Mark Nordlicht – Platinum Partners and Targets – The Echo Therapeutics Inc Story as it Unfolded


A Warning to Potential Target Companies –

If your Software or Underlying Assets are Valuable, if you have Minimal Institutional Investor Interest and are Short on Business Savvy, You Represent a Disaster Waiting to Happen. 

We contend that each of the companies listed below has been or will be the victim of Platinum’s serial corporate piracy. Caveat Emptor (may the buyer beware) Caveat Venditor (may the seller beware).

There appears to be no Latin term that adequately warns the most vulnerable in this strategy – the entrepreneurs and visionaries and those who founded these companies.

If Platinum shows interest, run the other way.

Mark A. Nordlichts PLATINUM MANAGEMENT NY Is The Latest 13F Q3 2015 Filler

Platinum Management Ny Llc 13F Positions

Mark A. Nordlicht’s Platinum Management Ny Llc just filed its Q3 2015 13F. Dated 23/12/2015, the SEC filing shows the hedge fund has a portfolio value of $31.12 million, representing a decrease of $1.61 million from the previous quarter when it was $32.73 million. Note: This filling reprents only about 1.96% of Platinum Management Ny Llc’s assets, which which are listed in the US.

Portfolio Q32015
Market Value: $31,122,000
Previous Mkt Value: $32,728,000
Chg Mkt Value %: -4.91 %
Turnover %: 4.89 %
Stocks Activity
New Purchases: 2
Additional Purchases: 1
Sold out: 3
Reduced: 2
Top 10 Holdings %: 100.01%

Based on $1.59 billion in assets under management, Platinum Management Ny Llc’s equity exposure is only 1.96% of assets. Please also note that we can’t know the Platinum Management Ny Llc’s shorts and net exposure.

New Stocks

During this quarter, Mark A. Nordlicht’s Platinum Management Ny Llc started new positions in Echo Therapeutics Inc (ECTE) for $1.29 million and You On Demand for $6,000. These were the 2 biggest new positions. In total the hedge fund bought 2 new stocks.

Top 5 New Buys
Echo Therapeutics Inc 4.13%
You On Demand 0.02%
13F Sector Allocation
Health Care 97 %
Energy 3 %

Increased Positions

The hedge fund didn’t report any lifted positions in this quarter.

Sold Holdings

Mark A. Nordlicht’s fund sold all its stakes in Echo Therapeutics Inc, Virco Mfg Co (VIRC) and Dlh Hldgs Corp (DLHC). These stocks constituted 4.32 %, 0.38 % and 0.17 % of the manager’s portfolio, respectively. We can only speculate about the reasons for the selling but we believe it has to do with either value, momentum or a better place for Platinum Management Ny Llc’s capital.

Reduced Positions

The fund also trimmed its postitons in Pedevco Corp (PED) by -8.33% and Inspiremd Inc (NSPR) by -76.72%.

Top Positions

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals I (NAVB), Echo Therapeutics Inc (ECTE) and Pedevco Corp (PED) made up the majority of Platinum Management Ny Llc’s total US long portfolio in Q3 2015. These securities were top 3 and constitute 99.96% of Platinum Management Ny Llc’s US-listed securities.

The picture above provides a snapshot of Platinum Management Ny Llc’s top 10 US-listed equity positions in Q3 2015.

Sector Allocation

Platinum Management Ny Llc lifted the health care sector from 90 % to 97 %. The fund trimmed the Energy sector positions by 3 %.

So these are Q3 2015 fund’s sector weights now: health care 97 % for $30.19 million and energy 3 % for $933,660.

Important Position Changes

Top 10 Q3 2015 New Positions: Echo Therapeutics Inc (ECTE) and You On Demand.

Top 10 Q3 2015 Sold Out Completely: Echo Therapeutics Inc, Virco Mfg Co (VIRC) and Dlh Hldgs Corp (DLHC).

Download the full 13F form in CSV: Q3-2015-Platinum-Management-Ny-Llc-Mark-A.-Nordlicht-13F-Portfolio-Stock-Holdings.csv

Research more New York hedge funds in our free database. Read ‘What is a Hedge Fund’ at our Hedge Funds resource page.

Platinum Management Ny Llc – website

13F Filing Link: 000136861615000006


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