17 thoughts on “Ritual Circumcision – Metzitzah b’peh and Neonatal Herpes – Alert # 28

  1. Looking at it from my perspective as a medical doctor and a parent and grandparent: this should no more be a protected / unprosecuted practice than would be, say, having a ritual that involved abrading a child’s skin till it bleeds and then rubbing take-your-pick of which of the abrader’s bodily fluids and excreta into it and calling it a mitzvah.

    You don’t get to harm your children, nor do you get to license someone else to either. There are points where religious choice butts up against the laws of the land, and this is one of those points.

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    • Okay, so there is a different of opinion on this procedure. There is a remarkable difference between a procedure as done in a professional and sterile way and one that is not. Most of the people on this forum do not view circumcision as “genital mutilation” so that discussion might be best saved for a different locale. As far as a ritual brit milah, well the object is to stop it from spreading viruses and diseased.

      • Oh, so when you excuse child genital mutilation without reason as to why it’s other than child genital mutilation, then I’m thinking you’re actually one who is pro-child genital mutilation. Since the US took on the medical supervising of child genital mutilation it has since come to light that it’s how Jews and Judaism mark their slaves. Given that there’s no viable reason for it to continue medically, except in extreme cases, then I’ll be campaigning, with a clearer than clear conscience for it to be outlawed and more given to the criminal jurisdiction as to why the practice isn’t seen as anything other than gross torture of the worst kind, which it is!

        • So, here’s the thing. Perhaps there are those of us who do not believe that a circumcision is genital mutilation. Perhaps we have reason to believe otherwise, including cases where the kidneys would otherwise be damaged, or other medical circumstances. Or, perhaps there is a level of indoctrination. It is not for you to be judge and jury on that point. But this is not intended to be a referendum on whether male circumcision is genital mutilation. Statistically, however, look for yourself, there are findings that things like prostate cancers, HIV, genital herpes, kidney issues, bladder cancers, are MORE prevalent in uncircumcised adult men. Could be statistics engineered for a particular purpose. Who knows? Just something to think about.

            • Death Cult??? A Death Cult is “a fringe religious group that glorifies or is obsessed with death.”

              Unless I am mistaken, it is not the group that you seem to take issue with that glorifies a holy ghost and symbolically consumes the flesh and blood of one who is deceased.

              It’s easy to ridicule someone else’s beliefs. It takes a bigger person to appreciate that different people have different beliefs.

              As for circumcision, historically it prevented disease and infections. You can argue for or against it as you see fit.

                • Here’s something on the same intellectual level as your last comment that I hope you can appreciate

                  “I’m rubber and you are glue. Anything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you”

                  Good luck with that.

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  3. Prosecution of the mohelim is the remedy here, and arrest of the parents of the child as material witnesses if they refuse to cooperate. The gloves need to come off.

    • Gloves coming off – pun… You are right. But the parents of these infants think that this procedure is acceptable, G-d ordained even. There is something quite unsettling about the whole thing.

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