Politics – Capital- Arms – Diamonds Nexus: Dan Gertler 2009, The Gertner Brothers Part II


Setting the Stage for Dan Gertler’s Decimation of the Gertner Brothers

Dear Readers:

The following is a list of names worthy of submitting to member, in understanding the web of bribery, lies, deceit, manipulation and “illicit activity” that characterizes Dan Gertler’s involvement in the Congo, his entire mining empire and the decimation of the people who get in his way.

We posit that these names tell a story insofar as they build a musical crescendo, if you will, that unceasingly ends in destruction. For artistic reference, Gertler’s mining empire represents a symphony of musical instruments, his personal tools, with each movement adding or removing those instruments. Unfortunately in Gertler’s symphony the instruments are not temporarily quieted, they are either destroyed or are forcibly removed, placed in boxes with heavy locks.

We leave you to your creative and postulating minds to listen record the instruments below that comprise the Gertler symphony; and to decide how you determine it plays out. We are just placing penning music to page.


Avigdor Lieberman – Israel’s Foreign Minister in 2009 and close friend of Dan Gertler

Israel’s Attorney General Menachem Mazus –  filed charges against Lieberman

DGI International –  (Dan Gertler International) Company Founded by Dan Gertler at age 22

Sharon Shalom –  managed Gertler’s business affairs in Congo, Lieberman’s then foreign minister and personal executive assistant

Nikanor –  a Gertler company “floated” with the assistance of Shalom (who also held positions with Lieberman)

Sima Levy – Sharon Shalom’s wife daughter of former foreign minister, David Levy

Yossi Kamisa – a former fighter in the Police Special Anti-Terror Unit (YAMAM) and the only person to publicly acknowledge the Gertler/Lieberman connection – brought into the fray as potentially a “security man” to assist in Congo

Laurent Kabila –  (father of Joseph Kabila) who was assassinated, paving the way for Kabila’s power in Congo

Nicole Gad, Israel’s ambassador to the DRC from 1999 to 2003, reported Gertler’s activity to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem containing damning information

Israel Diamond Industries – the DRC brach of DGI

Boaz Benzur –  Gertler’s lawyer

Lev Leviev – Gertler’s alleged adversary in the diamond business, (also connected to Sonangol)

Emaxon Finance Corporation –  a Gertler controlled venture which was granted 85% of diamond mining for 5% below market for the rights

Yaakov Neeman – a signatory to the agreement with Emaxon and Israel’s minister of justice in 2009

Rabbi Chaim Leibovitch  – Chabad rabbi in Congo who assisted to forge ties between Congo and officals in Washington including Condoleezza Rice to forge stability in Congo

Benny Steinmetz Gertler partner and investor in Nikanor

Gertner family investors in Nikanor and some of Gertler’s many victims

Katanga Mining a Canadian Firm that merged with Nikanor

Glencore, PLc a Swiss-based commodities company with interests in Gertler companies

Jacob Weinroth attorney to Avigdor Leiberman (plays much larger role in Gertner brothers’ affair)

Yaron Kosteliz attorney to Avigdor Lieberman

Eliad Shraga Yossi Kamisa’s lawyer in 2009

Ace of Diamonds

Over the past decade, the young diamond tycoon Dan Gertler has developed massive commercial and political ties with the Congo. Now this complex web of personal and business interests have led police to suspect that he bribed his friend Avigdor Lieberman.

HAARETZ 2009 – http://www.haaretz.com/ace-of-diamonds-1.279269


So it was that in the summer of 2000, Kamisa and the 27-year-old Gertler entered the office of Laurent Kabila in the presidential palace in the heart of Kinshasa. According to Kamisa, an agreement on security cooperation was struck at the meeting. The lawsuit submitted by him states: “That same day a concession agreement was signed with Gertler in the framework of which he was granted a concession to mine diamonds in Congo with an estimated worth of between $800 million and $1 billion … It is not superfluous to point out that during these trips, Kamisa witnessed Gertler’s method of operation, involving paying considerable sums of money as bribery to different individuals in the Congo government … all in order to pave the way to a meeting with the president of Congo and to improve the terms of the future agreement that was to be struck between him and the state … Gertler explained that paying bribes is very accepted in Congo and that his stay in the country, connected with making the transaction, had already cost him more than a million dollars.”


However, a bitter surprise awaited Kamisa at the end of that summer: In October 2000, just a few months after they had met, Gertler informed Kamisa that he was severing the business relationship between them. According to Kamisa’s affidavit, the reason for this was a report that appeared in the press revealing the Gertler-Kabila deal, under the rather facile headline: “Take Diamonds – Give Army.”


That same year, the Nikanor company was registered in the Isle of Man, the famous tax haven in the Irish Sea. In an announcement made to the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM), the company stated that its controlling interests were held by the Israeli businessman Benny Steinmetz (50 percent), Gertler (20 percent) and the Anglo-Jewish Gertner family (30 percent). Gertler struck the deal with the DRC’s national mining company after spotting the potential profits that could be extracted from copper and cobalt. In November 2007, after raising hundreds of millions of dollars on the AIM, Nikanor merged with a Canadian firm, Katanga Mining, which, like Nikanor, owned copper and cobalt mines in the Katanga area. An announcement of the merger stated that the combined worth of the companies would be $3.3 billion, making the resulting firm the largest copper producer in Africa and the biggest cobalt producer in the world.
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/ace-of-diamonds-1.279269




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