Israel and the Most Radical of Its Ultra-Orthodox – In Pictures, Those who will be in their Pursuits Israel’s Undoing

Pit an Ultra-Radical Jew Against an Ultra-Radical Muslim and the Muslim Wins… Why?

Because while Muslims are learning the Koran (the sacred book of Islam), which Muslims believe is the “actual word of G-d”, they are also learning to be soldiers, to speak other languages, the importance of education and how to function within their own society.

Fundamentalist Muslims, in contrast to radical Jews, understand the importance of education. To even the most religious, there is a power to knowing the languages of one’s neighbors and his laws.

To even the most educated of Koran scholars, there is a strength in learning to fight in an army, to learning to defend one’s land.  Moreover, unlike the most fundamentalist Jewish Israelis, who have the audacity to live in Israel, accept Israeli social services and social healthcare, but would be more than happy to hand over the land to Israel’s many enemies, the most fundamentalist Muslims in the surrounding countries are nationalistic as much as they are religious.

The governmental authorities in Islamic countries would not be tolerant of the behavior that the government of Israel permits. And there is a wisdom in that for Israel’s surrounding Arab neighbors.

When Israel’s fundamentalist Jews gain a majority in Israel, parliamentary control and a religious rule of law, which the numbers tell is an inevitability, Israel will be wholly unable to defend itself and its destruction will be imminent. On the one hand, Israel’s most radical want all Israelis to be radicalized. On the other, were that to happen, who would defend Israel against its neighbors? While Israel’s most radical are burning flags and soldiers in effigy, they are doing no more and no less than playing into the hands of Israel’s far wiser neighbors. When Israel’s government permits the most religious to occupy its land without participating in Israel’s army, Israel is making itself vulnerable, at the expense of the secular society that at some point will be powerless to defend against its neighbors.

The following is a photo-essay of Israel in pictures. In our view it is emblematic of  the greatest danger to Israel, the danger of the radical forces within Israel proper.

Out of respect for those photographed, we have not posted the article below in its entirety. We only took pieces. Some of the pictures are not with the captions in the original article. We therefore encourage you to click on the link and view the photo essay as it was intended. We believe it is extraordinary.

We have posted without permissions and our posting the below should not be viewed as an endorsement of this site by the authors of that article or their blog.  It should also not be presumed that they would have come to the same conclusions we have. They may feel quite differently.

We ask that you draw your own conclusions.

In pictures: The ultra-Orthodox Jews who back Palestine

The community in Jerusalem neighbourhood of Mea She’arim are rarely photographed

Women in the ultra-Orthodox community come under the authority of husbands, rabbis and religious law. While gender segregation is prevalent – including separate queues at some shops – women run the household and are in charge of educating children. In Mea She’arim,  Jewish women sometimes wear the shal or frumka (left in photo), a full veil akin to the Muslim burqa (MEE/Laurent Perpigna Iban)


The streets are full of pashkevils (“anonymous posters”), posted on a near daily basis by residents to communicate. Mostly they refer to the Torah and community issues: occasionally they become political, as in the photograph above. Before the April 2019 elections, some rabbis urged the community not to vote: Mea She’arim’s inhabitants consider the Israeli government unlawful as “the Messiah alone can restore the Kingdom of Israel”. As such, Zionism goes against their beliefs (MEE/Laurent Perpigna Iban)



Military units have been formed so the Haredim can integrate, but only 10% of the 30,000 men are eligible join each year. The residents of Mea She’arim  are represented by the United Torah Judaism coalition (Yahadut HaTorah- UTJ), although many are reluctant to become involved with Israeli politics. The issue of military service has had wider consequences. After the April 2019 election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to form a coalition, caught between ultra-Orthodox parties and those who wanted to increase the number of Haredim conscripts. Fresh elections have been called (MEE/Laurent Perpigna Iban)

To read the article in its entirety click here.



The Origins of Islamic Law

Islamic law represents one of the world’s great legal systems. Like Judaic law, which influenced western legal systems, Islamic law originated as an important part of the religion.

Islamic Law – The Shariah

3 thoughts on “Israel and the Most Radical of Its Ultra-Orthodox – In Pictures, Those who will be in their Pursuits Israel’s Undoing

  1. An introduction to סדר נזקים.

         The steady decline in civic engagement causes the social fabric to unravel, and trust in society to decline.  Such trust can only develop when people share a common connection, maintain regular contacts and collaborate with each other.  The collaboration of people within society, forging associations outside one’s circle of confidants, (known as bridging). The trust emerging from these processes of either bonding (with like-minded people), and/or bridging, represents the ‘social capital’ – the glue that holds society together.
         The social capital of civilizations – ‘civil society’, a concept which fits within the general category of דרך ארץ.  However, when Yidden within g'lut societies, assimilate and fervently embrace foreign cultures and customs as their own, the social cohesion of society as a whole, in short order falls into anarchy.  Multiculturalism, another name for Jewish assimilation, ‘civil society’ among Jews quickly collapses.  When g'lut Yidden assimilate to foreign cultures and customs, the social cohesion among our people degrades unto social chaos.
         Multiculturalism, another name for assimilation of Yidden.  When Jews take a hostile attitude towards our home country and its cultural traditions, this disgrace compares to dark clouds as a forewarning to the approach of a rain storm. This dire situation currently describes the vast majority of assimilated American Jewry.  Shallow reactionaries condemn anti-semitism, and ignore Jewish assimilation, as the primary cause of Goy hatred for Jews.
         Mass Jewish assimilation to foreign cultures and customs defines the Jewish experience in both America and Europe.  The necessary sense of “we” alas died as a consequence.  Jews live their lives in g'lut,  as Americans of the Jewish persuasion.  Jewish society disintegrates, the social fabric of communal shared involvement and activities shreds into subcultures – who do not trust one another. Orthodox want little or nothing with Reform. To dauven in their temples amounts to crying out to HaShem in a church or mosque.
         Practicing active citizenship entails building a network which requires citizen participation in society.  Based upon shared civil rights and entitlements.  Granting citizens a stake as an incentive for them to involve themselves as partners within their communities.  Citizenship requires a fluid, dynamic of communal involvement.  A classic example: the IDF requires its young soldiers to function autonomously, creatively, in collaboration with others.  Torah culture, as yet anther example, establishes a method of social inclusion, wherein people create the experience of becoming the architects and actors of their own lives.
         The revelation of the Torah at Sinai did not impose a set of rules, comparable to the Code of Hammurabi. The Xtian abomination perverted the Torah unto a rule book which the noise testament authors referred to as “the Law”, as their justification by which they reject the Sinai revelation and favor the false messiah Jesus son of Zeus.  But according to the Talmud, Israel heard only the opening two commandments. Thereafter the Yidden demanded that Moshe return unto the mountain and receive the rest of the Torah revelation.  Moshe orally heard the 13 tohor middot and thereafter derived the 611 commandments, which he later taught to Israel, with no less than four repetitions.
         What of the עשרת הדברות?  This aspect of Sinai never actually occurred!  Why did Moshe edit the Sinai revelation in such a ‘deceptive’ manner?  Chag Shevuoth just passed, what does the עשרת הדברות come to teach?  Sinai represents Moshe’s petition to Par’o for Israel to travel and worship our G-d.  Par’o hardened his heart like generations of Israel have repeatedly stiffened our neck.  The metaphors to hardened ones’ heart, or stiff necked people – both refer to the tuma Yatzir within the hearts of all Yidden.  Just as the plagues destroyed the social fabric of Egyptian society, so too profaning the עשרת הדברות.  A clear straight mussar by which the generations of Israel recall the salvation from Egyptian slavery.
         The crown of Torah faith, acceptance of blessing or curse. Meaning either we build the social fabric of our civilization or we destroy the social fabric of our civilization. Blessing, we rule our land with righteous justice; curse, we endure oppression in g’lut lands as stateless refugee populations scattered hither and thither in chaos, without a country we call our own. And come the Chag our hearts cry: Next year in Yerushalim.
         The mussar תוכחות תשובה, the עזרת הדברות causes us to return and acknowledge the regret we feel within our hearts. Acceptance of the revelation of the Name לשמה, not to assimilate to foreign none Cohen cultures and customs, goes hand in glove with not making a false נעשה ונשמע oath, keeping shabbot, honoring our parents, abhorring murder, adultery, theft, false witness, and צר עין\לשון הרע. Moshe edited the revelation of the Torah to communicate the horror of responsibility that Israel accepted; our lives either weave together the social fabric of the Cohen nation, or our lives destroy the civil bonds that binds us together as a people.
         The Xtian abomination which declares Torah as a book of laws totally perverts and distorts the Sinai experience all together.  No surprise here, seeing that the Goyim to this day do not accept the Torah; they reject the Torah and embrace some other replacement ”revelation”.
         How does the Torah define the key “hair” terms: truth and love?  For example:   The Torah commands concerning shabbot: לא תעשה כל מלאכה.  The Talmud makes a limited definition of מלאכה with the comparison to the 39 primary labors required to build the Mishkan.  The rule, has a simple יסוד:  You cannot hang ideas upon key words that have no clear definition from the Torah.
         Truth the Torah defines as a path.  The legal term halaka, interestingly enough means path.  Our sages hung the key term halaka by how they understood the Torah definition of the middah - truth.  Thousands of halakot which the Talmud employs, to define the term “mitzvot”.  Mitzva, its a 3rd generation understanding of truth.  For example: the Torah commands מלאכה and the Talmud understands מלאכה as mitzvot – as expressed through halakot.  Tens of thousands of halakot.  Thus, an explanation of the key term “Mountain hanging by a hair”.
         Love requires ownership.  A man cannot love that which he does not own.  The act of acquiring property requires a pulling unto oneself, and not a transfer of money from party A to party B. Jewish marriage requires an act of acquisition of the woman by her husband.  Just how does a man acquire a woman?  An act of love, the man gives the woman priority within his life.  This mitzva learns from the Torah commandment: כבוד אב ואם.  
         The Creation of the Universe, our Torah opens with this subject!  (Translations of the T’nach truly disappoint).  The first word of the Torah בראשית contains the רמז (words within words) of ב’ ראשית/two beginnings. Our Torah includes 2 Creation stories?  Rabbi Yechuda – the author of the Mishna – about 210 CE – teaches concerning the acceptance of the kingdom of heaven – known as the mitzva of kre’a shma – the language found in both the first and second paragraphs of the kre’a shma – לבבכם and לבבך – respectively.  But heart its correct spelling, לב!  What does the additional ב come to teach?
         Rabbi Yechuda, in his Mishna of ברכות teaches that a man, in order to accept the yoke of the kingdom of heaven must worship G-d with both his Yatzir Tov and also with his Yatzir ha’Rah. Just how does the Torah define: Good and Evil?  Recall the tree in Eden.  Tohor as opposed by Tuma spirits and actions.  Actions refer to “works” ie מלאכות!  That key term required to keep and honor shabbot.  What distinguishes אל from רחום from חנון etc, etc, etc? [A famous quote made by Yul Brynner in the movie “The King and I”]. If you can not differentiate between one tohor attribute from another, then you cannot self actualize these attributes into your life.  If a person fails to self actualize tohor attributes in his life, then that person has no דרך ארץ.
         In Tractate Pirkei Avot of the Mishna located in the Order of נזיקין  rabbi Yechuda teaches דרך ארץ precedes the Torah; meaning a person can not keep and observe the Torah commandments without דרך ארץ.   This idea learns from the sworn oath brit Israel cut at Sh'cem in the days prior to the wars required to conquer the land.  This metaphor represents a straight משל\נמשל mussar.  Just as Israel could not conquer Canaan without דרך ארץ so too a person can not obey and keep the Torah commandments without דרך ארץ.  In short, the ב’ ראשית within בראשית together with the spelling of heart with בב comes to teach that a man can not accept the yoke of the kingdom of heaven without דרך ארץ.
         The Torah begins with the letter ב. Notice the construction of that letter, it blocks above, behind, and below. Theology as a rule pretends that it can see above, behind, and below. Above – jabber about the Gods.  Below – noise about the devil and Satan.  Behind – hogwash about the Creation of the world.  The Talmud advice on this puffed up hollow arrogance, this pretense of knowledge – “Train your tongue to say, I do not know”.  Never once in the whole of the 20 Volumes of Talmud does any page therein make any reference to the Name of G-d.  The first commandment of Sinai, by the way, the Name revelation of Sinai, never included in any Xtian Bible translation nor on any page of the Muslim Koran.  
         The Talmud – its scholarship – endeavors to bind prophetic mussar with ritualized observance of mitzvot.  [Mussar, a difficult concept to define.  What distinguishes a "rebuke" from criticism?  A rebuke comes from within a persons' heart whereas criticism comes to the ears of a person heard from the speech made by another.]  Mitzvot define the k’vanna of Torah commandments. This term k’vanna – exist as the “hair” that holds a, so to speak,  mountain above the ground.  Meaning: to understand the “mountain” of subjects and ideas addressed requires a working definition of the “hair” that lifts the mountain between heaven and earth.
         Comparative cultural analysis – Greek philosophy developed the skills of rhetoric.  Meaning, it employs an undefined “hair” by which to deceive and rule the masses.  For example: in 2008 Presidential politics, Obama employed the rhetoric of “Change”.  Obama never defined this key term whereon he hinged his Mandate to POTUS (President of the US).  Theology employs rhetoric all the time, when it violates the restrictions of the letter ב.  The most vile example, the absolute narishkeit of Monotheism. 
         Monotheism violates the 2nd Commandment of Sinai, as the Bible and Koran violates the 1st commandment of Sinai.  If, so how then does this commentary explain the Talmud not making even one reference to the Name 1st revealed at Sinai to the Cohen nation?  Talmud, which means learning, its comprised of the Mishna and Gemara.  The style of the Mishna from beginning to end: Case/Rule.  This style makes the Mishna a common law system.   The focus of this common law legal system: justice.
         The courts of Mishnaic law: lateral common law courts.  Meaning, in matters of Torts, for example, (Torts law address compensation for monetary damages based upon this foundation: אדם מועד לעולם/Man always guilty of damages done to the property of another).  Justice has everything to do with human domestic conflicts and nothing to do with theology.  Therefore seeing that the Mishna limits its address to the subject of justice, it never once digressed into the subject of theology and debates about the Gods.  What distinguishes a lateral court from a vertical court?  Making a cultural comparison, the vertical Star Courts – which contributed so greatly to the American rebellion against the Crown.
         In vertical courts:  the Judge and the prosecuting attorney both received their salaries from the State.  The response of American revolutionaries, they introduced the Jury system, which partially removed the decision making process from State bureaucrat employees.  Just prior to the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans, rabbi Zakkai arranged a meeting with Roman general Vespasian.  The rabbi recognized that Jerusalem would fall.  Vespasian gave the rabbi three requests. But hands down the most important request made, he requested permission to establish a lateral common law court ie Sanhedrin.  Vespasian agreed.  
         In a Torts court of 3 judges, as in a Capital Crimes court of either 23 judges or 71 judges, the State does not pay the salaries of neither the judges or the prosecuting attorney’s.  In the simple Torts court comprising 3 judges, one judge assumes the role of prosecutor, the second judge: the role of defense attorney, and both of these opposing judges argue the case at hand before the 3rd Judge.
         This same rule applies to the larger Capital Crimes Courts. 11 prosecuting attorney’s against 11 defense attorney’s arguing the Case before the Nasi/head of the Court.  The rabbi established his Great Sanhedrin in the city of Yavne.  The Romans destroyed the Jewish state of Judea with the capture of Jerusalem.  Consequently, no State existed to pay the salaries of the judges of the Great Sanhedrin in Yavne.  
         A lateral Common Law Court had never existed prior to this tremendous chiddush made by rabbi Zakkai.   For example: when king Solomon’s court ruled upon the live baby – two prostitutes dispute – clearly Solomon did not favor the establishment of a Sanhedrin court during his reign.  The key advise made by Moshe’s father in law, virtually all the kings of both Yechuda and Israel ignored!
         Haskalah represents the Jewish assimilated version of emancipation which viewed the bonds of masoret as a form of serfdom.  This assimilationist movement walked in goose step with late 18th through early 20th century European governments who released Jewry from our ghetto imprisonment.  The long legacy of discriminatory laws dating back to the Rambam international Civil Wars, post Napoleonic Europe gradually repealed or replaced.  The idea of "Orthodox" emerged from the Haskalah movement.
         Masoret Judaism represents the 'Old School', in the 'modern world'.  As if each new generation did not view itself as the 'modern' generation.  Alas the Rambam false version of halaka prevailed.  Orthodoxy literally embraced the Muslim curse and became the people of 'the Book'.  Rabbinic leadership lost both its vision and originality.  Orthodoxy viewed the Industrial revolution world comparable to how settlers who migrated in conestoga wagons viewed Injuns on the war path.
         The failure of rabbinic Jewry, primarily due as a derivative consequences of the international Rambam Civil War, they completely failed to distinguish [much less educate] between Moshiach דאורייתא from Mosיiach דרבנן as distinct and separate mitzvot.  Instead Jewish mystics confused and made the subject utterly chaotic with the Moshiach ben David and Moshiach ben Yosef disgusting narishkeit.
         Following on the heels of Haskalah came the tuma of Reform.  Reform shares a common root with the Sabbatai Zevi false messiah disasters which plagued Yidden, comparable to the catastrophes which shredded the social fabric of Egyptian society in the days of Moshe.  Reform 'theology' preached that Jewish g'lut had terminated.  That Berlin existed as their Jerusalem! 
         The difficulty to rationaly communicate with brain dead idiots, combined with the irrational fear of the unknown, spiced up with the tragic loss of the essential vision leadership necessary for Masoret Yiddishkeit to correctly respond to a world which switched from an agriculture/rural to Industrial/urban based economies.  All these factors - so to speak - built the rail lines leading to Auschwitz.  Hashem alone redeemed Israel out of Egypt, and Hashem alone caused our people to experience the horrors of the Nazi gas chambers.  No other God, not in the heavens, earth, or Seas, resembles this profound revelation.
         The tuma of Reform planted the seeds of כרת.  Their 'theology' preached that Berlin, they preferred to Jerusalem.  Traditional Yidden rabbis fell headlong into this tuma pit, when the Zionist ideal raised its head.  The tuma which made כרת of the Wildereness generation likewise made כרת of the Shoah generations.  Our rabbis instructed, as their Yiddishkeit version of Torah, that to remain in g'lut, a מקום that Jews cannot do the commandments, these rabbis - comparable to the spies in the days of Moshe - preferred, over the rigours of returning and rebuilding our homeland.
         Courage and אמץ לב, absolutely required in order to dedicate דרך ארץ tohor middot unto HaShem.  This כלל defines the יסוד upon which stands the entire Order of נזיקין.  With this introduction, this commentary hopes to learn בבא קמא.
  2. No. Probably not. The same is true of the streets of New York, London, Brussels, the Netherlands, Canada, etc. Nearly everywhere these particular groups of people live is unkempt. Anti-Semitism is not borne out of a blind hatred, sadly. It is borne out of a perception and one we seem to expound upon. Stereotypes have their origins. One must wonder where in the many books of Torah, the Tractates, the Talmud, the Rabbinical scholarly writings, it can be found that you are entitled to rape the land of its beauty and risk the lives of those around you by not vaccinating and by learning nothing that can support society. It makes little sense. The versus of so many speak of self-sufficiency, of loving the land, pikuah nefesh, etc.

  3. One can’t help but wonder whether, based on those photos, the Haredim have identified some proscription in the Torah against keeping their neighborhood from looking like a cluttered, filthy slum. A little civic pride, my fine bearded ones, would go a long way. Are their apartments any better kept?

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