Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Courtney Wild Speaks Out – Abuse, Molestation, Mind Control, Urging Victims to Come Forward

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Courtney Wild: “He isn’t going to get away this time”


Courtney Wild, an alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein, spoke at a news conference with her attorneys in New York City on Tuesday. Wild was an unnamed victim in the 2008 lawsuit against the Department of Justice for the secret plea deal that allowed Epstein to avoid criminal charges.

Wild said she was sexually abused by Epstein as a child. She said she “never had the chance for my voice to be heard” because of the secret plea deal and is now urging other victims to come forward.

Courtney Wild appears with her attorney at a news conference in New York City on July 16, 2019.CBS NEWS

“As long as the victims speak up, he isn’t going to get away this time. If you have already made the decision to come forward, thank you,” Wild said. “If you have not, the time is now.”

Epstein was arrested in New York on July 6 and charged last week with sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy. He is alleged to have abused dozens of underage girls as young as 14 over a number of years. Since his arrest, Epstein has been held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Manhattan, near City Hall.

On Monday, Wild attended a bail hearing as federal prosecutors asked a federal judge to reject a request by Epstein’s lawyers that he remain under house arrest in his $77 million Manhattan mansion until trial for his sex trafficking charges. She spoke inside the courtroom yesterday and read from a statement at the press conference on Tuesday, noting the similarities between the charges brought against Epstein in two states.

“This is no surprise Jeffrey Epstein was sexually abusing girls in New York,” Wild said on Tuesday. “He did it everywhere.”

Wild was joined by her attorneys, Stan Pottinger, Brittany Henderson, and Brad Edwards. Wild has been working with Edwards in bringing legal action against Epstein in Florida since 2008.

Sexual Misconduct Epstein
Courtney Wild, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers who spoke at his bail hearing, attends a news conference outside federal court, in New York, Monday, July 15, 2019. Wild said Monday in Manhattan federal court that she was abused by the wealthy financier in Palm Beach, Florida, starting at age 14.RICHARD DREW / AP

Edwards spoke extensively at the press conference and also took questions. He called Wild “an extraordinary person” and said Epstein’s recent arrest in New York has “no relationship” to the case he and Wild are prosecuting in Florida.

“The same conduct he was engaging in in Florida, he was engaging in New York,” Edwards said, speaking of Epstein’s charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking with minors. “We have taken so many depositions and spoken with countless witnesses that we know that information.”

Edwards called Epstein’s alleged actions, “sexual assault, mind manipulation, and child molestation.”

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7 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Courtney Wild Speaks Out – Abuse, Molestation, Mind Control, Urging Victims to Come Forward

    • Here are our thoughts. The DOJ can squash whatever they want unless some of the States refuse to oblige and pursue as state-specific matters. We are starting to think, a theory in progress, that the State Department was using Epstein’s Island and the Lolita Express to entertain high level diplomats. This would make sense given Epstein’s passport and country of residence (Saudi Arabia). We are under the belief that the girls were lures to controversial or otherwise stalled negotiations and the fact that they were underage (and likely came cheap) was only a plus. We find it impossible to fathom that anyone who “got a massage” did not know that there were “happy endings” being provided by some of these children. If we are correct and we are connecting the dots correctly, the highest echelons of the US government were involved and there would be reason to have kept Epstein out of prison and to keep anyone from digging too deep even now. That would explain Acosta’s insistence that he was doing the “right thing” another nauseating commentary. If we are right, Epstein and his unique services were a conduit to negotiations, and the people involved were either morally bankrupt or saw this as a means to an end that beat the alternative, a sentence we even had a hard time typing. The fact that the tail numbers of the Lolita Express may have been part of a series of plane tail numbers used by the US State Department add even more depth to our working theory. More victims need to come forward and others who may have known what was really going on at that island, besides our President, need to come forward also. There are simply too many aspects to this that lend itself to a widespread “Camp David” type attraction that was deemed to be acceptable under the parameters for which it was being used. As it is no one knows who “invested” in Epstein’s alleged Hedge Fund leading us to believe that he also had leverage insofar as he had evidence that demanded that others keep quiet. It was a binary relationship – he allow high level diplomats to frequent his island and abuse the girls and he keeps evidence on everyone. Should it ever have come to life he had what he needed to keep himself out of prison. In the interim he was likely well paid for services rendered by the children he recruited.

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