Yiddishe Kinderlech – Need to Be Rescued from Education – E-rate??? NO!




As a follow-up to our previous post regarding the e-rate program, we thought we would post this picture. It tells the whole story.

If 500 Yiddishe Kinderlech need to be rescued from public schools, those not “rescued” are not going to benefit from e-rate dollars.

None of the children within the “Yiddishe” community, except perhaps the 500 in the public school system, really ever benefit from access to the e-rate dollars.



3 thoughts on “Yiddishe Kinderlech – Need to Be Rescued from Education – E-rate??? NO!

  1. I think this post is actually a follow up to the story on the people who try to leave the Chassidic community. Those 500 kids are probably the ones who were is schools in England and the US and a parent left the community. This looks like a fundraiser to pay the legal fees suggested by the BBC article and many other articles here and on FM.

    Why else would they be in public school? If they cant afford tuition, families whose kids were originally in Yeshivas and Bais Yakovs DO NOT then send to public school. They home school or get scholarships.
    The only families who would send kids to public school just because they needed more money are families whose kids were in much more modern school than the ones described in this huge truck-side ad.

    • @wow, there are a number of families in the ultra-Orthodox community in the US who want thei r children to read and write in English and have a math and science education. For many of the communities involved, those kids are lost. The truch you are seeing was apparently parked in Suffern, New York, though that has not be 100% substantiated. We are waiting on that.

  2. OMG! A child is in school, learning! What an outrage! Call out the National Guard!!! Alert the President! Go to Def Con 1!

    Or, let the kid learn all the subjects needed to live in the real world and STFU.

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