The Madoff Chronicles: One of Many Lawsuits and the “investment strategy intended to safeguard assets”…


The Savvy Versus the Non-so-Savvy…

And the Littany of Jewish Defendants who were able to Maneuver a Complicated Investment Strategy.


The attached document is one of a litany of lawsuits associated with the Madoff Ponzi Scheme. The defendants are a veritable treasure trove of hedge funds, feeder funds, associated banks, individuals and so-on and so-on. All have one thing in common – savvy. They are all “big-boys” in Securities parlance.  

We are providing a copy of this lawsuit simply because it illustrates the ease with which Madoff was able to bilk billions of dollars from investors, some of whom are reaping the benefits of Madoff’s savvy, and their own. The Koch brothers are not alone in that category of multi-billionaire beneficiaries.

The people being hurt, and now apparently with the assistance of the court system, are those who were vulnerable. They were not institutional investors. They were not QIB’s (Qualified Institutional Buyers). They were not “Accredited Investors.” They held no titles. They were the plain, ordinary Jews who wanted to increase their retirement or life savings and Madoff was the “goose that could lay the golden egg.” Until he couldn’t.

We implore the judges who are handling these cases to grasp the intricacies that Madoff and his cohorts and accomplices were able to maneuver. Investors like the Koch brothers are being rewarded for their savvy, while the people who invested their retirement funds and life-savings are not. The Securities laws are intended to protect the latter while placing a greater burden on the former. 

In our view, if the Koch brothers had any conscience, even a collective atom’s-worth, at least part of their newly minted fortune in Madoff money they would be given to people whose lives were destroyed by Madoff. We are, after all, the idealists…

For a copy of the lawsuit, as captioned in the picture above, click the below link.



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