SentosaCare – Filipino Nurses – October 2015 – Accountability (or the lack thereof) and Politics

Ben Landa – a Comment to Our Previous PostSentosaCare and Google

LostMessiah – 20.04.17

After reading one of the “glowing endorsements” of Ben Landa we received in the comments to our previous posting, and in an effort to stay true to investigating the voracity of our commenter’s claims that the staff at SentosaCare is happy in their positions, we decided to do as the commenter asked, “Google.”

Much to our chagrin, there were numerous glowing articles about SentosaCare and Ben Landa all of which, unsurprisingly, were posted on SentosaCare’s websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages or those of SentosaCare’s affiliates and partners. We also found glowing reviews of Ben Landa, also on his own website, LinkedIn pages and Twitter feeds.  Unsurprising, there were no flowery reports about Ben Landa being a “great guy.”

In fact, among the many things we found on our Google search (completed at the request of the commenter) were a string of lawsuits against SentosaCare, the most chilling of which related to the company’s treatment of its Filipino staff. We were surprised to find a string of repeated accusations dating back to 2004 and elder care issues at Fensterman’s nursing home in 2003 and earlier.  But Fensterman was not the subject of our commenter’s words of praise. We were thus shamed into realizing that not enough has been said about SentosaCare, Ben Landa, Howard Fensterman and the political gamesmanship that has facilitated, if not out rightly endorsed these facilities.

We discovered, thanks to our commenter, that the most interesting and unsettling explanation for the success of these facilities can be found at least as early as 2005. There are certainly numerous articles supporting our repeated contentions that politics and the political generosity of the owners of these homes are like binary stars, functioning because they feed off each other like parasites. Political clout knows no bounds and moral bankruptcy can likely not be crammed down.

The reality of today could not be better described than it was in an article from  2007 by Michael Amon and Ridgely Ochs entitled:

“How a Long Island Nursing Home Empire Got Its Way”


Instead of posting that article, which only serves to outline the history of behavior found in our previous post, we decided to post the text of an article found on the website of a South Carolina law firm. While we know nothing at all about this firm, their words speaks volumes.


In the interest of full disclosure, this posting is not an endorsement of the law firm quoted nor is it an advertisement on behalf of the law firm. We know nothing about the law firm or their services but are simply posting information we found in a Google search. We felt it important to show that we indulged the request of one of our commenters and the results of that request led us here. – LM




With more than 5000 beds in 25 facilities, SentosaCare, LLC is now the largest nursing home network in the state of New York. However, a quick look into the record of complaints, fines, and violations is enough to make one wonder how SentosaCare is allowed to run one facility, let alone acquire dozens more.

In one particularly harrowing story, a 60 year old patient was placed into a SentosaCare facility to recover from a diabetic emergency. He entered the facility with minor wounds on his foot, and expected them to heal over the six weeks he planned to stay at the home. However, his “recovery” soon led to an emergency hospital visit, as negligence by caretakers led to a severe infection which required amputating his foot.

Why is SentosaCare Being Allowed to Expand?

In New York, prospective buyers of nursing home facilities must pass a “character-and-competence” review before the transaction will be allowed. The Public Health and Health Planning Council is supposed to deny these deals when they find that the facilities have repeat violations which could potentially put the residents at risk. The Council works primarily off of reports and records compiled by the Department of Health.

However, the Department of Health has regularly excluded or failed to report major violations, including more than 20 federal fines which SentosaCare facilities have been ordered to pay. Inspections reports have indicated numerous instances of residents wandering away, and in one case, freezing to death. Prosecutors and inspectors alike have found that staff members have falsified records. Despite this, the Department of Health found that SentosaCare homes provide a “substantially consistent high level of care.”

We Fight for Those Who Can’t

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of instances of improper patient care in SentosaCare facilities. While this group appears to be particularly troubled, similar abuse and neglect unfortunately occurs in facilities around the country. The Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general has even stated that one-third of all Medicare patients suffered preventable harm in a nursing home within one month of being admitted for short-term rehab. For more information, read this recent ProPublica article.

At Christian & Davis, LLC, our Greenville nursing home abuse attorneys are proud to stand up for the rights of the elderly. We believe that when you put your loved one into a nursing home, they deserve to receive a high standard of care – and the law is on our side. If someone you love has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of nursing home staff, contact our firm immediately to pursue justice.

Hold negligent or abusive nursing homes accountable for their actions. Call (864) 408-8890 today for experienced, compassionate counsel.


8 thoughts on “SentosaCare – Filipino Nurses – October 2015 – Accountability (or the lack thereof) and Politics

  1. Landa’s son is refusing a get to a woman he was married to for a week. He stalks and harasses her with his father’s encouragement.

    • Why don’t u first learn the facts??? Landa’s son is not withholding a get- Jewish divorce. The girls mom tried to ruin all the marriages and didn’t succeed except with Landa’s wife. Furthermore mr landa’s son was called to Beis din under the auspices of rabbi Herbst and he ordered that there was no reason for a get. And they refused to listen. So before u try badmouthing Mr Landa and his son get the facts straight. And say who you are. U can contact rabbi Herbst beis din to get the facts.

      • @anonymous, i dont think you should get worked up on this, and i dont think its a good idea to name names regardless of the facts, Mr LM who runs this site is a complete and total moron, talks out of his tuches, and thinks with his rage, has no conscious whatsoever, makes up stories and write eloquently about them so that maybe someone will believe him, arguing with him is a complete waste of time, Ive tried that before to no avail, doesn’t matter if you are right, Mr LM cant be fixed.

    • Why don’t u first learn the facts. This girl dated mr landa’s Son For 4 months and they were married for 4 weeks until
      The mom pulled her daughter out, as she tried to do with her other kids as well. Which can be confirmed by her two daughters who don’t talk the mother they hate her. In addition rabbi Herbst from midwood who they took Landa to have his verdict and they didn’t listen. So no one is holding back a get. Why don’t u reveal who you are? Are u wicentowsky???

  2. He’s. or religious yes someone like lost messiah who knocks jews every single day and who writes public letter to us attorneys trying to get other jews in trouble. Such people deserve to be killed lost messiah should be closed down.

    • @someone – deserve to be killed? Well, so we suppose that you support, if not endorse, the raping and molesting of children in your community. We are guessing that so long as people like Landa and Rechnitz, Reichberg and the litany of others are “nice people” it is okay that they defraud their own communities and abuse the elderly, with your endorsement, of course. We suppose that in your world women do not deserve GET’s nor do they deserve child support when they divorce even if that divorce is precipitated by domestic violence and abuse. We suppose that it is okay to rape little boys in Yeshivas and Mikvahs, the ritual bath cleanses that sin against humanity. We suppose that it is okay for IDF soldiers to be defending a community of people who will not send their children into the army. We guess you support the payments to public officials for the Jewish community because that sort of bribery is okay. After all, Jews survived the Nazis and now it is okay for us to behave like animals. And, of course, as you so G-dlike and descent, quite unrepentently put it, we deserve to be murdered for our shedding light on the various ills of your Jewish community members because, of course, your Hashem would want it that way. We invite you to go live with the Jihadists and the Isis terrorists. Your comments mirror theirs on the pages wherein they support murder for the sake of the Koran. They support female circumcision. They support the murder of civilians in the name of Allah. They support every means necessary to further the Muslim world. You are no different, you just refer to your G-d as Hashem. Your comments reflect a savagery that should embarrass every person reading these posts and reading the comments you write. You exemplify the worst our community has to offer. There is a special place in hell waiting for you, not for those of us who refuse, with the very depths of our souls, to have our own community behave like savages. We will continue to write and if that leads to the death of any one of us (we have received many, many threats, whether veiled like yours or otherwise) than we have accepted that such fate is for something we believe in. We will NOT BE SHUT DOWN. You can try as hard as you want. Hopefully, the authorities, in Australia, in Israel, in London, in the US, in France, in German, in the Sudan and in all of the places where we have readers take action against our own in furtherance of a better world.

  3. You really don’t have a life. Everyone especially Jews who are in business have several bad articles written about them. I actually know someone who is in golden gate and another’s person who went to spring creek rehab both are Landa’s homes and they lived the care and food. U are jealous that landa makes millions and u make nothing all u do is write against people everyday. U are a looser get a job let’s see u make money like ben landa. U aren’t getting anywhere u can write ahout landa everyday he dosent. Care nor does anyone else everyone n led that your site has written bad about every business man in the Jewish world. Drop dead lost messiah u are probably not even. A religious Jew if I would have to guess.

    • Anonymous
      April 23, 2017 at 9:41 am
      — Drop dead lost messiah u are probably not even. A religious Jew if I would have to guess.–

      Oh, your example is just so appealing (wishing people to drop dead). Where do we sign up for this religious life of righteousness that you and your ilk lead?

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