitized and assigned to HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as trustee for MHL 2007–2 (hereinafter the plaintiff).

Wells Fargo Bank v. Ehrenthal

Bank Fails to Timely Move for Default Judgment; Foreclosure Case Dismissed as Abandoned

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