Where Has All the Money Gone? To Prison Reform? Really????

prison reform

Dear Satmar Fundraisers, Mazal Tov on $2,000,000 – A Request for Receipts… 

The Satmar community raised a whopping $2 Million Dollars in 60 hours for federal prison reform. Setting aside why the subject would be of such significant interest to this community, we are curious to know how the money was distributed?

And, were any of the donors currently on Welfare, collecting food stamps or accepting any form of Federal Financial Assistance or other state funding?

Where did the money go? Was there a politician who was paid for his vote? Was there a law firm paid for its services? The lawyer listed in the Hamodia Article was “pro bono.”

Was there a lobbying firm paid for its time? 

How on G-d’s beautiful earth was this money used to advance the cause of prison reform? 

LostMessiah is asking for a copy of the receipts.

Alternatively, we would be grateful if someone would provide us with the recipe for the success of this campaign and say a giant Mazel Tov to the beneficiary of all of that money. 


See reading below:

The Long Journey to Prison Reform

Satmar and other Hasidic sects raise $2 million to lobby for federal prison reform

Satmar Raises $2 Million To Lobby Prison Reform

7 thoughts on “Where Has All the Money Gone? To Prison Reform? Really????

  1. Zephaniah, Zephaniah.
    Have you ever calculated the amount of money that you saved by NEVER PAYING A SINGLE CENT in tuition for your 17 offspring – who were enrolled in the Yeshiva College and Beth Rivkah?
    An average fee of $10,000 per year x 17 comes to $170,000
    x 12 years comes to over 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!

    So maybe instead of flinging your $h!t – you should be on your knees thanking Yeshivah for all the charity you received (plus of course that had it not been for the Yeshivah community – probably half your sons would’ve ended up in jail!

    • Another personal attack… it is our understanding that these yeshivas do not charge a tuition – it is all philanthropic and charitable. Are you saying something different. It is further our understanding that the people who send their families to the yeshivas believe in the teachings of those yeshivas. Sadly, it is the yeshiva system in Australia that has let them down, not the other way around. 17 kids is most certainly quite a large number – a mitzvah if the Chabad community has it that way – in this case the community let the family down and for each child hurt, a korban – to keep others’ children safe. We have to ask ourselves as we read your vile comments, whether the personal responses are institutional or are attacking simply to attack. IF the former, than shame on the institutions. If personal, shame on you as a mother, a human and apparently a believer. The Waks family suffered enough, and very publicly. Perhaps people like you could find a modicum of compassion, or is that too much to ask?

  2. There is something rotten here.why is this group so interested in prison reform they must be a benefit in making money if this becomes law. Do they run post prison help groups?

  3. There is something rotten here.why is this group so interested in prison reform they must be a benefit in making money if this becomes law. Do they run post prison help groups?

    • This is why we posted this and why we are asking the questions. According to Hamodia, a reputable attorney assisted in the effort and did so pro bono. The attorney has a wonderful reputation and was Rubashkin’s attorney throughout. We have nothing by genuine praise for him. But, if he worked pro bono, where is the money – the 2M? In whose pocket is that money sitting and since much of it was donated in cash (as per photographs of the event) are we, taxpayers paying to give those donations so the members of the community on special assistance can remain as such. Something is very wrong.

  4. I have a good friend in Australia who wanted to be sure where his donations were going. A couple of years ago, he publicly (& privately to them) offered a donation of $100k to Yeshivah Centre Melboune (Chabad) if they would allow his accountant to look at the books. I told him he could safely raise it to $1 million & the result would be the same: NO!

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