Jewish Boy Arrested at Monsey Wedding


Spring Valley Police Arrest Jewish Boy At Monsey Wedding

See article on TOT Website:













8 thoughts on “Jewish Boy Arrested at Monsey Wedding

  1. Excellent piece of bigotry there Jancsi!

    Those who are frummer than you = drek

    Those who are on the other side = also drek

    You’ve got it right and the rest of the world is wrong, no doubt.


  2. Not being funny, but the cop was totally unprofessional. #
    he was about as assertive and in control of the situation as a stick of wet celery. Clearly a volunteer or reserve


  3. No respect whatsoever for gentiles and smartass comments to police authority. These non-productive thug hareidi brats are lucky that the officers didn’t crack their heads in with a their batons. Of course they’ll grow up to a life of not working and live by ripping off their gentile neighbors and provoke more well-deserved anti-Semitism. One wonders if the pre-WWII European hareidim displayed similar behavior toward their gentile neighbors.

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