Judge Elena Baron – The Unencumbered Candidate – Surrogate’s Court in Brooklyn

Judge Elena Baron, Running For Surrogate’s Court

Judge Elena Baron, running for Surrogate’s Court in Brooklyn, has garnered a reputation among members of the Jewish community, of genuinely caring about matters that affect it, such as closures of yeshivas and synagogues, handling matters before her with sensitivity and compassion.

“I make sure that every case, no matter how big or small, gets the same attention and care and that expected work gets done properly,” she told The Jewish Press. “I enjoy my work that consists of helping people resolve their problems that bring them to court.”

Baron has worked in five New York City courthouses for over a decade, handling guardianship proceedings, fiduciary appointments, receiverships, refereeships, credit card debt, small business corporate matters, personal injury matters, labor law disputes, landlord-tenant issues, and residential and commercial property cases, including foreclosures, as well as small claims.

“Judge Baron’s independence and her well-diversified experience working in New York City courts for over a decade will make her a very effective surrogate, able to create personalized solutions to many individual family situations that come before the Surrogate’s Court,” said Yana Feldman, an attorney who practices before the Surrogate’s Court.

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