Legitimizing Child Sexual Abuse, Malka Leifer, and a Meeting between Roger Cook and Yaakov Litzman

Alleged victim blasts WA Deputy Premier for meeting Israeli politician linked to Melbourne child sex accused

Alleged victims of accused child sex abuser Malka Leifer have described a meeting between WA Deputy Premier Roger Cook and an Israeli politician under investigation for allegedly hindering her extradition to Australia as deeply hurtful and a “slap in the face”.

Mr Cook met Israeli Deputy Health Minister Rabbi Yaakov Litzman while leading a delegation from WA in discussions on digital medicine, medical cannabis and vaccination policy, according to an Israeli government media statement.

Dassi Erlich, an alleged victim of a child sex accused awaiting extradition from Israel, has spoken out about WA Deputy Premier Roger Cook's meeting with an Israeli politician linked to the extradition proceedings.
Dassi Erlich, an alleged victim of a child sex accused awaiting extradition from Israel, has spoken out about WA Deputy Premier Roger Cook’s meeting with an Israeli politician linked to the extradition proceedings.CREDIT:JOE ARMAO

Rabbi Litzman has been accused of pressuring health officials and psychiatrists into declaring Ms Leifer unfit for extradition from Israel, allegations which are under investigation by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office.

He told Israeli media in February his intervention in the case was “all for the good of the public, everything was legal”.

Ms Leifer is the former principal of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish school in Melbourne charged with 74 counts of child sexual abuse allegedly committed against three sisters between 2001-2008.

An alleged victim of Ms Leifer, Dassi Erlich, said she was “more than infuriated” when she read Israeli news reports of Mr Cook’s meeting with Rabbi Litzman.

“I woke up to news of that meeting early this morning [Monday], and it kind of felt a bit like a slap in the face,” Ms Erlich said.

“We have Australia consistently telling us, ‘what can we do to help, we want justice in this case,’ and then we see all these reports coming from Israel saying that Litzman is alleged to have helped not just Malka Leifer, but a lot of other paedophiles escape justice.

“And here is an Australian delegation legitimising who he is and his position, given what they know about him.

“It absolutely hurt a lot.”

Ms Erlich, who first reported allegations against against Ms Leifer to police in 2011, said the allegations against Rabbi Litzman were all over the news in Israel and she couldn’t understand how an Australian politician could not have known about them.

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3 thoughts on “Legitimizing Child Sexual Abuse, Malka Leifer, and a Meeting between Roger Cook and Yaakov Litzman

  1. I am sure that the writer of the above article is aware of the Talmudic condoning of child sex abuse, not calling it abuse as long as it is done “properly.” A small example is below.
    it should be obvious that the Rabbis will not deem it necessary to cooperate with secular legal proceedings for actions that are condoned by Jewish law. Has any normal child ever testified that sex made him or her feel wonderful? Sex with minors is terribly harmful and therefore immoral, sodomy is physiologically harmful, that giving license to men deriving sexual pleasure in ways that cause others physical or psychological harm is immoral and increases their animalism. The Talmud was written at a time when enslaving and demeaning people was a normal part of societal relationships. In truth: CAUSING HARM TO OTHERS IN GENERAL IS IMMORAL AND UNGODLY.
    Many previous rulings have been modified, over the course of time, to accommodate new findings. Use of children for grown men’s sexual pleasure is unusually cruel. The Rabbis must understand that this issue must be addressed within the Talmud, before yet another generation of yeshiva boys is taught that it is OK to do what they please for their own gratification.

    GEMARA Nid. 45a.
    “Rab makes nine years the minimum; but if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred. Samuel makes three the minimum. ”
    “… but if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred.”
    “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this, (6) it is as if one puts the finger into the eye; (7) but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown-up woman he makes her as ‘a girl who is injured by a piece of wood,’ and [with regard to the case of] ‘a girl injured by a piece of wood,’ itself, there is the difference of opinion between R. Meir and the Sages. “

    • Ariel, we are not understanding you point. Are you suggesting that the Gamara condones child sexual abuse and therefore, the fact that Israel has become a haven for sexual abusers is not an abomination for all Jews? Child sexual abuse does not end with the victim. It passes along to a generation of children afterwards. A boy who is sexually assaulted (and it is assault) grows up confused about sexuality far more than most and about the moral versus physical implications of what has happened to him. The child’s body betrays the mind. Malks Leifer assaulted little girls. She was not “teaching them techniques for pleasuring themselves” as has been alleged or alluded to. She was harming them, in no uncertain terms. These girls whether assaulted by a woman or a man will NEVER have fully healthy sexual relationships. This is a lifetime of abuse, not a one time thing because it does not end when the abuse stops. For the religious Jewish community to not confront this as a major issue plaguing the community is a travesty, a betrayal of the children within those communities and worse still a dark cloud on all of Judaism. Sexual assault is worse than murder insofar as the victim must live a tortured life forever, in one form or another. It should be treated as such.

      • Your reply is correctly and beautifully worded! Thank you, and I hope that many people will read it.

        I am saying that the wording used in the Gemara, and studied by every generation of young men, makes it obvious that child sex was, at the time of its writing, part of the fabric of the Jewish society, and that it could be considered acceptable “if done properly.” Unless this is countered by words that clearly define child sex as wrong, it will continue despite civil legal pressure against it. Such words as “no guilt is incurred,” and ” intercourse with a little girl it is nothing,” and so on, without doubt suggest a normalcy to this behavior. Regardless that these passages are discussing financial implications, the use of such words as “if” and “when” suggest possible and repetitive behaviors to the young yeshiva readers. This results in yet another generation of sexually self-aggrandizing men. Sexual assault cannot be combated effectively until Rabbinical rulings, or the Talmud and Gemara , all clearly state that child sex is aberrant and immoral behavior, and that it serves only to promote animalistic and unrestrained sex.

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