7 August 2018

To our Dear and Valued Readership:

We have been out of touch since January. Many of us have needed simply to feed our families and our involvement with the site was not allowing enough time. Unfortunately our friends within our community were keeping us far too busy and there is only so much time in a day.

A recent demand placed upon us by the subject of one of our stories has ignited a fire to restart, regroup and get involved again. We were tracked down and have decided it is time to pick up the torch again.

We were not bought, nor sold. We did not sell out. We were not scared, murdered or threatened (at least not enough to lock the site and throw away the key). You will see us publishing again.

We ask that any leads be sent to lostmessiah@tutanota.com. The hacking of our gmail account multiple times, was just another factor in the long and storied saga of Lost Messiah.

We started this site in 2016. We are proud to have had over a 1,000,000 views in that time with nearly half-million in unique readers. We will get there again. We ask for your assistance and look forward to working with the public again.

The Team at Lost Messiah.


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