Epstein and Acosta… Acosta Resigns, Epstein’s Victims Still Entitled to Justice

Trump speaks after Labor Secretary Acosta resigns

7 thoughts on “Epstein and Acosta… Acosta Resigns, Epstein’s Victims Still Entitled to Justice

  1. This should work – it gets pretty graphic around page 4.

      • I really hope they nail Epstein’s balls to the wall and he spills his guts. At this point we have the “Injustice Department” running cover for an international Pedophile business. Let that sink in. The Attorney General is actively trying to squelch this. You can be Melania is involved, she was a “model” herself.

  2. They both belong in jail. Epstein and Acosta.
    Epstein the lowest of the low. A disgrace to humanity and Acosta
    is no better for letting Epstein off with a light sentence in Florida.
    They both need a good swift kick in their butt.
    This is politics as corrupt as ever.
    Trump backing Acosta is as sick as Epstein and Acosta.
    They all eat out of the same pot and then play their dirty games
    regardless of who it hurts. or damages
    You wonder why do we even vote with these animals controlling the government.
    For this is a government that will not talk to the people, that is against the people
    and finally give them the kiss of death.

    • There’s a copy of the squashed complaint from one of the Florida girls. She backed off due to death threats. Describes Trump trying to rape her in sordid detail. Then Epstein gets pissed of at Trump for beating him in taking her virginity. Let that sink in. Guarantee Melania is part of this too.

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