Rabbi David Eliezrie Claims Chabad is Apolitical; Russian Chief Rabbi, Berel Lazar, Proves Him Wrong in 9 Days

Our interest in Berel Lazar stems back, if you will recall to Lev Leviev, Arkady Gaydamak and a trust he held on behalf of Gaydamak. If you will recall, Lazar denied the existence of that trust, lost documents, couldn’t remember, etc. etc. and Gaydamak lost millions. We find this article interesting because it places Lazar in the spotlight, yet again. What ever happened to that alleged trust document?


Chabad rabbi, David Eliezrie, in his April 13, 2017 Jewish Journal opinion piece, Politico, Trump, Chabad and the new anti-Semitism, attempts to paint a picture of Politico as “anti-Semites” for their suspicions about Chabad.David_Eliezrie  He goes well beyond the common knee-jerk reaction of Chabad to cry “anti-Semitism” when faced with criticism or conflict.   Eliezrie paints his picture of Politico with imagery of “Chassidim tentacles,” “Jewish cabal,” “blood libel,” and “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.   Apparently Eliezrie doesn’t recognize that a criticism of Chabad, does not equal a criticism of Jews.  It would be best if David Eliezrie didn’t attempt to speak for the Jewish world while attempting to defend Chabad-Lubavich, which is only one hasidc sect.

One of the more absurd claims he makes is that Chabad is apolitical, “it never gets involved in politics.”

If Politico had done the most basic…

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