Threats Against Bloggers By a Community that Does not Want the Truth to Come to Light – Keeping Their Own in Darkness…

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We are fully reposting from  a facebook post on Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know (Clarkstown, New York) They have sited to a site called “Rise Up Ocean County” Threats and harassment appear to be the modus operandi of anyone attempting to silence scrutiny. Shoot the messenger if you cannot shoot down the message.

It should be noted that over the last 48 hours the blogger now associated with LostMessiah has been threatened, harassed and had her personal information left in the comments section of various articles. That last one we decided to delete, with the full expectation that it will be thrown out there again. 

One can only imagine, if this is the way those feeling threatened within the ultra-Orthodox community respond to websites and posts that bring darkness within their community to light, then how do they treat those from within that community who want to escape, those who have gone off the derech (OTD). We are raised in supportive families and communities.

Many from within who want to leave, become entirely isolated. It’s something to think about. 


A Documentary About Ocean County, New Jersey In The Year 2030 Stirs Religiously Based Protests And Threats Of Violence

In what could be called an embarrassing case of “premature denunciation”, some decidedly anti-First Amendment persons have condemned the documentary ‘Ocean County 2030’ produced by the admins of the Facebook page “Rise Up Ocean County” which has not yet been released and the protestors have not yet seen.

This grandiose and infantilizing “We will decide for all of you what can be discussed in our community” attempt at a religiously-based power grab will take the form of a so called “multi-faith” press conference.

The ‘Rise Up Ocean County’ Facebook group has been growing it’s numbers and truth telling on a level that has taken the corrupt powers in NJ completely by surprise.

They seem genuinely frightened by the political awakening going on among the citizenry.

Rather than debate the facts, the bloc puppets seem to be debating whether the facts can be debated at all.

Given this documentary has not been released we will not comment on its content or message, but we can say in the general sense that history plays out with the corrupt trying to take away the rights of the abused at the exact moment when the abused decide to articulate their mistreatment.

We here at CWTDWYTK feel for those abused by the anti-goyim behaviors of the Frum Supremacists gathering in parts of NJ. The residents of Rockland County are also experiencing similarly painful mistreatment being called on a daily basis “anti-Semites” and worse.

Therefore, we wish RUOC well in exposing to a wider audience the abuse they have been suffering by the bad behaviors of those unfortunately suffering from a debilitating bondage of their minds.

We too have seen some of these manipulative, yet laughable, “press conferences” in Rockland County where ill-mannered elected officials, such as Legislator Aron Wieder, step to a live microphone and with little education, no skills, and no facts, try to play victim politics.

We suspect the New Jersey bloc operatives and bloc puppets when they have to verbally fend for themselves will prove equally inept.

Therefore we wish the admins of RUOC good luck in continuing to exercise their right to free speech and we join them in their refusal to be coerced into silence by religious zealots.

As soon as the Ocean County 2030 documentary is available we will publish it for the citizens of Rockland County to discuss.

Here is the “Press Advisory” calling all to apparently pray together for the end of free speech …….

PRESS ADVISORY: Multi-Faith Press Conference Calling on Jackson NJ Township To Condemn Anti-Semitic Documentary

When: Wednesday, February 13th 2019 7:00 PM

Where: Outside the Town Hall Main Meeting Room 
95 W Veterans Highway 
Jackson, NJ

What: A multi-faith press conference calling on the Jackson NJ Township to pass the proposed ordinance condemning Rise Up Ocean County’s production and distribution of their announced OC2030 anti-Semitic documentary and related trailers that have already demonstrated a clear anti-Semitic and divisive intent among the people of Ocean County.

This ordinance is the identical ordinance already passed by Township of Lakewood NJ and is being requested of Toms River and the County Board of Chosen Freeholders as well.

Michael Cohen (917) 817-9753…

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Rise Up Ocean County


On the heels of Lakewood passing a resolution opposing the efforts of Rise Up Ocean County and referring to us as anti-Semitic and in the aftermath of being labeled a hate group that hides behind the anonymity of a Facebook page by Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles in the latest edition of Mizrachi magazine, we were contact via Facebook messenger by Steven Wagner. After reviewing his page he seems to be a legitimate user with ties to guns.His initial message involved a series of photographs, our reply was to ask why he was sending them to us.His answer was “Because you should know, as Virulent Antisemites, not all of us are “Black Hats”…..Some of us are Secular Militant Hebrew Combat Veterans”When we asked if he was implying that secular militant Hebrew combat veterans meant to do harm to someone his answer was succinct: “I’ve been to Prison and Don’t Mind Going Back, McDouche!”This is not the first bit of hate mail that we have received but he also included a link to the story about Lakewood passing their resolution and a multi-faith press conference scheduled for Jackson on Wednesday February 13, 2019.To our knowledge no one in our group has ever suggested violence against anyone, not ever. This is the 26th and most threatening private message that we have received to date.We share this with all of you so that you can understand the lengths to which some have gone to silence us. When elected officials irresponsibly throw gasoline on a fire to satisfy a constituency they should be held to account not only for their actions but the actions that follow.

15 thoughts on “Threats Against Bloggers By a Community that Does not Want the Truth to Come to Light – Keeping Their Own in Darkness…

  1. Julie is a remarkable woman who has helped so many others and never charge them. Your name calling and points are without merit. I fund you to be a pointless thug who attempts to bully. You looking mighty low.

  2. Some cannot face the truth. The massive overbuilding by S Miz and M Lich and a few others is causing this uprising. A few are making BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and we all have to face a new holocaust Mucho Gracias Mrs. Miz & Lichy .

  3. “That last one we decided to delete, with the full expectation that it will be thrown out there again. ”

    But what about FREE SPEECH, Jules? Y’know, the sham cause behind your go fund me?

    😀 😀 😀

      • Oh, it’s flatearth, I’d almost call you Jules’s lone commenter but then again she also has one or two others. I am not even going to dignify your hateful comment with a response, other than to say the bald wives look forward to Jules’s bank account being are bare as their heads. That day is coming quite soon!

  4. Jules’s blogging history and her disingenuous go fund me campaign’s donations:

    Posts per Month
    October 2018 – 100
    November 2018 – 116
    December 2018 – 139
    January 2019 – 104
    February (so far) – 30
    Total: 489

    Go Fund Me Donation Total – $6,586

    That’s a WHOPPING $13.46 per post! Congratulations, Jules, you are a master at wasting time AND money! What’s the next fundraiser for – your foreclosure? 😉

    • How do you know how much money was raised? How do you know checks werent mailed ? Do donate but in reality you dont know and shouldnt be so sarcastic. Freedom of speech and bullying do not go together.

  5. Jules, you are a whiny brat. You have no “message.” You are a messenger of hate, pure and simple. Perhaps you were molested by a Haredi ne’er-do-well some time ago; perhaps that explains your otherwise unexplained obsession with “sex abuse.” Perhaps you, despite your fog of manic haze, recognize your inherent shortcomings; perhaps that explains why you attack those who have attained success. Do you enjoy “playing the victim”? It is a sign of sociopathy. You can keep telling the tens … no, that’s too generous … few people who read this that you are being “threatened” and “harassed.” Anyone with a modicum of common sense will see that you are a False Prophet. A FAILED messiah for a FAKE cause. Close the shades, take your lithium and go back to bed, Jules. The Real World has had enough of you. Good riddance!

    • What is wrong with you people? Freedom of speech is our right as hers. Yiu dont have to agree but you dont have to act like haters. Hate creates hate. I respect this woman who is so passionate about truth. What are you all scared of? Try to be descent. Let the chips fall and let’s see what happens. Slander is a terrible. We are all different in our thinking. We should not be poking fun at her. It shows your the ignorant ones! Bunch of bullies. Freedom of speech is suppose to be used with intelligence and make valid points for your beliefs not to bully!

      • Point of fact. Jules doesn’t deny she slandered those who accused her of making such lurid accusations. Does she own up to that here or on her fundraiser? NO! Keep mailing the checks or giving in kind donations, you’re only enabling the mad ravings of a mentally unbalanced woman. Not unlike her dearly departed sister. Sigh

    • This post is beyond! Do you know her personaly to make these childish remarks? You may not agree with her but why get so personal? I dont get this. Disagree fine but you are ugly with your statements I guess Mrs. Globus is hitting some nerves. Way to go Mrs. Globus. I think you have every right to post what you believe. God bless America!

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