Suspicious Brooklyn Fire Hospitalizes 13, and the Twitter Posts and Online Comments of Someone Who May Have Been Hurt by One Home’s Owner…

The fire caused signficant damage. Photo via FDNY

Midwood fires hospitalizes 13, including infant


An early morning fire ripped through three homes on East 17th Street in Midwood, sending 13 people to area hospitals.

The fire broke out at approximately 4 a.m. at 1492 E. 17th St., between Avenue N and Avenue O, and spread quickly to the homes on either side. It took approximately three hours for firefighters to bring the fire under control.

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members operated earlier this morning on scene of a 4-alarm fire at 1492 E 17 St in

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Thirteen people were sent to Maimonides Medical Center and New York Community Hospital as of 10 a.m. for fire-related injuries, a number that’s continued to climb since the blaze was extinguished.

In total, nine civilians — residents of the affected homes and neighbors who suffered smoke inhalation — three firefighters and an EMS lieutenant were injured. One of the civilians is in critical condition.

The three homes each contained three units, according to a preliminary report by the Red Cross, who arrived to provide services to the fire’s victims. A woman and her dog were relocated by the organization. Spokesperson Michael De Vulpillieres said that more may need relocation assistance when they are discharged from the hospital.

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Twitter Postings from Someone Who Was Allegedly Abused by One of the Homes’ Owners

Our Theory:

The theory we have regarding this fire is self-explanatory.

We have posted the information we have. We do not know if this young man who posted openly about his experiences on Twitter and in the Comments section to another article are one in the same. We also do not know if he/they had anything to do with the fire; or if others were also allegedly harmed by the owner and if one of them took this action.

If setting the house on fire was the result of someone who was allegedly hurt by the owner then it is a moral imperative that we have some level of compassion both for the victims of the fire and for the arsonist.

Whomever set this fire likely did not know the possible ramifications of setting a fire to one home with the expectation that it would only harm the owners of that home, if indeed, it was set by a victim of some other tragedy.

We believe that law enforcement should be obliged to determine not only the cause of the fire but also if the online allegations are true and accurate. We state, for the record, that we cannot know for certain. It is likely that allegations of this nature were never investigated and if they were, they were likely ignored or swept under the carpet, consistent with the status quo. 

Finally, we must express our deepest sorrow for those who were injured and for those who were harmed and lost their homes.



PHOTO-2019-06-13-12-51-53 (002)



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6 thoughts on “Suspicious Brooklyn Fire Hospitalizes 13, and the Twitter Posts and Online Comments of Someone Who May Have Been Hurt by One Home’s Owner…

  1. That was exactly my point. The same way that it would be absurd to ask for compassion for a sexual abuser it is also absurd to ask for compassion for this man. He put innocent lives at stake including children and babies. They were lucky to make it out alive. Two of the families affected had nothing to do with the rabbi or the school. This guy is mentally ill but what does it matter how he came to be that way? He endangered innocent peoples lives. I don’t think that it is my moral obligation to feel compassion for him. If it were your children’s lives who were put in danger I think you would feel the same way. I sincerely do hope that this matter is investigated to the fullest extent so that it can be cleared up once and for all: This is not one of the stories of abuse that was covered up. This is the story of a sick and evil man who tried to destroy a good person who was trying to help a desperate woman.

    • NYK, again, your point is well taken. But to be clear, we see things a little differently on this point. But it was handled by this blog in the manner we thought most appropriate. If he turns out to be “evil” which would indicate that there is a core fundamental “bad” about the arsonist, then so be it. But, if he turns out to have been a victim then we believe there are circumstances that may mitigate the result. Having said all of that, your civil approach is well and greatly appreciated. We hope you will continue to post your opinions and comments. They add value to the blog in many ways.

  2. His accusations against Rabbi Max were comepletely false. This man is a highly disturbed individual and held a grudge against rabbi max after he helped this guys ex-wife attain a divorce. He swore to kill Rabbi Max first by killing his reputation knowing that many people would be quick to believe this kind of story. His accusations don’t even make sense he claims the Rabbi abused him at a time when Rabbi Max never even knew him but people are quick to see a Rabbi and abuse in the same sentence and suddenly this guy is a “victim” that we should have compassion for when he TRIED TO KILL an entire family. He knew full well what might happen when setting fire to a house of a sleeping family at 4:00 in the morning. Save your compassion for someone else and not for a deranged murder.

    • Here’s the thing: the story is the alleged arsonist’s story to tell and one that should be heard. The school where Rabbi Max taught has a significant history (alleged history) of sexual abuse of students. There are dozens of stories. The alleged arsonist may be as you say, or maybe not. We can all agree, however, that all of the bats are not necessarily flying in that belfry. So, perhaps there is compassion to be had. There is no less compassion for a sleeping family but that is not mutually exclusive. Thanks for your comments.

      • If the arsonist wants to tell his story then he should. But wether the school has a history of sexual abuse or not there is an individual mans name in this story and you are publicizing it despite the fact that this story was never proven to be true. It is going only on the word of one man who is obviously not right in the head as he tried to kill innocent people. I know you believe the story should be investigated but you should have it investigated first before publicizing a persons name. Otherwise anyone who has anything against any random individual can just make up a story and have it posted here. I can say that anyone molested me and it will get posted here first before being investigated?! If you believe that we should have compassion for a guy that sets someone’s house on fire because he has a sad backstory then by that same logic you should also have compassion for the molesters and abusers that you are trying to out as most of them have a sad backstory to. Most abusers were abused themselves so maybe we should treat them with compassion too

        • NYK, your point is well taken. Our initial stories were very careful to redact and list the situation as “allegations”. As to treating abusers with compassion… Sorry. there’s a line to be drawn there, particularly since nearly all, if not all, sexual abusers don’t abuse only once. It is a serial sexual offense. The alleged arsonist is clearly ill. What got him there or how he got there is a story to be investigated. The fear we had was that the community he may be outing would want him unable to speak and suicide by cop is not in the eyes of the religion, suicide. That was the ultimate reason for the pleas. To discuss the merits of compassion for sexual abusers, that’s a conversation for a different page and a different article. Thanks for the comments.

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