JLeaks – Lichy, Mille & Schwab v. Klein, Sharaby, Hershkowitz, Shubert & Shmidt – First Amendment Attacked in Lakewood

This is being reprinted with express permission. We invite you to review the site for the original documents as well as some additional background. The suit, is of interest to us because it is yet another example of using the Court system as a weapon against free speech.



Lichy, Miller & Schwab Vs. Klein, Sharaby, Hershkowitz, Schubert & Schmidt


A synopsis of the Schwab Vs. Lakewood Residents Lawsuit:

Until a few years ago a few cronies enjoyed the pleasure of pillaging the tax payer undisturbed. Life was good for the cronies. Things started changing with when First Amendment Activist started videoing the township meetings, the Take Back Lakewood movement, people started speaking up, OPRA requests were made, robo calls, information on WhatsApp….  Their actions were exposed, and the cronies were not happy.  As of now many of their dreams have not matured as they expected. For one, the Master plan has not been approved they way they like.

Lately Mr.  Schwab tried to steal from the tax payers by exchanging a worthless piece of land with prime real estate next to Coscto. http://jleaks.com/schwab-miller-and-greeeeeeed/ . It still has not been transferred to Schwab!


The cronies decided this must stop. The commoners must be trained to obey and shut up. Back in the day Steve Langert sued Harold Hershkowitz and lost on the grounds that you can legally speak out against public officials,  so they went decided to go on a different route. Schwab would sue so the business from the township would continue to flow and Meir Lichtenstein would pay for it. The goal is to scare anyone from ever again speaking out against the cronies and to figure out who are the individuals that are talking…. Like this they would know who to eliminate….


Stalin-ism at  its best




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