Lakewood School District Hijacked by the Ultra-Orthodox – The Kids Are Fighting Back!!


BREAKING VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lakewood High School students take to the streets in protest over teacher job cuts


17 thoughts on “Lakewood School District Hijacked by the Ultra-Orthodox – The Kids Are Fighting Back!!

  1. and 2nd anonymous
    based on your logic you must be the type of person who thinks its ok to rape a woman because you dont like her dress. And ‘shiksa’? Really dont know any frum girls who dress provocatively enough to attract too much sexual attention??

  2. JE
    Maybe they shouldn’t send kids to the School for Children With Special Intelligence which cost close to $100,000 per kid.

    • Yehudis: Your response did not address my point at all. The point is, the schools have no money because for years, the town spent more than they took in. Imagine a family earning $100,000/year and spending $120,000. The deficit just keeps growing and growing. Now, what is the solution? Keep raising taxes? This is especially appalling in that the taxes are being forced to be borne by a population that doesn’t even utilize the system, while the ones that do pay much less in taxes. So, that’s your solution? Keep taxing the middle class? Solutions like yours are exactly what led to the demise of cities like Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit. Sooner or later, the middle class and wealthy decide they it is ridiculous to constantly pay more and more for ever decreasing services. This is exactly what the corrupt democrats have been doing, and why we are all in so much debt.

      • You are right. They spent millions of dollars on a Washington DC law firm that ended up going bankrupt. They lost a case against the State 3 times. They spent millions of dollars to send almost 100 kids to KJ every year. They changed the school district lawyers and the bills more than quadrupled. It cost the taxpayers $125 an hour for them to drive from Long Island to Rockland. The current Board submitted a budget to the State and it was approved. After approval the Board changed it to include 5 additional bussing days for the private schools. The State withdraw the approval and the Board then added 14 more days of bussing and increased the budget by 2.5% thereby the taxpayers wouldn’t get a rebate from Albany. The “religious” school board had a nice reserve a few years ago which of course no longer exists.
        This is about East Ramapo exclusively. The town doesn’t spend the money. The taxes go to the District.
        You should also stop whimpering about not using the services. The private school community gets bussing(probably about $800-900) per year per kid, special ed. services-o.t, p.t, audiology, etc., books and a whole lot more.
        You never hear the single taxpayers, widows, etc. complain. We just get the satisfaction of knowing that some kids will go to Ivy League schools and may do good for others.

  3. Much more Anti-Semitism is being caused by leftists like yourself who seek to blame Jews for everything. Tell me, who caused the deficit in Lakewood? It wasn’t the Jews. They overspent. Now someone must deal with it. You don’t want them to cut? Great. How are you going to increase revenue?

    • You say ‘they’ overspent.
      Which ‘they’?
      Whose been in control of the budget recently in Lakewood?
      Who has overspent?
      More importantly which kids are going to the most expensive special needs schools (see Yehudis’s comment). And how much of the deficit is being caused by gender separated busing?

      And even more importantly, nobody is blaming Jews for everything only calling them out when they are behaving outrageously or illegally…but funny you should mention that – in my experience insular Communities such as the ones described herein are known to blame ‘others’ for absolutely everything – hamayvin yavin…

  4. I think a lot of the anti-Semitism in Ramapo is due to the East Ramapo School Board , the slumlords and the developers. All you have to do is look at the additions that were put on to the proposed school Budget and see who they benefit-hint-not the public school kids.

    • I think a lot of anti-Semitism is due to people like you. It’s clear you have a very poor understanding of the situation in Ramapo. The population got poorer and poorer and demanded more and more. Then, of course, they blamed the Jews. Like you do.

      • You cannot use Jews as a blanket description. There are plenty of moderate good ones, the New Square / KJ cultists and everyone in between. What you refer to as antisemitism is the dislike of a self centered group that works the welfare system, destroys the public schools and has turned big chunks of Ramapo into a slum. The people that won’t educate their kids and teach them to mistrust and hate all outsiders. Hopefully the fall of Christopher St Lawrence makes a difference.

    • you msut be the type of person that will allow your daughter to dress like a shiksa, walk into a bar, get rapped and lay no blame on your daugther

      • Well 2nd Anonymous, going into a bar, if of legal age is, is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. And rape is ONLY the fault of the rapist. Most people in the US can handle woman not covered from head to toe.

        • I sure hope Nancy you don’t believe what you say and allow your daughter dress like that. Our people are good at making every argument to blame others for our problems but we fail to realize that we convince no one but ourselves. Hence the everlasting cry of “anti-semetism”.

          • Here’s the thing , 2nd anonymous, and by the way, brave name; your really putting yourself out there. I am a tall busty blond that can go into any bar i want. If i get assaulted, it is the rapist fault. Do you get that? Rape is the fault of the rapist….period. If you are afraid of your women dressing, driving or living the way they want that is all you. If you can’t handle female freedom please realize you don’t have a religion you have prisoners, same as Sharia law. Be a real man and convince a woman to be with you on your own merits. If you have to trap her by shame or custom or tradition, you don’t deserve her.

      • You guys have some real mental issues when it comes to women. Congratulations on being like minded with the Taliban.

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