An Alluring Moral Imperative – Save Our Elderly Keep them OUT of Allure or Landau Run Facilities – Letter…




Dear LM –

As you know, I have an interest in seeing to it that there is better protection for the most vulnerable in our community, those to whom we owe our gratitude and respect, the elderly. I can’t help but wondering how we went from being a civilized society to one that cares so little about anything beyond our own pockets. I can’t help but point to the wealthy beneficiaries of our lack of morality as it applies to the elderly. In your comments regarding Joel Landau and Allure, a request for information and a hope that he will be taken out of the equation where the elderly are concerned, I found hope that perhaps my own loved ones would one day be redeemed, albeit posthumously.

THE ALLURE GROUP: – Enabled by Governor Cuomo and the Public Health Planning Council:

I cannot help but going back to where the cancer began vis a vis NY State Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities: namely Albany and the Public Health and Health Planning Council-appointed by Governor Cuomo. Presently much is reliant on Attorney General Schneiderman ‘s lawsuit effort to prevent Allure from buying two more facilities: the Harlem Nursing Home and  the Sts  Joachim & Anne Nursing  Home…a situation which would have been prevented had the PHHPC & Governor Cuomo, who appoints these deleterious license enablers, been called to account for the many years of lousy management and sub-par responsibility.

If you believe as I do…and if credit is given to the reported documentation clearly showing that too many of the so-called ‘operators’ of long term care facilities in New York buy these places only to churn them, one cannot merely place the blame on Mayor de Blasio  & his rabid real estate gaming malfeasance. The story began with the certification and enabling of amoral and predatory owners who should never have been allowed to obtain nursing home certification from the PHHPC in the first place.


Since the indignation and moralistic baloney from Landau/Allure fly in the face of reality and takes front and center in the news, past and present they are the perfect example to reference.  If one looks at the online published segment of a Feb 2016 Public Health & Health Planning Council report one can see how they got where they are:



The following screen shots were taken from the above report:

Here’s what the PHHPC willingly chose to ignore even as they signed off on allowing Allure/Landau/Rubin(s) to be “recommended” as the new proposed operator of the Harlem Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation…months after a paper trail of sketchy oversight was available for anyone at the PHHPC willing to evaluate the impending management for overseeing frail, and vulnerable elders.

  • The Rivington House bait and switch which parlayed the nursing home into an illegal sale for development (with complicity from Mayor deBlasio’s seeming buyin) occurred in 2015:

(NYT 3/30/16 article)

“On May 11, 2015, for a single day, a public notice of a hearing on the proposed deed changes appeared in the City Record. On the same day, Allure Group went into contract to sell the property to the condominium developer.

2) The Brooklyn CABS nursing home purchase and churn in Oct 2015:

(Real Deal article published 10/9/15)

“Marvin Rubin, senior managing partner of nursing home operator the Allure Group, acquired the property from CABS Nursing Home Co. for $15.6 million in June, according to city property records.” 

3) Reviews by REAL people –patient/residents who struggled at the Allure owned facilities:

Linden Ctr

“…they are overwhelmed because there is insufficient staff, and the food is terrible.”

Crown Hts Ctr

“…It was supposed to be a short term stay for rehabilitation. Instead it has turned into a nightmare.  I wish that i could give minus stars instead of one. The facilities look nothing like what is on the brochure that we were given…. I pray that it gets shut down before anyone else has to suffer what we did.”

Hamilton Park Nursing


Hopkins Center for Rehab

“Stay away from this place the director Eileen lies! They made my mother walk around with a hospital type looking gown; never dressed her up to sit in the dining room; left the bed wet  and walking around in her slippers nothing on her when she could’ve fell; no supervision !”

To sum it up…as long as there is a failure of moral imperative-as long as the anything goes ‘free market’ health care continues, there will be enabling of criminal behavior. There will be no questioning that something that goes on within the four walls of the nursing facilities is ‘legal.’ How could it not be when there is no guideline and rare enforcement that might curb the abuse on many levels.

If an operator, like Landau in New York must simply pay chump change penalties/settlements to ignorant or willfully complicit government officials – to continue their mismanagement, there will be no change.

The negligent Albany legislators who are kept in office by predatory real estate interests and in the pockets of nursing home lobby groups such as Leading Age, that are run by the same people profiting from the government negligence and moral blindness, our most vulnerable population at the end of their lives will continue to be preyed upon.

Shame on Allure.

Shame on Cuomo.

Shame on the NY State Department of Health.

Shame on the Public Health & Health Planning Council.


One thought on “An Alluring Moral Imperative – Save Our Elderly Keep them OUT of Allure or Landau Run Facilities – Letter…

  1. a review from google on one of their homes….9 months ago
    Please do not send your loved ones to this place unless you really want your loved ones to pass on sooner than later. My parent was sent here for rehab after surgery only to be malnourished, having sores on his back side and pneumonia. He will not live out the week as a result of leaving him at this institution. Please HEED this warning if you care for your loved one……

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