Enslaving Housekeepers While Living Below the Poverty Line – Hypocrisy..




Living Below The Poverty Line, But Hiring Housekeepers?


The article linked below offers the point of view of some immigrant day laborers working in a predominantly Hasidic area of Brooklyn. According to the article, many of the female laborers are hired to do housekeeping work by Hasidic families.

The first question that comes to mind is: How is it possible that the community that is the top recipient of Section 8 vouchers affords the luxury of housekeepers?


There is little demographic comparison between the Hasidic communities in Brooklyn and Rockland County, and a common denominator uniting them is the self-created system of educational neglect which ill prepares young people for meaningful employment and forces them to live off of government-provided, taxpayer-funded services.

In Kaser, where about 50% of properties are tax-exempt, Section 8 residences make up between 15 – 26% of the total housing stock and over 70% of the population falls below the poverty line. In New Square, Section 8 residences comprise over 50% of the total housing stock and at least 58% of the population falls below the poverty line.



The Hasidic enclaves of Rockland and Orange Counties are certainly in the same ‘poor-on-paper’ category as their brethren in Brooklyn. Indeed, although Kiryas Joel in Orange County is the ‘poorest-on-paper’ village in the State of New York, it is still somehow able to build brand new housing for its residents and somehow find the money to annex huge acreages of land.

We hope, however, that the ‘poor-on-paper’ Rockland and Orange County Hasidic communities are not using any disposable income to employ day laborers to clean their homes in a similar manner to that of their co-religionists in Brooklyn?

For the Haaretz Article:

A ‘modern slave market’: Day laborers tell of exploitation by Hasidim in Brooklyn

Every morning, dozens of hardscrabble women from Latin America and Eastern Europe congregate at a corner in Williamsburg, desperately seeking work as cleaners in the homes of Satmar Hasids. An expose of their plight.
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/americas/.premium-1.755152


5 thoughts on “Enslaving Housekeepers While Living Below the Poverty Line – Hypocrisy..

  1. Does not address this article of alleged slave labor. You are pivoting to another subject of possible welfare fraud.

    This hatchet job article is about people sitting at the corner looking for menial work and accepting low pay and then bitching about the pay the work and the people they work for and then come out for more work..

    • Nussy – It is sad to say that they are compelled to sell their services for measly sums of money. It is even more unsettling that they are working for people, some of whom collect welfare.

  2. Nobody forces these people to stand there every morning to get hired for minimal pay and hard work. Obviously they need the money and the hirer needs the workers help . Let these day workers fithem find other work with no skills or papers …..another hatchet job by Haaretz rag and lost messiah

  3. Despite “official” poverty levels that place them at the lowest levels in the country, can someone explain to my how a newly married couple can 1) pay for elaborate weddings and 2)afford to buy the chussan a real strimel, with a minimum cost of perhaps $3-4 thousand dollars- while receiving public assistance, section 8 and so on?

    I’ve been told that many do not have a civil marriage, only a religious ceremony, that allow them to receive more assistance as “single” people, especially once they start having kids. Perhaps someone can verify this from direct experience.

    Someday in the near future, the press and outside observers of the Jewish welfare state will pick up on these economic travesties, and maybe there will be hell to pay- in addition to another gross hillul haShem that hits the news wires.

    • @Fred – We can verify this with absolute certainty. We have both verified it through research and through people who have left the community. It is common practice and is taking place all over NY State and other US states where religious weddings are not regarded as legal marriages for the purposes of IRS and State Taxes. The people are on the tax rolls as single. When a woman begins having children, she files as a single mother. Whether or not the men then assist in supporting the family or simply spend the days in shul (or doing whatever other activities he so chooses) is dependent upon family and we make no generalities in that regard. It is a travesty. There have been people in New York State who are trying to create legislation that regards a religious wedding wherein such a wedding would be deemed applicable for the purposes of State and Federal taxes. Those types of laws have been met with resistance.

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