Westchester Jews Committed To Honesty in Education – You Should Be Worried


Letter Regarding Proposed Mortgage by Westchester Torah Academy

To the writers of the below letter, we believe that the entirety of the Mortgage, or the underlying assets is/are structurally unsound. We believe that Mark Nordlicht’s finances are heavily intertwined with the academy and would gladly send out research along. We have tried to publish information here.

You have reason to be worried. The money, in our view, is going towards creative accounting on the books and records of Nordlicht as his financial dealings interact with WTA and with ease in whichever form he chooses, whether as accounting against loans or receivables.

The Platinum swindle, Nordlicht’s involvement in WTA and the Huberman connection are no wild coincidences.

See the letter below.




11 thoughts on “Westchester Jews Committed To Honesty in Education – You Should Be Worried

  1. Was doing some research using publicly available materials and saw that WTA has had a roughly 33% turnover in staff each year over the past three years (and the school only started four years ago).

    A 33% *** annual *** employee turnover rate at any company is certainly a red flag — For a school, such instability should be of concern for any parent sending their child there.

    • As of Oct 2017, 6 of 14 employees from last year quit. Teachers see writing on the wall and WTA is desperate to increase enrollment

  2. Genavat Da’at? What Nordlicht did was plain old Geneva, and the rest of the WTA people have looked the other way and reaped the benefit of his stolen funds. Huge Chilul Hashem.

  3. On Tisha Bav Its sad to see Jews attacking and bringing down other Jews and undermine their ability to provide an affordable Jewish Education. I curse you all with all the curses of Eichah.

    • You’re right. We should completely ignore our obligations as Jews to promote honesty and to avoid thievery in the name of an “affordable” Jewish education which was plainly only made possible as a result of one man’s lying and stealing. More than the curses of Eichah, I fear the punishment for violating basic mitzvot spelled out in the Torah.

    • First, your post is hypocritical..

      Second, any day of the year it’s sad to see Jews guilty of genevat da’at. Affordable Jewish Education is one thing but committing genevat da’at to fund it is another.

      Further, in the event that you were not aware, it was the Fruchthandler Foundation and the Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin Fund that helped reveal Nordlicht’s practices when they reported Nordlicht’s fund to the SEC for not paying over $600,000 in redemptions. It is more than conceivable that money to be used to fund Yeshiva scholarships was ‘redirected’ to fund the WTA. It is not Nordlicht’s place to fund WTA with someone else’s funds let alone those from another Yeshiva playing by the rules.

  4. Posted this on another blog entry on this site but….

    NY State publishes student enrollment figures for all non-public schools in the state. According to the figures for Westchester Torah Academy – WTA :
    * The Pre-K class more than halved in size from 37 students in the 2015/2016 School Year to a record school low of 15 students in the 2016/2017 School Year
    * Of the 37 Pre-K students in 2015/2016 class only 17 went onto Kindergarten in the 2016/2017 School Year
    * Although adding a fourth grade class in the 2016/2017 school year, total school enrollment fell from 114 to 107 students (a roughly 6% drop)

    This all happened before Nordlicht was indicted so it’s not clear what the reason of the drop in enrollment was. It will be interesting to see what the 2017/2018 enrollment figures look like.

  5. Pretty obvious that they haven’t paid off the loan to Nordlicht. Do people not realize that the finances of the school are directly tied to Nordlicht and Platinum?

    • It’s rather obvious at this point that anyone who attends/supports WTA lacks any ethical or moral standards. Hopefully the DA will put an end to this stupidity.

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