Lakewood, NJ – Interesting How the Board Voted to Continue Busing Yeshiva Kids to the Yeshivas – Post Shut Down


LAKEWOOD — The school district shut down most operations Monday after Gov. Phil Murphy signed a budget without $30 million school officials were counting on — saying they couldn’t operate the district until a solution is found.

In an emergency meeting Monday, the district authorized funding for “only those programs mandated by the New Jersey Department of Education and required for health and safety until such time a budget is approved.”

Note: This story has been updated following the emergency board meeting. An earlier version discussed the situation as it stood before the board meeting, when all services were canceled.

The board also voted to continue its support of the Lakewood School Transportation Authority and to ensure that courtesy busing continue for public and non-public students. The LSTA had ceased to exist at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday with the lack of a budget. Those services weren’t provided on Monday, after the district warned parents depending on them to make other plans.

The board also approved continued funding for services for non-public students and those attending “schools for the disabled,” required by the superintendent and state monitor. That also includes security and access to trips, playground equipment, home instruction.

The board passed several resolutions including one that puts all non-essential staff on furlough until further notice.

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4 thoughts on “Lakewood, NJ – Interesting How the Board Voted to Continue Busing Yeshiva Kids to the Yeshivas – Post Shut Down

    • Actually, the host would be smart to allow itself to continue to play dead, not get up and not revisit and revise. It is time for the parasite to find a new breading ground altogether or to develop a binary relationship with its host that allows the two to coexist.

        • Alabama or Missouri. These would be the best places to try and set up shop. To be honest, they would all get along famously most likely and ultra-orthodox in Alabama and Missouri might help those two states to improve healthcare.

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