Chabad Feels the Effect of Its Own Greed; Teachers at Beis Rivkah Unpaid; Children Out of School

Though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fairness, consideration and cooperation can finally lead men to the dawn of eternal peace. Dwight D. Eisenhower


Where are the Cunins and the Gutnicks?  Where are the New York fat pockets, and top wealthy Chabad dynasty families?  Well, they’re lining theirBeis-Rivka pockets and acquiring assets  while the children in their own sect suffer.  Just as my local Chabad rabbis do on a smaller scale in their own communities.

Converts are the bottom of the Chabad status barrel, with baalei teshuvah being next.  Apparently Chabad’s own children and teachers aren’t highly valued either. reports a teacher’s strike at Beis Rivka Schoolwhich is the result of teachers not being paid in over one year.  Students in 1st thru 3rd grades at the girl’s school have missed class and remain out of school.  Parents are threatening to withhold tuition, or pay it to the teachers directly.

beis rivka teachers strike what would rebbe say

Parents Propose Paying Tuition to Teachers Directly

A proposal by Beth Rivkah parents to…

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