Rabbi Groner/Rabbi Telsner and the Royal Commission


CIVL Board update regarding Rabbi Groner and the Royal Commission

ל’ ניסן ה’ אלפים תשע”ז

Dear Members,

We write with regard to recent media attention related to Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner’s testimony at the recent Royal Commission hearing.

Rabbi Groner was asked to attend the Royal Commission hearing on 23rd March and to give testimony on behalf of Yeshivah. He was asked some specific questions about the new governance structure, his role in the new structure and the employment of Rabbi Telsner.

The media then reported last week that an allegation had been made to the Royal Commission and / or Australian Federal Police regarding statements Rabbi Groner made during the hearing related to Rabbi Telsner’s ongoing employment.

We are actively working through a process to determine what actions, if any, we should take in the interests of our members and will keep you updated. The Board is of the view that Rabbi Groner did not mislead the Royal Commission.

With regard to clarifying Rabbi Telsner’s position, we are working through the various considerations as a top priority and will communicate further as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, as always, if you would like to contact the Board, you can email us at CIVL@yeshivahcentre.org. We would appreciate if members could refrain from contacting individual board members by phone, as this places high demand on board members’ time and also doesn’t allow the full board to consider your message.


CIVL Board

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