Chabad Gets the Memo: Child Sexual Abuse is Expensive and Bad for Image, Tosses Two Alleged Sexual Abusers ‘Under the Bus’ Within One Week

Chabad trying to improve its image, it’s something.


As Chabad’s traditionally poor handling of child sexual abuse (CSA) comes under ever increasing scrutiny, it appears that the organization is doing some serious CHABAD-CSAdamage control.  Victim’s advocates such as Manny Waks, organizations like Jewish Community Watch, and social network pages like FrumWatch, are putting the spotlight on Chabad’s mishandling of CSA and other problems.  Most of of which occur in the dense, strictly observant, insulated populations of Lubavitch where outreach targets and casual Chabad users rarely walk.  New, casual, or infrequent users are generally unaware of the epidemic of problems that exist within the movement, and see only the ‘smiling rabbi with chasidic stories’ side of Chabad.  But many watching Chabad in the news witnessed two institutional actions taken last week that are unprecedented in several ways.  Chabad swiftly removed two accused abusers from its institutions, with public announcement, and involved outside law enforcement.  Quick action…

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