Platinum Partners – Where is this Going?

Det. Whitney Tilson Would’ve Caught These Platinum Scammers Years Ago


5 thoughts on “Platinum Partners – Where is this Going?

  1. I can appreciate your anonymity. Unfortunately, guys like Nordlicht and his group of swindlers will be able to continue their schemes while spread too thin law enforcement and our present day “legal system” looks the other way, allowing them to thrive with their hosts of crooked lawyers and the corrupt bureaucrats they manipulate. Platinum seems to have unlimited resources to pay for attorneys while their victims are drained into oblivion defending themselves. I have held Platinum off for 4-1/2 years and am now out of money for honest attorneys to fight back and go on the offensive, just like so many others. Platinum got into my Company through an intermediary, discovered the incredible value of our assets, and have not stopped trying to foreclose on them since. I didn’t even sign a Promissory Note with these guys. I am now faced with needing an attorney by March 31st or my case will be thrown out of Colorado BK Court, and they win, with a potentially multi-billion dollar asset intact. The evidence I possess is too voluminous to post. I need to find a good law firm to take my case on a contingent basis, not only for the potential of winning damages, but to shed light on the complex schemes they have been able to pull off. The cost of presenting that evidence is enormous, and they know it. Keep up the good fight and please continue to shed light on these evil schemers. They certainly need to face Justice.


  2. My Company became a victim of Platinum Partners in 2011 and I am still battling them in court as if they were a legit entity with no lack of funds for high priced attorneys. I went to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies who didn’t help (and still don’t) and have yet to ask me for the volumes of evidence I possess. I get aggravated when I read stories about the lack of red flags. These guys are pros at using the legal system and other governmental agencies to destroy and rob their victims. There are many more that should be indicted but honest bureaucrats need to take their jobs much more seriously for this mess to actually get cleaned up.


    • Craig, if you gmail us the information you have, we will write about it. We have a mountain of information with articles but there are details we need filled in. Perhaps you can help? Without Preet Bharara in office, it would also seem it is going to get more difficult. There are those of us who believe he was removed for that very reason, to name a few.


      • I would be happy to provide you with information and can show you exactly how they were not only defrauding their investors but how they cheated people they were conducting business with. They engaged in “pump and dump stock schemes” and “loan to own scams” in which victims are numerous. They cheated people on a myriad of levels which has yet to be reported. I believe I could contribute much valuable information to any prosecutor and am also sorry to see Mr. Bharara fired with such a head start on this case. I am hopeful that the best choice for his replacement will be forthcoming soon. Please send me a contact name to speak with by phone. I will provide my phone numbers in a non-public format to make arrangements on how to share documents securely.


        • There is no one who can speak with you by name. We are anonymous and will not speak with anyone. Your only option is to send along information which will be kept confidential. We know about the loan to own and the pump and dump. We are trying to find out about Echo Therapeutics and the final piece of the Black Elk Tender offer.


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