Chabad Messianist who Preaches Killing Gays Raps Funky Praise for the Rebbe

Another brand of fundamentalist.. is it any different from any other fundamentalist group? And where are Chabad’s comments on this?


You may remember the Chabad messianist, meshichistYosef Edery, who praised the June 12, 2016 murders at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

49 people were killed and 53 others wounded in the terrorist attack.

Edery’s reprehensible views were rightfully condemned by many in the greater Jewish and non-Jewish world.

When Yosef Edery isn’t busy praising the murder of homosexuals, he’s “gettin’ down” with some funky beats for his messiah, Chabad’s deceased Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

LOL. The RebbeHaMelechHaMoshiach™ !

Note the phrase “Rebbe shlita.” Shlita is used when referring to a living human being.  The Chabad rebbe, Menachm Mendel Schneerson, died June 12, 1994.

Signs of messianism to watch for in Chabad include

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28 thoughts on “Chabad Messianist who Preaches Killing Gays Raps Funky Praise for the Rebbe

    • That’s an interesting quote, originally intended to constrain a woman. Quite apropos, actually. ““The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

      • I think you might want to revisit your Juvenal there matey. The point he makes is that the men imposing their morality are corruptible. Entirely apposite to todays frum approach to tznius of course, which is a total and utter contemptible farce.

        • What on earth are you rambling on about? If you think that the frum approach to tznius is “a total and utter contemptible farce” than why the rest of your comments? It is like having a conversation with 2 different personalities. The Satires of Juvenal when taken in context refer as you rightfully comment to who is going to watch over the watchmen. But the satire from whence your quote comes is a poem regarding the deviance of women from societal norms and those enforces who could be corrupted, presumably by those women. It is, of course, open to interpretation, but in context of the social mores of the time in which it was written, the poem was geared to the watchmen – government oppressors and the subordinates – women. The corruption was in the form of what has been interpreted to be a woman’s ability to sexually intoxicate the male “watchmen.” Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis – or Juvenal is quite interestingly a treasure trove of interesting interpretations.

          • I think I have very consistently made the same essential point to you: If you take on the achraius of taking the frum oilem to task (thats you being guardians) then you had better not act badly (thats the bit about guarding the guardians – geddit?)

            Sloppy reporting, baseless or unsubstantiated allegations and giving a platform to people with a clearly bigoted agenda of animosity like CD diminish uour message. And thats why I call you out on it. Not because I disagree with your weltanschuang but precisely because I agree with it!

            • “Sloppy reporting, baseless or unsubstantiated allegations and giving a platform to people with a clearly bigoted agenda of animosity like CD diminish uour message.”

              He said, attacking the messenger, and defaulting to defending the Rebbe-obsessed Chabad messianist Yosef Edery who calls for the murder of homosexuals.

              Looks like some truth about Chabad hurt you. Should we call a whaaaaaambulance for you, Jay?

              • Can’t say I noticed me defending that idiot Edery anywhere. Who would? His views are anathema to any decent human being.

                Attacking your one-eyed view of the world driven by your personal vendetta as demeaning the serious agenda that is otherwise in play does not mean I support chabad. To be clear I generally dont. But I can see that like the rest of life there are nuances and some good aspects to their community.

                • Jay,

                  “Attacking your one-eyed view of the world driven by your personal vendetta as demeaning the serious agenda that is otherwise in play does not mean I support chabad. To be clear…”

                  To be clear…
                  You’re a jerk and don’t know much of anything about me, what motivates me, or my worldview.
                  And if you don’t know these things, perhaps you should shut the fuck up, ignoramus.
                  Essentially all you had to offer on the thread topic was a criticism of me until I called you out on your bullshit.
                  You’re self-righteous prick, much like the ranks of Chabad.

                  • Ah, the quiet, well thought out arguments of reasoned debate. The frequent recourse to personal insult and foul language.

                    See what I mean about ranting?

                    Effectively your post says: “You don’t know anything about me. F**k you, I hate you!” Seriously dude, I’ve heard better vituperation from eight year olds.

                    • This is the last time Jay came out with a guns-a-blazing attack on me:


                      That time he seemed to realize he was being an jerk and apologized.

                      Since that time I’ve made four posts on my blog; one about the idiot Edery (this last one six weeks ago), two previously about Yom Kippur kapparot, and one before that about the passing of Gene Wilder.

                      Jay will try to sell us the narrative that that’s “sad” and “obsessive.”

                      I sell the narrative that Jay’s a whiny prick who loves to bitch about something (anything) and his apologies are worthless bullshit.

                      And Jay’s characterization of me: “Ive been reading your rantings for years on Scotts blog” is bullshit too. I was at FailedMessiah for about two years before Shmarya sold the blog. Jay would have us believe he has been reading my posts far longer, so many years.

                      “The frequent recourse to personal insult and foul language.”

                      It’s apparently all you’re worth, Mr.“I was overly strident in my initial post and apologise for that” Jay.
                      And, now you’re a known liar too.

                      Read the time stamps here, Jay. You’re the one who chose to come off being an insulting asshole. And then you bemoan not getting “quiet, well thought out arguments of reasoned debate”
                      You really expect that after entering this thread with insults?
                      In that regard you’re just like a Chabad shliach who blew into town with a sense of entitlement for something he neither earned nor deserved.

                      Do you really think you deserve better than personal insult and foul language from me? Or from anyone else you would treat that way? I imagine you do.

                    • See theres the difference. When I overstep the mark I apologise. You just swear and insult (and then get all self righteous about being attacked). Youre evidently just a self pitying hypocrite.

                      Go photoshop another flag and keep on changing the world little man.

                    • @Jay and @CD – Unfortunately, one of the things we least like about “Scott’s blog” was that it spiraled into personal commentary and nasty comments about the posters. While we try really hard to avoid “mediating” we do also try hard to avoid the condescension (Jay) and the foul language (CD). You both have an important part in trying to accomplish the goals of this site and we really wish we could remember that before getting so utterly pissed off with one another. @Jay, you make assumptions about CD because his focus is directed, singularly focused and unwavering. But that is precisely why his name is CD. @CD – you and Jay apparently have a history which we know nothing about. He may very well be a complete !#@$!R%$!#$!$# but we are more likely to wonder about the multiple-personality disorder (comments from one of our previous posts). @CD we are going to keep reblogging (subject only to a request to the contrary) because that is our editorial freedom. @Jay – we would be grateful if you could contribute – a story, an article, a post – something of value beyond the criticism that seems as though you are using a thesaurus to come up with the sentence structure you want to use. And that’s okay, but your time could be better placed elsewhere. – wishing you both well and thanking you for reading and CD for being a part of the process, the writing and the message – LM

            • @Jay – thank you for your response. We respectfully disagree with regard to CD. In our view he is not an anti-Semite but very much and anti-Chabad biased individual. We have come to understand, however, that his commentary is quite far from baseless. His story is his and his alone to tell, but it is one we understand quite well and it is in that respect that we reblog his posts (and will continue to do so). If you review early posts of ours regarding one very outspoken Chabad goon from Australia, who calls himself a Rabbi with Smichut and without Smichut, you may see that there is a significant basis for the anti-Chabad sentiment. Our predecessor was rabidly anti-Chabad but again, in our view, not without reason. We have had occasion to meet some very nice Chabad members personally. However, they too are unwilling to speak out against the wrongs committed within their own community despite recognizing that those wrongs exist. For us, failure to speak out is complicity with the crimes, particularly when the association is funding your efforts. It would seem, based upon your verbiage that you are a Yiddish speaker and we are guessing part of the frum community, currently or formerly. Perhaps you might want to assist with sending along articles. They could be very helpful. We take on the Achraiut, and you?

              • I dont think ive ever said CD is an anti semite. Hes a man with a personal grudge against Chabad which leaves him biased. And consequently his diatribes mean that anyone who might be persuaded by actual legitimate comment merely dismisses what he has to say as the rantings of a meshuganah. This is not an effective way to combat the very many legitimate criticisms one can level at chabad (and indeed every one of the rest of haredi world).

                I was very vocal in arguing with the idiot Feldman. (Whatever became of all those lawsuits btw – theres a story hou might want to follow.)

                I play my part in other ways. There are many ways to skin the proverbial cat.

      • Thanks for the reblog. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Chabad to condemn this unless its hand is forced to for public relations purposes. They’re not about to stand up for gays. And it’s Chabad’s official policy to not highlight their belief in the Rebbe as messiah since it turns traditional Jews off and has a negative effect on donations.

        “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

        Maybe there’s a replica of 770 there.

        • @CD – we reblogged because what you have to say, in our view, is important, even if we were unable to reblog when posted. The issue of homosexuality and frankly the LBGTQ community is going to become difficult, in our view, under a Trump presidency. Pence is ultra-conservative. The radical views of the Chabad community (and others) therefore gains in significance in this context. We will not maintain our neutrality. If we wind up in the hottest places in hell it will most certainly be for other reasons. We leave that judgment to be determined at its appropriate time. Thanks, as always, for your comments, your blogging, your dedication and your tenacity.

    • Jay, if you do not like what you are reading, don’t read. You want to be productive, be productive. You want to support Chabad, give donations. We really don’t much care but do yourself a favor, if you think this is simply muckracking then don’t waste your time, or ours.

    • Got a problem, Jay?

      ChaFRAUD-DEPRAVitch is the correct spelling of my user name. I’ll take a moment to enjoy that it annoys you.
      And having posted last on Oct 9, 2016, your argument for “obsessive” falls quite flat.

      If I’ve been obsessive lately, it’s been about family, some home repairs, and a very interesting Presidential election. But rest assured, there has been no news shortage of Chabad malfeasance lately. I often find myself saying “ah, I should blog about that.”

      So here, play a little catch-up:
      Chabad child sexual abuser Rabbi Sholom Doyber Levitansky gets a slap on the wrist, 1 year of counseling, no prison:

      Chabad Rabbi Mendy Carlebach somehow involved with ‘Bridgegate?’

      Another Chabad child sexual abuse victim going public in Australia

      And let’s not forget one for the Rebbe.
      Loony Lubavitcher credits Rebbe’s blessing for saving President-elect Trump from assassination attempt on campaign trail:

      Oh, and it’s interesting to see you chose to criticize me while neglecting to comment on Yosef ‘Kill the Gays and Praise the Rebbe’ Edery. We can see clearly where your support lies. And it’s a fine demonstration of Chabad cult values.

      • Please. Ive been reading your rantings for years on Scotts blog. You are very much a one trick pony. None of those stories are news to me, neither is anything you have to say about Chabad. Ive been there, done that and am very happily far removed from it.

        Just to be clear here, Im no friend of haredi Judaism in any way. In any of its manifestations. I think its dishonest and corrupt. But I do recognise that religion can be good for some people and thrre is much that is good in the frum oilem.

        • Jay,

          “You are very much a one trick pony.”

          Seems you’re the one-trick pony with little more to offer here than taking shots at me or LM. Do you have anything else to offer aside from whining about not liking what I write?

          I didn’t think so, whiner. You’re a whiny prick who felt a need to call me names before I even commented in this thread.

          Perhaps we should start comments in future threads with:
          “Where’s Jay, the whiny prick with nothing else to offer?”

        • Jay the whiny prick,

          “Ive been reading your rantings for years on Scotts blog”

          Did you report the people who tied you down and held your eyes open to the police? You are, after all, such a victim for having to suffer the material you read.

  1. Just because you have lunatics around doing amazingly grotesque Inyonim in the name of their religion doesn’t give license to be disrespectful to the Rebbe, who spent 20 hours a day trying to help people.

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