3 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein, Labor Secretary Acosta and an Unprecedented Plea Deal… that Should Never Have Happened [VIDEO]

  1. This is disgusting and horrible on so many levels. The abuse of the girls themselves, the travesty of the plea deal, Acosta gets a cabinet position reward for which he is utterly unqualified. Really glad Epstein is so arrogant that he had lots of hard to refute evidence in his apartment. Hope he spills his guts to avoid life in prison. Do you think the DOJ could actually provide cover here?

    Oh, and I just saw that he is trying to kill the budget to investigate sex trafficking.

    • Killing the budget we knew nothing about. Epstein will likely hire Jose Baez or someone equally qualified to represent him, (the one who represented Platinum). While Baez dropped out of Weinstein, he would be able to get an acquittal or a reduced sentence. He knows his way around the law and he is a star in theatrics. Epstein is far too arrogant to speak up or plea. He, like many of those who participated with him, do not believe that he was engaging in criminal conduct any more than the guys at Platinum believe that they were engaging in criminal conduct. They just don’t see it, in our opinion. They have more money than any one person should ever have and they can afford a 20M defense team so even were they to consider the possibility that they did anything wrong, they have the best defense capacity that money can buy and we don’t see any lawyer of the truly great teams out there willing to deny their services because the case is beyond redemption. Imagine the glory of being able to say you were on the team that set Epstein free. Baez and the group are celebrating the Platinum victory for the piece for which they won an acquittal. It’s an adrenaline rush and we do not begrudge them the celebration. But there are, in our view, some defendants who are serial antagonists in these schemes whether its raping a financial industry of honest business or trafficking in the sexual exploits of young girls. Arguably there is a difference “to the victor gets the spoils”. And for us on both fronts, an acquittal means the crime starts all over again and no one is safe. Acosta got Epstein off (no pun intended) and Epstein has likely been engaging in the same practices since the moment he went free (if not during his prison stint which was a few hours a day). The guys from Platinum are probably planning, if not already engaged in, their next financial endeavor.

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