Malka Leifer Story – Protester Supporting Victims Pushed to the Ground by Leifer’s Brother

Australian Rabbi Adam Segal (left) confronted psychiatrist Dr Brian Trappler (right) in court

Shocking moment protester is pushed to the ground by the brother of accused paedophile principal Malka Leifer

An Australian rabbi was pushed to the ground outside court by the brother of accused paedophile principal Malka Leifer. 

Adam Segal was supporting Leifer’s alleged victims when he confronted psychiatrist Brian Trappler after the extradition hearing in Jerusalem. 

Appearing in court on Wednesday, Dr Trappler said Leifer, 54, is unfit to face trial in Australia on charges of child sex abuse and rape. 

However, Dr Trappler’s integrity was called into question after it was revealed he wrote on Facebook in 2017 that Leifer was innocent.

Outside court Mr Segal asked Dr Trappler if the girls were liars.

‘You called them on Facebook liars,’ Mr Segal said.

Mr Segal is then pushed by Leifer’s brother to which he responds, ‘don’t push me, you’ll be arrested my friend.’

Dr Trappler says he didn’t call the girls liars but Mr Segal replied, ‘No you did on Facebook…are you worried about the welfare of the girls?

As they continue walking towards the exit of the court, Mr Segal stands in front of the psychiatrist trying to stop him from exiting.

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6 thoughts on “Malka Leifer Story – Protester Supporting Victims Pushed to the Ground by Leifer’s Brother

  1. The media has claimed that Leifer’s brother pushed Segel, but the link to the article in this post claims that Dr. Trappler pushed Segel. If you actually look at the footage, it looks like Segel thrusts himself forward towards Leifer’s brother. If someone really pushed Segel, in the courthouse in front of witnesses and captured on film, where are the charges, the arrest? You can see the clip in slow motion on my fb, and a link to a blog I am writing on this subject. From the school nurse, Imanuel

      • Concerning the above posted video:

        Some people commented on the original video that they do not see any Haredi man pushing anyone. There were tens of comments on that video on Friday March 15, but now I cannot find that URL.

        In slow motion, you see the blue shirted man approach the Haredi man, reach his left hand up to the Haredi man’s right shoulder, then the Haredi man’s right elbow rises (he is speaking on his cell phone with his right hand) and goes over the head of the blue shirted man, his right arm does not touch the blue shirted man. The blue shirted man then raises both hands, pushes himself inwards, wriggles, falls, rolls on the floor, and sticks his legs in the air.

        The clean shaven man in the doorway wearing a brown suit then he raises his arms in the direction of the Haredi in a pushing motion as if to protect the one who “fell”. You hear in the original clip someone say, “he pushed him, he does not want him to speak here.”

        How did the one saying “he pushed him…” read the other man’s mind and “know” that his motivation was to prevent someone from speaking?

        Shouldn’t anyone who pushes someone be arrested? Charged?

      • We would like to post something specific here. Can you propose a guest write-up or something so that we can premise this somehow. Leifer has been a case we are following and it is a tragedy for the girls involved and Israel’s decision to harbor her. However, you want this information put up, we are happy to oblige.

  2. Well done on reporting this, but I question why it has taken you several days to do so. The news report is from March 14 and you posted this on your site on March 18. A tad slow…

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