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In a March 14, 2017 McKnight’s story on the class action complaint filed against SentosaCare for allegedly keeping 350 Filipino nurses in ‘indentured servitude,’ the author adds another example of the abuse of a system intended to protect our frail and vulnerable elderly.

Notwithstanding the detailed ProPublica Oct 2015 revelations about PHHPC and SentosaCare’s malfeasance, the Cuomo appointed agency has nonetheless facilitated the licensure of one of the stakeholders of SentosaCare-Benjamin Landa to purchase Briarcliff Manor. Operators of the largest skilled nursing facility consortia in New York State, with repeated articles regarding their treatment of both staff and patients are being permitted to expand.

Benjamin Landa and his gang of merry elder “caregivers” (using the terms loosely and with sarcasm) are suing propublica for reporting:

In spite of mounting evidence that this group should not be permitted to expand, we have the Public Health and Health Planning Council’s buy with no character/competency issues identified…Page 96

            Program Summary

            No negative information has been received concerning the character and competence of the above applicants. The proposed operators intend to enter into a contract for accounting services with Sapphire HC Management Care, LLC, which is a related party.

What does it take to be deemed “negative information”? If ending the continuation of the licensure of alleged criminal owner/operators is not a moral imperative question, what is?

Are we not obliged to ask whether it is no mere coincidence that Landa’s partner in SentosaCare, Howard Fensterman, (formerly of the PHHPC), contributed heavily to de Blasio’s first mayoral campaign?

Is it such a small world that he headed up the recruitment of Schumer’s Long Island campaign donations? Is it happenstance that $10,000 was given to Cuomo for his 2018 Campaign?

How many more vulnerable and disabled elderly will our Department of Health allow to be victimized by these same people?

How much money is enough to buy the silence of the very people we elect and hire to protect the most frail and fragile in our rapidly aging community?

How many aides must be subjected to abuse in the workplace, as these Filipino nurses were; or laid off by the thousands, as facilities are churned for real estate profiteering? 





7 thoughts on “Sentosa, Lawsuits, ProPublica, Filipino Servitude, Elder Abuse, ENOUGH?!

  1. You gain nothing u are just a fool. U wrote a letter to the us attorney who is now fired to get ben Landa in trouble. 1 ben landa has met done anything 2 no one takes serious what u write. And 3 ben Landa is only getting more successful every time unwrite against him. It’s a waste of time find something else to write about. I haven’t seen u write good about one person. Shame on you.!!!!

  2. Why don’t u get a life and stop writing your garbage everyday especially about sentosa care and ben landa. He’s the most honest guy that there is I worked for him for many years. And u are writing about a successful businessman. U are probably jealous get a life plz.

    • Do you, someone, not have a conscience? Have you no shame? Why don’t you spend a week at a SentosCare facility and see what comes of it? He is a successful businessman because he knows how to manipulate a system flawed in its protection of the most vulnerable. For you to even comment as you have is a shanda.

      • I had family members in sentosa facilities and they were very happy.evetoyne knows ben landa is a big bal tzedakah and goes out of his way to help people. U won’t be able to find one person saying otherwise. Do u even know me landa? Probably not. All u do is write everyday against another Jew there is not even one person that u have good to say about. Why don’t Ungo into sentosa yourself and see what’s going on there instead of writing false stories. GEt a life!!!

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