A Platinum Hack Job? Rechnitz not fond of our Scrutiny? Nursing Home owners? Child Molesters? The More time you Spend Taking Us Down, the More Time we Will Take Exposing!



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from lost messiah about platinum partners


January 4, 2017 LostMessiah Black Elk, Corruption, Diamonds, Money Laundering, Murray Huberfeld, Platinum Partners, Ponzi and Pyramid SchemesDavid Bodner, Mark Nordlicht, Murray Huberfeld, Platinum Fund, Platinum Partners

LostMessiah 4 January 2016

LostMessiah was and has been the brainchild of several people who began this venture last February with a few stories already in our heads, Platinum being front and center.

From the very beginning we made clear that something was very wrong with Platinum, beginning with the extraordinary, though irrational returns. We then raised the question of David Bodner and a piece of property (191 Viola Road) that transferred names rather nefariously in Rockland County, New York.

We questioned the Africa-Israel connection and most notably those who financed Platinum in its early years: David Bodner and Murray Huberfeld and their band of merry… Philanthropists? No.

We posted diagrams.

Huberfeld Ponzi1.3

We showed you the connections between Seabrook and Platinum, COBA and Platinum. We even spoke of Black Elk, a story still in its making. We believe that most of the Platinum investor money (which is likely currently in the family trusts of Bodner and Huberfeld and in the yeshivas begun by Nordlicht and his family) belongs to Black Elk investors who were taken for a ride during a tender offer which was specifically intended to drain the company of its assets.

That story is still one to be told but unfortunately 12 pages later, we have found a web of lies and a spider with far more than eight legs and we have not even scratched the surface.

The investor money has not been spent, in our view. It has been funneled. The trick is going to be getting it out from under the various trust laws protecting it. The key to Huberfeld’s participation in all of this beyond his family trusts is his property which has more recently been transferred to his wife in a quit-claim deed.

There were people questioning – just too few listening.


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