Finding Findinglostmessiah’s Lost LostMessiah Posts

Thank you Chaufraud-Depravitch for this.

We would like to thank our fellow bloggers who are paying attention to our site, warning us when things are amiss, and offering to collaborate.

We would also like to thank the different sites that focus on the same or similar subjects.

They include: Chaufraud-Depravitch –
Frum Follies –;

Frum Watch –;

Yudel Shain who appears not to post anymore but whose posts you can find,
Manny Waks –;
Duz Iz Nies –;

Tikun Olam and Richard Silverstein;

Adding: Marcia Pinskier

FrumFraud –

We note that not all of these bloggers or sites endorse LM and we kindly request that you not deem these comments to mean otherwise. If a site endorses our materials you will likely see a link to us but not necessarily.

If we have forgotten anyone, we will add you in future posts or please leave a comment and we will revise.

We at LostMessiah ask that you kindly frequent our collective sites, follow the blogs and posts and comment where permitted. The more our sites are viewed and scrutinized the better we will be at blogging, at protecting one another and at becoming a cohesive force in helping the Jewish community in particular and the the global community in general.


It appears that the closure of the Lostmessiah blog a couple of days ago was due to a hacking attack on their web site. As they explain here:

We have spent the last several hours trying to recover this site. We have been able to recover everything up to January. If anyone has copies of articles from January through April, we would be most grateful if you could send them along. We will post.

And here.

Fortunately it appears they have been able to restore their complete post database including comments.  It’s good to see one of the web sites created in the wake of the Failedmessiah blog closure up and running again.

Google also has a good backup of Lostmessiah material in their cached pages.  This search shows all of the site’s 2017 pages authored by findinglostmessiah.  During the time LM’s pages were missing, Google’s direct…

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