Lakewood’s Yitzchok ben Shulamis Returned Home from Russia

We have been asked what the released student was actually carrying that alerted the Russians to detain him. Many of us have traveled between the US and Israel via Moscow and have not been similarly detained. The whole story sounds a bit…. well…. bedazzled.

LM – 26.6.17


Please see The Lakewood Scoop for the entire article:


At most international airports, a finding like this would result in the traveler having to fill out a form, or at worst, the items would be confiscated. Despite the fact that Yitzchok’s luggage was supposed to be transferred plane to plane on its way to the United States, without him having access to it at all, the Russians detained him in the airport, and then brought charges against him, spurring his Rosh Yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel, Rabbi Yehoshua Klaver, into immediate action to try to resolve the situation.

What ensued next was a wide-ranging international effort spearheaded by noted askanim Moshe Tress, Chaim Gross, and Elkana Tress of Lakewood. In the ultimate manifestation of “kol Yisroel areivim” the intrepid group, acting as though Yitzchok was their own brother, devoted the next few months of their lives and spared no time or expense, flying to Russia repeatedly and working around the clock to secure his release. In partnership with Rabbi Aaron Kotler, they rallied some of the foremost leaders in Klal Yisroel, including the leadership of Agudath Israel of America, to use their wide-ranging political and State Department contacts on Yitzchok’s behalf.


3 thoughts on “Lakewood’s Yitzchok ben Shulamis Returned Home from Russia

    • Just curious. Why are they making a great big deal of hod home coming yet they only refer to him as habachur ben his moms name. Doesnt he have a last name. Besides he did nothing wrong, so why not tell us what he brought in and his last name?

      • We posted the article for precisely that reason. It seems that if this were simply a kid who got caught up in an error then we would have more information. We also did not find anything about the original event that lead to his incarceration in Russia. Seems they would have made a big deal then.

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