Letter to Our Readership – Stretches Without News… Our Statistics


Dear Faithful Readers:

We are not shutting down. We will not shut down.

Unfortunately, however, life takes us in different directions. We have a very small staff of people, all of whom are volunteers. To date, you can see our statistics and we believe that they are staggering. To keep them going, however, requires far more than we have. So, in the meantime, we do our best.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for continuing to read, to view, to come to the site, to spread the word and we ask that you keep your keyboards in hand. If  you don’t see us post for a while, please post links for one another. Share information, share links, send us emails.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Please always know we will not give up on you. Please do not give up on us. Anything that comes in by email will be kept confidential except as explicitly stated otherwise.

We have been asked by our readers to focus on 10 major areas:

  1. The deplorable condition of Nursing Homes throughout the US and the Shlomo Rechnitz connection – amongst others

  2. Platinum Partners/Black Elk – trying to help investors get back their money

  3. The condition of education worldwide as it applies to the ultra-Orthodox community and the hijacking of school systems

  4. The horrifying level of sexual abuse within the ultra-Orthodox community worldwide (with most of our contributors coming out of Australia) and the various communities’ responses to it.

  5. Fraud (Kars for Kids as an example)

  6. Misappropriation of funds – a whole host of Yeshivas worldwide, generally, several Rabbis in Rockland County, New York more specifically

  7. The predatory occupation of secular or non-Jewish owned land by the ultra-Orthodox beginning with blockbusting and moving into the destruction of school systems – most prevalent from Toms River/Lakewood, New Jersey and up the 87 Corridor to Bloomingburg and Orange County, New York

  8.  The Africa-Israel connection to New York and California Real Estate and collaterally the battle between Lev Leviev and Arkady Gaydamak

  9. The Shomrim and the NYC Police Scandal

  10. The Chabad Community Worldwide

There are other areas, of course, but we have posted the most prevalent in terms of email traffic we receive and information available. As a side note, the list is not posted in any particular order. For ourselves, we are focused on trying to help Platinum/Black Elk investors to get some of their money back and we are following the theory that it is in the bank accounts of Huberfeld, Bodner, Nordlicht and the accompanying family trusts.

We will do our best moving forward to post on specific days during the week. We will work to determine a schedule. At the very least, you will see new articles at least once per week. 

We offer our thanks. 

We cannot thank you enough for your assistance to this endeavor. In case we forget going forward, to a happy and healthy New Year, an enjoyable Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, you name it – enjoy it.

We hope to be able to help Platinum investors recover money in the New Year and the years that follow. We appreciate you, our faithful readers. 


The Team and Contributors of LM


4 thoughts on “Letter to Our Readership – Stretches Without News… Our Statistics

  1. Thanks for all your research and reporting! Please keep an eye on Ramapo, Rockland County, where the Hasidic and Ultra-Orthodox are bribing town officials who will eagerly give tons of variances and ignore building codes.
    The public school-system is run by the cult and cannot be trusted with public monies.
    It has gotten so bad that towns want to succeed from Rockland County (City of South Rockland) and Villages want to leave the town of Ramapo (Suffern).
    We need drastic change soon if we are to save this county!

    • Susan, we will keep our eye out. The towns should secede. It would leave the cult to fend for themselves and try and manage. They likely would not succeed. We think you should be advocating for separations of the different towns.

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